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Title: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 04, 2012, 03:02:44 PM
Hi there, I am new here, think this is a fantastic website.  For years my knees dislocated but not very often not until the lads came along and they got progressively worse.  So then I decided to get the tto done on my right knee.  So on the 17th April, it was done.  When I woke up, my surgeon just told me that I had a nerve block and when that wears off I will be in alot of pain because they said they had to do alot more work to my knee than they anticipated and that I am to wear the brace for the next six  to eight weeks at least and put my feet up.  I came home after 3 days.  Then I had my stitches taken out on the 27th which I only glanced at and was shocked to see how many staples I had that the nurse decided to just take half out that day and the rest out the following morning.  I am on alot of painkillers I think, 2 Solpodol 3 times a day and 1 Difene 2 times a day.  I have an appointment now coming up on the 8th May and hopefully everything will be successful.  Just wandering is there any specific questions I should ask him.  Also the shower any tips, its seem impossible having a shower without getting my brace and bandages wet.  Just want to know is there anything I can be doing to help my recovery aswell.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: bigal177 on May 04, 2012, 11:49:18 PM
you got to keep your leg elevated when resting and also regular icing will help with swelling and pain
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: helencatherine on May 05, 2012, 02:08:56 AM
Hey fogie :-)

Keep your leg elevated like bigal says, also try ice your knee but only for short periods of time, 20minutes or so every hour as too much icing can cause more damage than good.  Try not to put too much weight down on your recovering leg, each surgeon has different way of planning the recovery but I'm pretty sure he or she won't want you to fully weightbear.  Keep ontop of your meds, try to take them on time lol I keep forgetting and oh my god don't I know it when I do!! Rest rest and rest is the best thing for now, keep wiggling your toes to help with circulation etc oh and it helps to use your good leg to help lift your recovering one :-D hope everything goes well! And don't hesitate to ask questions x I had a tto plus mpfl recon and a scope done 3 weeks ago, I'm still slightly sore, bruising's appearing and my foot's swelling but I can honestly say I feel so much better than I did two weeks ago lol x
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Post by: lululocket on May 05, 2012, 05:48:58 PM
Hi fogie! Welcome!

Have you seen a physiotherapist yet? As well as giving exercises, they can be a great source of encouragement in the days between seeing the surgeon, who may well just not care until the bone is healed at week 6-8 as it won't be 'interesting'.
If you're not doing any exercises, you should probably start foot pumps (pull your toes towards your hip, then point down again, x20), and quad sets (try to get your kneecap to slid up towards your hip and push the back of your knee down towards the bed). Glute clenches (squeezing your butt cheeks together!) are also good as you don't want that muscle to forget it exists! You can do all of those with the brace on by the way.

On the shower, once i had all of the stitches out I was allowed to get my scar wet. All the dressings were taken off at that point. I was still wearing a big brace and also a compression stocking, but could take them both off and sit on a plastic chair in the shower. (I say that like it's easy, but it wasn't...). Can you email your OS to check whether that is allowed? Or do you still have dressings on.

Because I knew that would happen after two weeks, I just didn't bother showering for the beginning, and would use a washcloth in the bathroom to get as clean as I could, usually asking somebody to help with the foot I couldn't reach! I got my mum to wash my hair in a washing up bowl!

If you really need to get in, I know that some people get plastic covers, or binbag/towel/rubber band contraptions, but I've never tried it so I'll leave that to someone else for advice!

How are you doing for pain? And happiness? We're here if you need to chat.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: lululocket on May 05, 2012, 05:50:37 PM
I'd like to say on my exercise suggestions by the way - that is if you've had just a TTO. I just reread and realised you may have had other stuff done.
I don't know much about other procedures, so actually can I say please check what you've had done? Sorry!
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 05, 2012, 07:11:55 PM
Hi Bigal, Helencatheri & Lululocket thanks for the great advice & support.  My foot is still bruised and leg swollen but not as bad as I thought it would be.  I had really horrific visions of how it would be but thankfully no, not as bad as I thought.  I just saw physio while in hospital to show me how to use crutches on steps and she told me to flex my foot towards my hip and clench thigh muscle but she never told me how many times or how often.    Tried shower once lol !  Everything got wet with binbag & rubberband didn't work for me.  So I decided to leave it be for a while.  I have still got bandages on under stocking & brace.  I have no email for my surgeon but I have an appointment with him tuesday (3 weeks post op ).  I did read some great tips on this website about washing hair lying over side of couch (maybe that was you).  I did wake up last two nights in a little pan alright but I reckon my husband probably tapped my leg during the night oooooh it was sore then.  I do get a bit fed up sometimes because not use to being so dependant and indoors with feet up for so long.  My 3 boys snaps me out of it and really enjoy doing the stuff with them, I didn't have time to do with them before :)  I suppose I think I wouldn't be able to have survived so far without my husband taking time off work.    I am going to ask the OS what he actually done in theatre & hopefully I will know & understand more.  Thanks again and will let ye know what happens tuesday, hopefully it will be all good news !
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Post by: lululocket on May 05, 2012, 11:02:21 PM
Hi Fogie,

I'm glad the swelling isn't as bad as you thought. Ice and keeping the knee elevated (on a wedge of pillows so it's above your heart ideally) make a big difference. You can also try arnica for bruising (a cream). Oh I'm sorry about the shower! I know somebody here had a trick with putting a towel around the leg inside the binbag, and then elastic and .....something. It all sounded too hard for me so I decided to just be a little stinky for a little longer.

It sounds like you've been left a little bit in the dark still about your surgery (don't worry, it happened to me with my first TTT and I got better eventually). Information is really important I think. Make sure you write down questions for your OS because after he's poked and prodded you, you'll probably be so flustered that when he asks if you have any questions they will all fly out of your head!

On the physio exercises - what you're describing is exactly what I was talking about, so that's good. Do some - even these three days before you see your OS will be helpful.

