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Title: Hi, I'm..........
Post by: CariG on June 24, 2012, 07:09:49 AM
:D Hi, I'm Cari and I'm not an alcoholic......sorry, couldn't resist that one!!
I'm 39, mind you I still feel as if I'm in my early 20's....I'm a mother to 3 daughters...and going gray rapidly because of them.....have a new son in law and a beautiful 3 year old granddaughter. Yes, in this family we start young, and finish young and then hopefully get to enjoy the next twenty odd years of parental revenge!!!

We've traced my original knee issue to when I was 13 and dancing around, as you do, in the garage wiht a friend of mine rehearsing for the Eisteddford, when I misjudged the landing and popped my right knee out. I was rather active throughout my younger years, dancing (ball room, modern and just good old mucking around) mountain bike riding, walking & competitive speed walking and recreational bush walking. Most of these activities I kept up after marrying and starting my own family until other concerns kind of put them all on the backburner and I got caught up in putting myself at the end of the 'to do list'.

Over the years, I packed on the weight....emotional eating will do that to a person....yet still no traumas/issues with either legs.

When my marriage suffered a combustible destruction I moved to Brisbane from further up the Queensland coast and resettled....I resumed mountain bike riding, refound myself and started to lose the excess 30 odd kilos I'd gained when I was too busy munching and not paying attention.

Then, just before my 32nd birthday my knees started to play music all by themselves!!! Every time I took a step you'd hear a grinding/crunching/cracking noise from either knee...I'm sure they were taking it in turns. Originally I thought only I could hear them, and then I started to notice other commuters would look at me strangely on my commute to work,and one kind lady old enough to be my great grandmother actually suggested I take her seat as it sounded like I needed it more than she did!  :o
I declined the offer, but I started taking a bit more notice of what was happening.....

Needless to say in the years since, things have changed considerably from our original musical life has taken many different turns, not all of them graciously or humbly....though I find it rather amusing it wasn't until I lost a lot of weight that my problems started to surface.

After being contacted by my biological family ( I was adopted when I was a toddler with next to no medical information included ) and finding out that we are blessed with knee issues throughout my maternal family, I've started to re assess not only my own situation, but the future for my daughters and my grand daughter.

I came to the conclusion that I could look at this one of two ways......on the one hand I could mope and beat myself up for continuing the blessings and giving my girls a higher than average chance of having problematic knees themselves, and in turn my granddaughter......or I could dust myself off and pull myself up and be a role model for them to hopefully in the very distant future follow themselves.

I have moments of being the first case......but our solution has been to incorporate FAMILY PT SESSIONS!!!! My two eldest daughters have both seen my OS and after extensive non invasive investigations have been warned they are facing a greater than 85% risk of ending up like dear old mum......don't genetics rock??? ;) So, we all get together and do my leg exercises as a group....this has helped each of them with the occassional pain they get through the centre of the knee when they've overdone it a bit and stretched or moved the wrong the way....but we are all hoping that by building up their supporting muscles before anything serious happens they might be buying a little extra mobile time down the track!

I've taken a more proactive role in my ongoing health care.....I've maintained a healthy weight for the past 7 years, and have lost a few more kilos in the past 6 months....I face off with my torture devices a few times a day....don't tell anyone but I actually enjoy the time this gives me....I've changed my diet to incorporate more foods that through suggestions apparently aid arthritis in the knees, I've included more multi vitamins, as well as anti oxidents into my diet and I visit my Physio a few times a week to prepare for a surgery that is a tad on the controversial side. I'm booked to have a Lateral Release in the near future, with the intention of buying a little bit of time before undergoing a Total Knee Replacement within the next year and a bit.....eeeeeek!!!

Anyway, time for me to face off with torture devices again.....looking forward to reading and hearing from you...and hope you are doing well!
Title: Re: Hi, I'm..........
Post by: marilynjoy on July 01, 2012, 05:37:19 AM
Hi There,
What a fantastic introduction!!
I am very new to the forums, I have been lurking, and today finally decided to contribute.
I so know what you mean about knees talking lol.
By the way, I have been told (public hospital ) by an OS , that I am too young to have a TKR!!
How's that too young for something when I turn sixty this year?
I am an Aussie too, we live in Victoria.
Nice to meet you, and good luck !! :)
Title: Re: Hi, I'm..........
Post by: CariG on July 01, 2012, 08:07:17 AM
 :D Hi Marilynjoy!! And WELCOME!!!  :)
Oh the joys of OS's who want to follow a rule book!!! Was that via public or private health? I didn't have much help from the public health when all this started to happen...was told at 32 there was nothing 'seriously' wrong with me, but keep taking the opiate pain medication, oh, and by the way, you'll be in a wheelchair before too much longer. Say what?!?!?!?!?!
Saw a private OS and was told a totally different story, that actually gave me another 3 years of mobility with mild pain and slip ups.....enough of an improvement I rejoined the workforce for 18 months without too much difficulty. To me, that was a huge success!!
I really don't envy you being down south.....I was in Bendigo (my brother lives there) for ANZAC Day and the start of May....that was cold enough to give me some issues......was glad to get home where it was a bit warmer!! I've now decided my visits down south will only take place between mid March till May and from September till November....mind you, I am going to be in Bendigo for Christmas this year, so that throws my own rule out the window!!  ;D ;D
Hope you've had a great Sunday!!

Cari!  :D
Title: Re: Hi, I'm..........
Post by: marilynjoy on July 01, 2012, 10:02:36 AM
Thankyou Cari , nice to meet you too!  :-*