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Title: Pcl Tear
Post by: pcl_tear on May 24, 2012, 04:08:03 PM
Tore my pcl (posterior cruciate ligament) 10 months ago playing football  :'(, after the initial accident i was walking, climbing stairs for 20 days normally but i had pain only during terminal knee extension-flexion. So i decided to have an mri scan which showed an isolated pcl (posterior cruciate ligament) tear! I had my knee fiitted in a fully extented pcl brace non-weight bearing using crutches for 6 weeks  ::)! Afterwards when i had the brace removed i started physical therapy because everything from toe to hip had atrophied badly and i couldn't even walk without crutches! It took about 15 days, 30 physical therapy sessions to through away the crutches and walk with near normal gait! Now 10 months later i can walk, climb stairs, full squat, bike, even jump-run-sprint, played basketball yesterday asymptomatic, pain free  ;D although that l have some posterior knee laxity (4mm max on my personal clinical examination) and some instability due to i haven't reach my opposite good leg muscle power! Just wanted to share my knee experience injury since a pcl tear is not common, i feel my knee problem has been near (still improving) successfully managed! I hope that i will have the same progress as Martin Skrtel who is still playing football 4 years later after damaging his pcl without any problem at all! Also Stephanie Labbe!/stephlabbe1 had the same knee injury, you can find here some videos of her rehab! Maybe someone find this useful!
Title: Re: Pcl Tear
Post by: pcl_tear on November 08, 2012, 12:43:04 AM
It's been a year since my pcl tear! Hit the gym at summer and managed to 130 kg leg press, 25 kg knee extensions, leg curls are difficult though.. I'll try to return to football gradually after winter!  ;)
Title: Re: Pcl Tear
Post by: xfsongtiger on December 29, 2012, 10:40:07 AM
hi, i have an isolated pcl tear 1 year ago, and I think i have 4mm laxity as well per the doctor and myself. actually the laxity is really about the tibia sag. I don't have a stability problem, it the joint is not feeling good in the winter. I do have a PT about half a year and my muscle are back. I'm 38 and I don't really think I can go back to football, but I am not sure how good I can eventually be after all these PTs.
Last time I went to the OS, they asked to to do a KT2000, and the side-by-side difference was 5mm. But I believe they are push very hard on my injured leg, and at physical exam the os said the knee has about 3 or 4 mm laxity which isn't too much. My PT (also a friend) told me, my leg does have some laxity, but it won't impact either my sports or my life. But don't go to a surgery as it could only make things worse. I'm happy to hear that. These days, I come to realize that no matter how hard I work out, it won't be as good as it is any more.
anyway, good to see your progress.
Title: Re: Pcl Tear
Post by: pcl_tear on November 13, 2014, 12:31:38 AM
Almost 4 years later after injuring my pcl i think i my knee is fine pain free stable and strong! This summer I returned to playing football for a local team. Football is the only activity that draws my attention to the point i am not thinking about my injured knee while playing! If you have a similar pcl tear and need advice let me know  ;)
Title: Re: Pcl Tear
Post by: pcl_tear on March 14, 2016, 05:59:35 PM
Wow! My post reached 9k+ views! A quick update about my pcl injury near 6 years later. I feel my injured knee strong pain free and stable as my uninjured knee. My activity level after injury is same as before because of my work as a farmer I have to be involved in stressful activities for my knees and due to my habit to participate in various sports football basketball etc and going to gym. A good advice for people who have the same injury as me pcl tear would be to keep their knee strong by exercising, if your injured knee muscles are wasting or it's difficult to increase strength try using protein powder after exercise for quick muscle recovery. Maybe one day if I have a follow up mri for my pcl tear I will inform you about the changes that happened to my knee since my first mri after injury. I am glad that I did not have surgery to repair my pcl tear. But all pcl injuries are not the same. Mine was isolated a-b grade 5mm laxity. If you recently had the same injury as mine and you are wondering what to do try using a knee brace for pcl tear and physio but follow a pcl tear rehab protocol.