The foot pumps; my physio told me to do 20 at a time, every 2-3 hours, but I did them more often than that because they felt good to me. They are important to keep blood moving in your legs and stop it from pooling. REALLY important! So do them!
With the clenching the thigh muscle, that's a quad set. The aim of them is to try and keep your muscles awake - when you stay still, you get muscle atrophy. After just two weeks of not moving, they will start to disappear because your ever efficient body thinks they are no longer necessary. You can grow muscles back, but (trust me), it is much much better if you don't lose them in the first place. It is inevitable that you'll see your thigh shrink compared to the other one, but if you keep doing quad sets you can limit that. I was doing 10 at a time, holding each one for 5 seconds, then a quick rest. I'd do that 4 times (so 40 in total). I was told to do it 4-5 times a day, but it was  almost always just 4 times (before getting dressed, lunchtime, dinnertime, before going to sleep).
You weren't given glute clenches, but they're not going to hurt your knee, so you may as well do them to try and keep the muscle atrophy at bay - it will pay off later.

Kneegeeks has an explanation of rehab phases here that I highly recommend.
The foot pumps are under prevent DVT
The quad sets are under maintaining quads tone
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 06, 2012, 07:18:24 PM
Hi lululocket,

Thanks very much, you are right I was kept in the dark about my surgery.  Of course I didn't ask the questions either, I just went with what they thought I should do.  They also want me to do my other knee, but I'm not sure if I will be able, having 3 young boys, a 7 yr old, 5 yr old and 2 year old, my poor husband is finding it tough.  Anyway that might be a long time off, I could change my mind again, when it dislocates I don't be long screaming to get it fixed.  My boys just keep saying to me that they can't wait for me to play soccer & chasing with them : )

I am going to ask alot of questions this time so that I will hopefully know what they exactly did with me and when will my legs will be back to normal.  I am suppose to be going to a concert in 2 weeks time but I am thinking maybe its not a good idea and a wedding the following week and we were suppose to be going on holidays the week after that.  Had great plans before operation.  I think I will wait & see closer to the date to make up my mind because its nice having something to look forward to especially when I have been feeling a bit down today, feeling restricted in what I can or can't do.  To lift my leg I'm using a belt because the fear that my other knee might give way.  Thanks very much again for all the information and the link, you have been so helpful  : )
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Lorikeet on May 07, 2012, 06:59:11 AM
I agree about writing questions down before your appointment. I knew I should do it before my recent appointments and somehow forgot anyway...remembered a couple things and forgot a couple too. Also, I find the OS tends to move you along pretty quickly so having it written down is good for prompting before you are out on the street again with unanswered questions. All that said, I have found my physio to be far more helpful than the OS in the post-op period for just about everything...and I've seen her only twice so far.

I have heard about some people going out for events fairly soon after surgery so I'd guess it's doable...but remember it's pretty likely it will wipe you out for a couple of days so good to weigh up your options there. As for your holiday, probably not a great idea if you expect to be on your feet a lot. I'm sure some people have managed it but everyone is different in their healing so you can't really predict it very well. As you say, though, you might have a better idea closer to the time.

Be patient with yourself because you have a long recovery ahead. Sometimes it will see like things are progressing well and other times it will feel like it's just so slow to get back your least that's been my experience.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 07, 2012, 03:37:33 PM
Hi Lorikeet,  I hope you are keeping well, thanks very much.  Im already feeling fairly tired the last two days & feeling very light headed for some reason.  So I think I will definitely cancel holiday, too much travelling.  Is it normal to be feeling so tired?
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Lorikeet on May 07, 2012, 05:53:04 PM
There's a lot of healing going on after this surgery so it's normal to be tired much of the time. You may find you start feeling really energetic at some points...but I have found the down side was I tended to overdo things...your body will definitely let you know if that is the case. Not sure about the light-headedness..someone else might be able to give ideas...I get it too but assume it's my low bp.

Sorry it's looking best to cancel your holiday plans. Of course it wn't be much of a holiday if you aren't up to it either.
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Post by: lululocket on May 07, 2012, 10:47:29 PM
There are a few key phases of recovery, and everyone hits them at different points. While the bone is still growing back, most things in public are more difficult than usualy as you are fragile and don't want to risk falling. But it's not impossible! This bone healing phase often takes about 6 weeks to heal, but there is some variation. In this phase, most people have partial weight allowed, although if the angles/screws etc are in a different pattern, you might be allowed full weight bearing. I reckon a holiday without allowing full weight bearing would be okay if it was a sitting still holiday, with travel done in a car (driven by someone else) so that you can stop when you want. I wouldn't fancy negotiating a really busy airport or train station unless I had a wheelchair, in which case it would be possible. I wouldn't have been happy if I'd been moving around a lot on crutches, or trying to be up and about each day - I reckon you need a few hours of sofa time in this phase.
I reckon it really depends on the holiday, and how much unpredictable stuff you'd encounter. If it's a spa holiday and someone drives you there - go for it! It'll be great! If it's a skiing holiday...cancel!
Concert is manageable if you make preparations beforehand - you may need to call and say you're temporarily disabled and need a seat with space in front of it, and get yourself a taxi there and back. A wedding may be ok if you haven't got too much travel, if you can sit down a lot, and take the day afterwards off work to rest as it may hit you quite hard.

My first 'big' outing is in two weeks, which will be just over 10 weeks after surgery. I'm going to walk in a (slow) 10 minute procession, but only because it's a really important ceremony for me, and I know I can take one crutch if I really need to because it's so slow! I also managed to go to a restaurant at week 7 with no problems at all, although I was pretty slow just getting from the taxi to the table and back.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 08, 2012, 08:30:43 PM
Thanks again Loriket & Lululocket, I too have low blood pressure, sometimes it even goes below 90.  My gp told me to raise the bottom of the bed to help it rise.  I am to put partial weight on my leg.  One day I feel great & I'm going and the next I'm not, I can't make up my mind.  The concert I was thinking of borrowing a wheel chair just in case I can't get a taxi back to the car & we may not get parking near the venue.  The holiday is a relaxing holiday but I will be travelling in the car for the whole day.  Im lucky about the wedding because thats near by.  Good luck with the walk & I will look forward to hearing how you get on.

