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Title: Parish nurses
Post by: enuff81020 on January 05, 2004, 06:50:39 AM

Floyd and I went to the annointing of six ladies who have taken on the task of being parish nurses.  One is a good friend from our church who retired a few months ago.  Her family has done so much for our church and for my family with gifts of food during my surgeries and social events and so on.

She started out by finding out if there was any interest from the chiurch council==and they gave her theiur blessing.  She attended 60 hours of training, created a health and wellness committee, surveyed the congregation for health interests, needs, and expertise and then committed to several hours a week.

I'm not sure exactly how this will work, but I'm thinking it will be an excellent resource for finding information, getting help, connecting people and working on the spiritual aspect of healing.  Our friend will be very good at this position.

Has anybody else had any exoperience with a parish nurse?  I guess it is a bigger movement in the US than I was aware of.