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Title: Andrea's TTT and MPFLr June 14th, 2012
Post by: 2cutekiddos on June 27, 2012, 07:08:01 PM
Well it has taken me some time to start this diary....mainly because I have been so tired and my two kids on summer vacation have been all over me. Don't get me wrong I love it but I get no break on a sofa bed in the family room!

Operation Day:
Orthopedic Associates of Hartford's surgery center is awesome! I could not believe how kind, considerate, and truly compassionate EVERYONE was, from the receptionists, nurses, and Dr.'s. Since they were so wonderful it was weird how I had such a calm feeling during my whole stay. We arrived at 9am and filled out all the paperwork. I waited for about 10 minutes until the took me back.

They did my vitals, changed my clothes, and had me take a pregnancy test (not pregnant!!!). Afterwards, I was taken to the nerve block room where I met the Anesthesiologist and his nurse. I was nervous for the block so he gave me versed to calm me and said it has an amnesia effect. Well, it did calm me and it really wasn't that bad, but I remember everything!

I was then wheeled out to a large room where patients wait to go in and out of the OR. They have curtains for privacy. My leg was numb after about a half hour. Dr. Fulkerson came and chatted with me and we went over again what he planned to do. Since Dr. Fulkerson is associated with UCONN he had a fellow scheduled to be in my surgery. The fellow was very nice and we chatted about my knee. I was using some terminology and he made light that I should be the next fellow. I laughed and said no but I wouldn't be where I am with my knowledge without the folks on Kneeguru!

I was wheeled into the OR at 11am and then I was out! I was wheeled out at 12:15pm. I think that is pretty quick for a TTT and Mpflr but I guess since he does them all the time he has it down to a science! I awoke from anesthesia around 12:40ish. I was a bit light headed and could barely keep my eyes open but I didn't get sick! My head was clear by 1:15pm. They had me dressed and ready to leave at 2:00. I was so surprised about how fast I was discharged but because my nerve block worked REALLY well I was actually feeling really good!

My mom and I drove to a nearby hotel. I started elevating and icing while watching the US Open one TV. I was worried my block would wear off in the middle of the night so I started to take Tramadol before I went to bed.

Well that's about it for my first post...I will post some more in a bit to catch myself up to where I am today...Day 13.

Happy Healing to all!
Title: Re: Andrea's TTT and MPFLr June 14th, 2012
Post by: 2cutekiddos on June 27, 2012, 07:51:59 PM
Day 1:
Well I didn't sleep so well but I expected that since I am a solid side sleeper and being on my back SUCKS! The best surprise was that I was still numb! But then I was worried something was wrong because they said it was suppose to wear off by 24 hrs. So I called the surgery center and a nurse checked my chart. She then told me I was given an extended nerve block and that I should take it as a blessing...oh yes I did!

My mom and I decided to get on the road back to Va and try to get as far into our 9 hour drive before the block wore off. Well about 4 hours into the ride my block wore off and I don't think the 1 Tramadol I took 3 hours prior was enough. It was the WORST, deep, aching pain I have ever experienced. I was calling Dr. Fulkerson's office on what to do and freaking out a bit because it was not like I could just stop at the nearest pharmacy! I ended up taking two Tramadols and thank god it took the edge off but only for a little while.

We finally made it home and I was pretty miserable till midnight when we finally got me on a pain schedule of two Tramadols every 4 hours. They really were only lasting every 3 and a half hours with the last half hour being excruciating. I also had noticed during the car ride that I was bleeding through my bandages. It wasn't fresh blood but it was a lot!

Thankfully by morning I wasn't in too bad of pain but I had to stay on the meds for every 4 hours or pay the price....OUCH! I couldn't tell you which procedure the pain was emanating from but it seemed to be all over!

Happy Healing!
Title: Re: Andrea's TTT and MPFLr June 14th, 2012
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Here is a pic from my ride home BEFORE my nerve block wore off.  ;D
Title: Re: Andrea's TTT and MPFLr June 14th, 2012
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Another pic from the ride home.
Title: Re: Andrea's TTT and MPFLr June 14th, 2012
Post by: 2cutekiddos on June 29, 2012, 10:30:23 PM
Post Op Days 2-7
Most of these days are very similar. I continue to elevate, ice, and pop the pain killers. I do some quad sets hold for five seconds, release for five seconds, and then repeat for 10 times several times a day.

On Day 2 I checked my bandages for how much bleeding comes through and find that it seems quite a bit. I call the Dr. and they say as long as it is old blood (dark and reddish brown) that I am okay. Only see a Dr. if it is red and fresh blood that doesn't stop. I also have been getting some interesting bruises on my thighs. I have attached a picture below.

On Day 5 I start to TRY and bend my knee. I get to maybe 10 degrees and boy do I understand why I only do it once a day! Zoo Wee Mama did it painfully ache for about a half hour!!! From then on I decide to take the pain killers before trying to bend my knee.

I am suppose to be partial weight bearing. They want 50% of my body weight on my surgical leg when I am walking. They want my foot to walk heel to toe. I find when I get up from the sofa bed that I have to wait a minute to get up and move as the MPFL area feels really tight to the point it is painful. Weird part is as I walk around it gets easier and less painful.

Sorry if my pic is a little gross.

Happy Healing!