Had my OS appointment today, the journey up was good.  Then when I went for my xray, they told me they found it hard to get my knee straight alignment in the xray that it seems to be turning in and they told me to say it to him. So I did & he said it thats ok.  Had the questions in my pocket but never asked.  I think I was put out by what the radiographer said and what my os said next that there was light red gooey stuff coming out of the top of my wound, its just a small bit but he started talking about putting me on antibiotics and then decided not to.  Instead I must go up to the wound clinic next week & they will change my dressing again & keep an eye on it.  He also told me that I should try & do straight leg lifts with brace on.  Also He will see me in 3 weeks time when I will be 6 weeks post op.  I am to be wearing a dunbar brace at 30 degrees.  The brace I have on at the moment, I can't bend my knee at all.  I found out also that I will be starting physio then & bending my knee & by the look of  his face I got the impression that its going to be a bit painfull.  He prodded my leg a bit & on the way home I was in alot of pain  :(   Not too bad now though thank god.  I will see what way my wound is next week, and if all is good I think I will go.  Must have something to look forward to   :)
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Lorikeet on May 09, 2012, 06:08:08 PM
The low bp can be a bit of a pain sometimes although I'm glad I inherited the low instead of the high that runs in my family.

I hope the wound heals up okay without any extra treatment. It's quite possible it will be fine when you go back to the clinic next week. My OS had me working on the straight leg raise from about 9 days post op...I managed to do them just before my 3 week visit but now I've been told not to do them by my physio as they aren't the best way to gain back the strength in those muscles...or something like that. Bending the knee is definitely not fun but it might not be as painful as you expect. It's still pretty early days for you, especially since you are still in a brace for a while.

Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 09, 2012, 06:32:35 PM
Thats great to hear Lorikeet, that it may not be that painfull after all, ah well I will know in another 3 weeks.  Tried the SLR, not a hope it seems to feel like dead weight my leg.  I am doing the foot & quad muscle excercises more, I have set 5 alarms in my phone to remind me every day coz sometimes the time just flies by & I forget.  As I am doing more excercises it seems to get a bit sore around the knee sometimes and sometimes I feel like there is needles pricking me and then it just goes away. ???
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: lululocket on May 09, 2012, 07:07:26 PM
Don't worry too much about the bending- there is no point worrying about whether it will hurt or not until you get there! I've found that bending is painful right near the limit, but actually going from straight to a few degrees off the limit and back again was actually quite NICE, and I liked getting some movement in it! I did heel slides on my own at home, using my hands to help. I also got my mum to help based on my physio's instructions.

Have you started any heel slides yet? It would be good to take your brace off and have a little try before you get to the physio as you'll be able to use the time more constructively. I was allowed to do this 4 or 5 days after surgery, using my hands to move my leg carefully.

The scar tissue and swelling can limit bending, so if your knee is still swollen (probably is) then keep using ice for 30 minutes a few times a day, wrapped with a cloth to protect the skin.

When you reach the bending limit, your physiotherapist will assist you in bending it a little more - pushing to break up the edge of any scar/tight bits a little bit. This can hurt with a bad physiotherapist. However, it is all about communication - my physiotherapist is GREAT (and my fifth in two years, so I know the good from the bad, trust me). The reason he is so good is that he explains to me what he is doing and why it may hurt, but why we need to get through it. That makes me motivated to get the treatment done, even if it hurts. Then, he asks me the whole time how much pain I'm in, and makes it clear that he will stop if I want. He aims to get up to a 6/10 in pain, so quite a lot but bearable. I now say it's a 'brave 6', meaning it is very painful but keep going as I'm feeling brave, or a 'bad 6' meaning it hurts and I am not coping so well.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 09, 2012, 07:33:06 PM
My OS told me that Im to keep my brace on full time for another 3 weeks & it is then I will be bending my knee & he said he will bend it 30 degrees in another type of brace which is called the dunbar, I think thats what he called it, it sounds something like it anyway.  No he didn't get me to do any heel slides yet & I won't be meeting physio till I'm 6 weeks post op.  I seem to be doing way less physio & progression than ye are but hopefully when I start I won't be long catching up.  Keep up the good work with the physio!
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: lululocket on May 10, 2012, 05:44:03 PM
It will probably be a brace like mine below, which has a joint in the centre which you can set a limit on, so it will be able to bend up to 30 degrees. Fun!  :D
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 11, 2012, 01:09:30 PM
Thanks Lululocket, I can't wait  :)  It feel like I am progressing to the next step of my recovery   :D
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Post by: Fogie on May 11, 2012, 01:25:06 PM
Hi Lululocket, I was just wandering how long were you wearing your donjoy brace for & how many hours during the day did you have to wear it & did you have to wear it in bed
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Post by: lululocket on May 11, 2012, 10:20:23 PM
Well, below you'll see that I've given you my timeline. BUT, this is my second TTT, so I know the drill pretty well. So far, I've made a much better recovery than last time, and I wasn't so afraid as last time. I'm healing much more quickly, and have got out of the brace more quickly. Thinking of last time, I'd increase everything by 50% (so 1 week becomes 1.5 weeks, 6 weeks becomes about 9 weeks, I'm not kidding...). Also, there are lots of variations of the surgery, so you may need more or less protection than me, so don't get too obsessed by comparing everything against others as we're very unlikely to be identical.

