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Title: moderate degenrative osteoarthiritic and grade 2 myxoid degeneration: MRI
Post by: panacea6565 on July 21, 2012, 06:26:42 PM
I am 45 year old lady (weight 60kg)
I had a MRI today
the study reveals moderate degenerative osteoarthiritic changes evidenced by prominent marginal osteophyte formation and spiking of tibial spines.Condral subcondral erosion are noted along the articular margins of medial and lateral tibial plateau and medial femoral condyle. joint spaces are mildly reduced, more pronounced on medial aspect.
There is interameniscal hyperintensity with in the posterior horn of medical meniscus not extending upto the inferior as well as superior articular margins suggestive of grade 2 signal changes/myxoid degeneration.

please guide me what should i do, as doctor suggest for operation after reading this MRI report(i tried to understand the MRI, and i feel operation is not required)