Having said that....I do personally think that within two weeks of surgery you should take your immobiliser off whilst sat on a nice sofa with your leg out straight, and do some foot pumps and some facilitated heel slides. Remember, this is just a little bit of bending using your hands to support everything whilst sat on a sofa, it's very different from bending 30 degrees whilst up and about on crutches, which I would expect to come much later. I realise that your OS hasn't particularly recommended it, but 6 weeks is aaaages to go without bending your leg at all. If you leave it that long, then it probably will hurt  :(  I would contact his office, tell him you really want to try some heel slides, and ask him if there is any medical reason NOT to do that. Unless you've had some other surgery done than a TTT, physios would have you doing heel slides fairly soon.

I've checked back over my diary at
First few days I wore it all the time, locked straight (so the same as your immobiliser).

After a few days I was allowed to take it off to do facilitated heel slides only (I started on day 6, and headed slowly up towards ~4 times a day to keep it moving). I also started seeing my physiotherapist after one week, and would take the brace off for the sessions with him.

After two weeks had passed, I had my stitches out, and was allowed to take the brace off to have a shower (being careful!), and also allowed to take it off when I was just sitting still in bed or on a sofa and wanted to be a little more comfortable. When walking around the house with crutches it was still to be worn locked straight, but I was encouraged to put up to 20kg weight through my leg (my physio had me practice with weighing scales). I was allowed to sleep without the brace at that point if I really wanted to and 'wedged my leg in with a pillow' (OS's words), but I ended up still wearing the brace to sleep in case I moved until about the three week mark I think.

At the four week mark the brace was unlocked to 60 degrees bend. It was scary, but after about two days I got the hang of it.

At the six week mark, I had an xray that showed...well it actually showed the bone hadn't completely healed, but apparently it was almost done, and good enough to walk on (full weight bearing). We ditched the brace completely at that point. I happily got back in the car without it!
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Post by: Fogie on May 12, 2012, 08:59:51 PM
Thanks very much lululocket, this is great.  It really helps alot. I am so thankful.  I actually took the brace off, I mean immobilizer & stocking for 5 mins last night &  the night before it seems to be driving me mad sometimes & I feel my leg needs to breathe.  So I think I will ask the nurses about leaving it off when I sitting on couch or bed & about heel slides, when I see them next day coz find it alot easier to talk to them. 

I was a bit down again yesterday feeling sorry for myself especially being in pain & not being able to do much.  But thank god the Sun was shining today & my husband set up the sun lounger while I watched him play football with the lads, he has been wonderful doing the cleaning & cooking, I don't think I would have managed only for him, you do need alot of help after this op.  The pain seems to come &  go & I am still on painkillers. One other  thing I do know for next time when I get my other knee done :o  ask more questions, bring a nightdress, not a pj's.

A friend of mine, brought me a lovely maxi dress & has offered to turn it up for me to have for my next appointment instead of wearing tracksuits  : )  Meeting nurses tuesday so I'm hoping my wound is ok !
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Post by: mrschandrad on May 16, 2012, 02:26:56 PM
Have you been doing the quad strengthen or a SLR?
That's something I was doing on my own before going into PT...only because I knew they were going to have me do them and I wanted a head start.
I would suggesting doing them as "hard" as they will make you but start. I was doing quad strengthening 2 session a day 10 times per session holding for 5 seconds...just so that I wouldn't lose all muscle strength.
The SLR I would just do randomly throughout the day. Not raised very high and I would hold for 5 seconds, doing about 5 or 6 each time.

When are you going to start PT? We had our surgeries about a week apart I think...

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Post by: Fogie on May 16, 2012, 04:32:08 PM
Hi Chandra,  I was operated on the 17th April, I have been doing quad strengthening from around about 2 weeks post op even though I have done much the last 2 days because I have been quite sore & as for SLR I can't seem to rise my leg yet  :( when I try doing lying down putting my other foot under to give it a head start I seem to be pulling a little on my back muscles.  They are starting PT 6 weeks post op 29th May, I am so looking forward to them ;) & he is putting me on a Dunjoy brace & bending my knees 30 degrees then.  I seem to be on a less aggressive pt at the moment but I reckon when I start it will be full force ahead.

The last couple of days I seem to be very sore around the knee, I reckon thats from the travelling in the car to appointments.  I am in the front seat as the lads are in the back.  I talked to the doc & nurses at my last visit on tuesday  & they said I am not to be doing any Pt only for the squeezing the quad muscles & to try & do SLR which I am finding impossible at the moment.  I have hired out a wheel chair with a leg support for the concert & I will be sitting in the back seat to keep my leg raised with plenty of pillows so hoping the journey won't be too painful. My leg is still very bruised & swollen & I still have bandages on under my stocking & immobolizer brace but they said my wound is healing very well  :)  I was trying to wean off my painkillers but I have gone back to stronger painkillers today because leg was even getting too sore to my quad clenching pushing knee back against surface.  So I am doing 20 clenches five times a day of the quad muscles & I always try & do an SLR once every morning.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 18, 2012, 09:22:22 PM
Yesterday, I went to the concert, hired out a leg support wheelchair.  I travelled in the back seat with my feet up with a few cushions for added comfort, for a change as we had none of the lads with us.  It was alot more comfortable than sitting in the front with my leg down.  My leg started getting uncomfortable during show so took extra painkillers so that I could enjoy the show.  The show just rocked & I enjoyed the rest of the night.  The staff at the venue were so helpful which was great because I was dreading the journey & the concert itself incase any one might trip over my leg, there was a different exit for people in wheelchairs which was fantastic & we just avoided the crowds outside.  My leg started getting sore again on the way home again : ( but was able to sleep when I got home as I didn't get to bed till 5.30 a.m. in the morning and was wrecked.  My husband got up for the lads, he has been fantastic.  Today got sick I reckon it was probably from extra painkillers from night before & I am still not feeling the best.  My leg is stinging like mad today too although I have it up all day.  Don't feel a thing when I am icing leg but when ice is gone it starts to sting again so taking it easy & I am also taking painkillers.  Hopefully it will settle down tomorrow.  I have cancelled the holiday, because I reckon it will be too much.  Going to have an early night tonight.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 20, 2012, 07:17:44 PM
4 weeks & 5 days post op

I am feeling fairly frustrated today because it seems to be such a slow process.  I am still doing quad clenches 20 times repeating that 5 times a day & pumping my foot also.  Every morning & after lunch I try to do SLR's but no, nothing happens & sometimes it feels like that something is dripping in my knee.  I am afraid if I can't do SLR's before my next OS appointment he will think I am not trying.   :(
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: lululocket on May 21, 2012, 10:45:22 AM
I thought this might make you feel better, quoting from my diary

Day 30

Well today I kept my brace off all day (didn't really go anywhere). I should probably put it back on tomorrow and do some walking with my partial weight bearing to practice.


Ahem. Well, my physio did say I needed to get angry. One more session left today why oh why.

My point is, even though we were more aggressive, so I should have been a teensy bit ahead of you, and at that point I was meant to be putting 20kg through my leg as I crutched around, I still couldn't do an SLR. In fact, I think it was just barely before the 6 week mark that I managed the first one. So don't worry too much!

I'm so sorry you're frustrated. I don't want to just say keep trying, but you know it's true.... And we've all be there. How about a half day off? I have 3 or 4 physio sets a day now (10.5 weeks now!), but I still often take a day or a half day off a week in order to stay SANE, and my physio says that's ok.

Oh, and tips and tricks for SLRs in the next few weeks - try them lying down as they are a little easier (you can cheat a little with your stomach muscles getting involved). Also, try hooking something around your toes like a belt so you can pull a little with your hands, so it's assisted a bit.

PS, Sorry to hear about the holiday, but hopefully that means you can go on one later when you can walk really well and it will be GREAT!
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 21, 2012, 05:33:15 PM
Hi Lulu,

Thanks very much for your kind words of wisdom & support, it really does help alot.  Today I am feeling a bit better I actually took a half day off doing my physio & I hate to say I didn't try doing the SLR yet but I will try later.  I will definitely keep trying the SLR's & I will try out your tips, thanks.   Last night I thought to myself tomorrow is a new day & I am going to start afresh, so I decided to take some time out from physio & to have a break from the house.  My husband drove me to my local toddler group which is only around 3 miles over the road and it was just what I needed, to feel some bit of normality.  I sat down with my leg resting on the couch.  I brought my belt from my robe with me.  I carry that with me always so that I can lift & lower my own leg.  I had a  cup of tea & some nice lemon icing cake while my little boy went playing with the other little children.  It was great. 

I also now have started learning french, as we are planning a holiday hopefully next year to Disneyland, Paris, please God everything going well.  My knee still stings, it just comes & goes & it swelled up alot last night.  There is also alot bruising still on the back of my knee.  Nothing more to report.

Take Care,
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Lorikeet on May 23, 2012, 05:08:12 PM
It's good to hear you are getting out and about a bit now. I have found life is feeling a lot more normal now that I'm able to drive again and can go about some of my normal activities. I'm still feeling like I'm moving in slow motion at times though.

Sorry you are having the stinging and swollen knee still. I'm still getting swelling quite a bit now at seven weeks so I think some of us are just more prone to it than others.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 23, 2012, 06:35:27 PM
Thanks Lorikeet.

5 weeks & 1 day post op

Today have been a good day   :)  After two weeks, I finally was able to do 2 or 3 SLR's today, using your tip lulu, thanks.  I looped my robe belt around my toes to lift, feeling pressure in my knee so I knew I was working some muscle then last night I lifted my leg again with belt & let the belt drop & have my husband have his hands underneath my leg & it dropped.  So this morning I lifted leg again with belt, I dropped the belt & was able to keep my leg in the air for a sec or two, yeah !  So I decided to do it again without belt & yes I lifted my leg twice without belt.  It felt like I won the marathon ha ha !  I was sweating afterwards & have tried since but can't seem to get it up again but its a start in the right direction.  I do feel a bit of pressure on my knee when lifting & it does sting a little bit afterwards.  Oh I can't seem to do the SLR lying down only sitting up with my other knee bent & I have my hands wrapped around that knee.  I have cut back on my medication again just taking 2 difene tablets & 4 paracetomal.  How long does it take for the swelling to finally go, coz when I am at home, my feet are constantly up.  Tomorrow I am 15 years married, so I am hoping to give the husband breakfast in bed for a change with the help of my eldest boy who is 7, he normally gets up very early, thank god so I won't have to wake him.  I have also invited two friends to call over, who is bringing wine & snacks with her.  He thinks I have forgotten so he will be in for a nice suprise!
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: lululocket on May 23, 2012, 11:20:21 PM
Yesssssss to the SLRs!!!!
At 10 weeks out of surgery, I can now do a not-that-impressive victory dance on your behalf! (shuffle shuffle).

And congratulations on your wedding anniversary, your plan sounds so good. I hope it's a good day!
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 30, 2012, 01:26:34 PM
Thanks Lulu I am really looking forward to the day I can do a victory dance too.  My mood have been up & down like a yo yo the past week but I am back on track again. 

I went to see my OS yesterday & I did the SLR for him yeah.  Then he put on my Donjoy brace on & told me to lift leg off couch.  I was a little scared but I did it.  He told me that I must change the flexion 30 degrees more  on brace every two weeks myself.  He is booking me into physio & I will see him in 6 weeks & thats when my Donjoy brace will be coming off.  Also he told me that I can take it off in bed & in the shower to be extremely carefull which I am.  He took the crutches off me & told me to walk away & go.  Scary stuff, I just gave him alook & he gave me back crutches.  I walked to the office without crutches but kinda clinging to wall, scared out of wits.  Then I had a little stumble & nurse said to use crutches going out to car but start around the house. He said to use crutches for long journeys only.  Anyway last night I went to my son's football match & walked across pitch with crutches.  Which was grand but took me ages & I really enjoyed being out, having a chat with a few mothers & watching my son playing football.  I was wrecked when I came home, slept till 9.30 a.m. & only woke up because my husband was bringing me breakfast in bed.

Today I have tried walking alittle without crutches but I am too scared so I think I will only try it when my husband is around so to have someone just incase I fall.  I am walking around in the crutches, not leaning too much on them for support & hopefully I will be confident enough to ditch them soon.  Haven't met the physiotherapist yet.  He told me to ring them & make an appointment & he gave me a sheet to give tp them but the receptionist took it off me & told me that they will be in contact.  I think if I don't hear anything by tomorrow, I will ring them the following day, otherwise I mightn't hear from them until after tuesday.  I want to know whats happening before the long weekend.  Only for ye I probably would of never being able to do the SLR, thanks  :)
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: lululocket on May 30, 2012, 08:07:05 PM
I think my surgeon did the same thing to me last time; after a good xray at about the 7 week mark he took the crutches away and said 'good, walk now!'. I didn't..... This time it was kind of the same, he said I could go for it, but also said it would take 2-3 weeks to get off them. Last time, I found it so so scary. He seemed very pushy after my first TTT, although over the months years I've been under his care, I've realised he's actually not very pushy, he's just quite curt, and I was feeling pressured because of me own terror, not his behaviour. It's pretty normal to feel scared I think. Don't get all worried because the OS says to only use crutches on long journeys - you may think that means you must get walking instantly, but it will take a little time to get going.

Well done for getting around a little without the crutches. It's really early! Clinging to a wall probably isn't doing you many favours if you're really stressed about it. You need to be calm and build your confidence slowly. Also, when you walk wonkily you get into bad habits which are really difficult to break. It's more important to walk well than to rush it by a few days.

Here are some 'baby steps' ideas:
If you're on your own and still nervous of falling, use both crutches but try to walk really upright and put full weight down every step, just using your crutches like stabilisers and not leaning on them too much. That way you can get used to walking crutch free, but if you have a wonky step then your crutches are right there in your hands and you are completely safe. Safety here means you won't hurt yourself, and you can concentrate on the walking itself.

When your husband is around, you can try with no crutches, him walking backwards and you holding his hands. Like a toddler! My physio had me doing that for a while when he was trying to convince me I could manage with no crutches!

Try using just one crutch. I think ihis only works if you have the kind like this:
The under arm ones I've never had, not sure how this would work. Anyway, if you've got the canadian kind, then you put the one crutch on your good side (seems wrong at first, but if you put the crutch on your bad side then you have to lean onto your bad side to use the crutch, and end up putting all the weight through the bad side which kind of defies the point of the crutch). When you get good at that, you could try turning your crutch around and using it like a walking stick to help you balance as you try to walk with a bit less support. I'm still using one crutch out of the house, although no brace. It's mainly to warn people I'm coming slowly!

Anyway, good luck!

Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on June 05, 2012, 04:46:42 PM
Thanks lulu for the great advice, & you are right about the OS.  I just felt so scared at the time incase I fall.  I am extremely cautious.  The wedding was great, but very tiring & I was only partially weight bearing on recovering leg for the day because I knew it was a long day.  I am starting physio tomorrow yeah, had a little difficulty trying to organise someone to mind lads & to give me a lift because my husband had made plans but its all sorted now thank god.  I am excited & anxious at the same time about physio, glad to be finally starting & also hoping that it wont be too painfull.  I have started walking around house with crutches not really leaning on them for support very slowly but when I don't have crutches I start limping badlay its probably something mentally I need to get over not feeling confident enough to walk on my own.  I will definitely try my hubby too doing the toddler walk & hopefully I willl be able to walk properly & gain more confidence the more I do it.  No more news, will hopefully have alot to say tomorrow.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Lorikeet on June 06, 2012, 08:20:47 AM
Fogie, I found it really daunting to start walking without crutches or brace at first. But because I was forced into it, I just did it slowly and gradually got better because I was using those muscles that had been inactive. And I used walls and my husband's shoulder a lot for support when needed earlier on...but seem to be okay most of the time now. Hope your first physio session goes well. :)
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on June 06, 2012, 10:48:27 PM
Thanks Lorikeet, I am glad to be finally starting physio.  I should really get around to upload some photos, only I seem to be alot more busier these days, hopefully next week.

She started me off doing the SLR's which I found out I am not doing them properly.  I am bending my knee slightly every time I lift.  I am just finding them so hard to do.  I was only able to do 2 or 3 perfect SLR's.  Then she got me to bend my knee while sliding my foot up towards me with my brace on, up to 30 degrees.  There was no taking off the brace.  That actually wasn't too bad, just felt a bit of pressure maybe that was due to the fact I took painkillers 30 minutes beforehand.  Then she asked me to walk without crutches, I did with a limp but when I was slightly holding onto bars & she showed me how I had no limp.  She told me as I stretch my leg out forward tighten up muscle around knee & then bend when the foot goes back.  I am now walking very slowly but properly I hope, with one crutch around house.  It feels like I am making progress at least.  I am to do 10 SLR's  :o  Hopefully I will get there & maybe the more I practise the easier it gets & I am to squeeze muscles everytime I need to lift my leg.  Also I am to bend my knee with brace locked at 30 degrees flexion 10 times every hour, thats it.  Next week I will be unlocking my brace to 60 degrees.  Thats all for now.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Lorikeet on June 07, 2012, 08:49:43 AM
That's a good start on the SLRs, at least and I'm sure you will get better in no time at all. My physio made me stop doing them when I first saw her after surgery and I haven't had to do another one since then. I do have other exercises that work some of the same muscles, though...and I'm pretty sure I'd have no trouble doing one now if I tried.

I found with the walking that I was quite slow at first because I could feel just about every step. Now I often forget about it and start falling into bad habits so have to slow myself down to do it properly. It's a slow process, this rehab after surgery business.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on June 07, 2012, 05:00:39 PM
Thanks Lorikeet, it definitely is a very very slow process, but hopefully well worth it.  At the moment my recovering leg feels alot more stable but I am wandering maybe that is because I am still wearing the Dunjoy brace & it might be a different story when it comes off, please god not.  The walking is very slow even though I am walking only in house.  I find I have to think about every step otherwise I go all wrong.  When I am doing my SLR's I think my knee hurts a bit when I don't rise it properly but I seem to improving anyway.  This morning I went for a cuppa at a friends house & after being there for nearly 2 hours my leg swelled up & it felt dead while also having pins & needles.  I have only done 5 sets of 10 slr's & 10  30 degree knee bends.  Only thing thats getting me now is not being able to drive.  Its my husbands birthday tomorrow & father's day soon, I hate not being to take him out but I will definitely make it up to him when I am back on the road again.  I would just love to know how long more will that be & maybe book a family holiday where I can do all the driving & he can sit back for a change.  He is non stop driving between dropping & picking up lads from school all at different times & the same goes for clubs the lads are in.  At least when I get the other leg done I will be alot more organised, even though I think my husband is dreading it more than me, knowing now how much work is involved at home.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on June 11, 2012, 05:19:14 PM
7 weeks & 6 days post op.

Walking around now with one crutch & no problems.  I am able to do the SLRs properly now, I think.  Leg swells up alot in the evening & sometimes stings a bit.  Not taking any medication though.  Tomorrow I must change my flexion to 60 degrees on my brace & I am meeting the physio in a couple days time.  I am suppose to be taking the lads to a wildlife park next week by train as a treat but I will ask my physio does she think it will be ok just incase.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on June 18, 2012, 05:16:39 PM
8 weeks & 6 days post op.

Well I tried uploading photos but I am doing something wrong they just don't seem to upload.  I went to physio anyway at 8 weeks post op & she told me that even though my brace was at 60 degrees flexion I was only bending at 45 degrees.  So she dropped my leg over the side of the bed & we managed to bend it to 50.  That night  I went out for a meal with the toddler group.  A friend picked me up in her van which was a bit higher off the ground  than a car, just lets say I looked hilarious trying to get in & out of it.  I was sitting down for nearly 4 hours & when I got up I was very stiff & I felt like my grandmother taking me ages to get back to the van. I am not using any crutches around the house but when I am walking outside, I use one crutch.

The physio gave me new excercises to do.  I must roll a towel under my knee.  I am actually using one of my small bed cushions.  Then I am to press the back of my knee to it  while raising my foot a little.  I must do this 30 times & hold my leg up in the air for 5 seconds with 1 minute breaks in between.  I must do this 3 times a day.  I am also to hang my leg over the side of the bed, I use the kitchen table because it is higher off the ground & do leg raises while bending it a little more when lowering my leg.  I can only manage between 5 & 10 of these twice a day.  I basically get my husband to help me here because I am finding these quite hard to do for some reason.  The odd time I thought my knee was sliding a little, it hurts aswell sometimes doing that excercise.  The physiotherapist told me that I am not straightening my leg fully.  I told her that I was resting my foot on top of the arm of the chair for a few minutes every day, thanks kneeguru.  She advised me against going to the Wildlife park saying that she reckons it will be too much for me & that more than likely my leg will swell up alot & I will be in alot of pain afterwards.  So I didn't go.  I promised my boys I will take them in another couple of weeks & we brought them to the toy shop & McDonalds instead.  I am after getting myself a cheap new excercise bike in the sales & I will start using it when I am finally bending my knee to 90 degrees flexion.  Then I am hoping to buy myself a new bicycle & go out cycling with the boys I can't wait. 
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Lorikeet on June 20, 2012, 06:13:11 PM
Sorry to hear you had to cancel your wildlife park visit but it will go a lot better if you able to get around a bit than if you are struggling. I wish you well on increasing your ROM to where it should be. I can imagine that is very frustrating to find you are only at 45 degrees right now. I think the quads exercises will help that a lot. Hang in there and hopefully you'll be out cycling with your boys soon.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on June 20, 2012, 07:12:06 PM
Thanks very much Lorikeet, I can't wait to get this brace off, start driving & cycling with the boys.  Only 3 more weeks & my brace will be coming off.  I am 9 weeks & 1 day post op.  When I am sitting for a while I get very stiff.  I am still alittle swollen but it has come down alot.  I will be changing the flexion in my brace to 90 degrees next week & will also be meeting the physio.  I must ask her about stairs & steps because I am only using good leg going up & down steps & stairs while my operated leg is just dragging behind.  Just in case I am to be using my operated leg.  I am a bit too cautious & protective of my operated leg & maybe I shouldn't be.  Still finding it hard to do leg raise when my knee is bent.  SLR's are no problem now.  No much else happening.  Take care !
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on July 01, 2012, 10:16:11 PM
10 weeks & 5 days post op

I saw the physio a couple of days ago & she had to give out alittle to me to buck me up.  My calf muscles have strunk alot & the quad muscles she said aren't too great either although she said she can't say for sure because my knee was still fairly swollen.  She told me I need to start walking more or else my muscles will just waste away.  I know I haven't been walking much, especially when I am so slow at it, the day just goes so fast & when you have 3 young boys.  I am making excuses again.  Anyway I have set an alarm on my phone 3 times a day that I just go out & walk with no crutches.  I am walking 10 times around my house coz I like to stay close just in case.  Soon I will start walking up & down the hill outside my house when I just gain a bit more confidence.  I still can't drive yet : ( 

I changed my dunjoy brace flexion to 90 degrees & was told that I was bending only up to 80 degress which I think is a big improvement on 2 weeks ago when I was only bending 45 degrees.  I have lost 7 lbs in weight but I reckon that is because of loss in muscle.  I am eating normal & I am not as active as I was.  I seem to tire very quickly so I am going to try & become more active & I have asked 2 friends of mine that if they have time that they drive me to the nearby park for a change of scenery to go walking.  So that I can get out more.  My friends brought me out to a Zumba party last night which felt great to get out but I missed not been out on the dance floor all night, usually I am first out.  I did take a crutch with me when I got stiff from sittting down for a while.  I just needed a little support for a minute just to get my knee back in action.  I did go out for one song using my crutch for the guitar solo lol !

Excercises still the same, only to walk more.  She wants me to walk 10 - 15 mins 5 times a day.  So hopefully by the time I am to take off my brace my muscles will be back to normal & maybe even stronger, I hope anyway.  Just dreaming now of the day when things are back to normal.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Lorikeet on July 04, 2012, 05:47:17 PM
You have my sympathies. I'm struggling to keep up with my exercises although I am trying to keep active every day...either lots of walking, using the stationery bike or doing all the physio exercise...and/or fitting in physio exercises in with activity. But I think I had an advantage in that I was out of a brace really early and that prevented the atrophy and muscle shrinking you've had. I think you will find it easier at the start to do more walking if you don't have to negotiate hills. ..although that might build up the muscle faster. I find it wears me out quite a lot. Tomorrow I have to be somewhere where there's a big hill and steps to handle and I am not looking forward to it as it is such a struggle to get up the hill.

Hope you can keep up the walking as much as possible and get up to the 90 degree flexion you need to reach.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on July 08, 2012, 08:38:48 PM
Thanks Lorikeet, I hope you have managed walking up the hill & the steps.  I have been walking up & down the hill outside our place now 5 times with the past week but I do try & avoid steps, I do feel support with the brace on.  Steps seem to frighten me a lot more but I think that is due to my knee giving way sometimes before the operation.  I can't seem to get my head around walking up & down steps with my operated leg.  Before the operation my knee would dislocate sometimes so I probably need to get over the fear of my knee giving way.  I am now 11 weeks & 5 days & I have been walking alot & I am doing my excercises at least 3 times a day.  My leg seems to sting a bit the odd time & if I rest up & take off the brace its gone.  I think my calf & quad muscles are starting to look a bit better although my operated leg still is an inch smaller than my left leg.  Between now & tuesday I am trying to get it back to shape that is when they are taking the brace off me.  Always when I take the brace off at night my leg just feels strange & weak.  My brace now feels like apart of me, its been so long since I have been without.  At the same time I am so excited at getting the brace off & really getting started on the road back to normality which I reckon won't take long please god. 
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on July 11, 2012, 07:09:16 PM
 :)Well my Os took my brace off tuesday & I walked away grand no problems.  He asked me about my other knee I just said just said no & thats because it was no way near as bad as the operated leg & I can walk up & down steps no problem on it.  My left leg have dislocated a few times but it happened so far apart. I hope I made the right decision. Anyway I am to see him again in six months time & I can always change my mind.  I feel at the moment its too soon to be thinking about it yet & that I need time so as to get my right knee back to full strength & as close to normality as I can.  I told him it was the longest 3 months ever & his reply was: " whats 3 months of a lifetime which is true I know, especially now that my knee is fixed.  I also told him I don't really know how a proper knee works & my operated leg don't feel normal & his reply was that I have an abnormal anatomy & that my knee will never be normal & I will probably experience some pain from time to time.  I had a quick peek of my file while waiting in his office & it was typed out that I had a Patella Femoral Stabilization Operation with a TTO & then the handwriting I couldn't make out. I was to take away my brace just incase because it will only be thrown out.  I know I will look back & think it was the best decision I have made & wished I had done it sooner. 

Every time I try to speed up my walking I get a little needle pain in my knee so I stop.  When I am out & about I do get alot of stares even a few giggles the way I walk especially when I am trying to hurry across the road.  My husband wants me to use crutches outside so that people will know what is wrong with me but I prefer to go without.  At present I do walk like an old woman while at the same I am only 38 & I usually look younger & act younger than my age.  In my head I feel like I'm in my mid twenties while at the same time my leg feels stiff like 80.  I am trying to bend my knee more to try & get ahead of physio in the morning, but can't seem to get it past 90, it just feels so tight. I have tried the excercise bike also but can't get to pedal the full circle.  I know more than likely I will get there eventually. I am just wandering now will she work me harder now that the brace is gone. 
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Lorikeet on July 15, 2012, 06:01:29 PM
Hurray for getting rid of your brace. Bet it feels good to leave that behind now and maybe in a year or two, it will all seem worth it.

I sympathise on the funny walking...I have been doing that since the second week since I've had no brace or crutches since then. Even though the crutches might make it easier and look less funny, you are doing better for yourself to go it alone. It does get easier with time. I am still kind of slow but I think I've sped up in the last few weeks and take about half the time I did a month ago. Keep up the good work and hopefully your physio won't be that much harder without the brace.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on July 15, 2012, 09:43:43 PM
Thanks Lorikeet, I am so happy not having to wear my brace woo hoo !  I went for my physio appointment last friday & the excercises she gave me to do are:

30 Quad clenches 3 times a day.
30 SLR's with 1 lb weights
30 leg lifts while sitting on a chair going from a bend to straigthening my leg & back again with 1 lb weights.
For hips, I am to lie on my side with one leg bent & raise the other, hold for 5 secs & rest for 5 secs as many as I want with no weights.
I am to do bridging excercises while lying on my back I am to lift my bum off the floor & she told me to watch my knee any pain Im to stop doing.  ( To be honest I haven't done any of these yet, I am going to start this tuesday).
20 mins on the bike,  she told me to rise the seat as far as I can as I couldn't pedal the full circle with the seat raised I am now able to achieve this.

On the bike I can only manage 15 mins & it because of my other knee, not the operated knee seems to get a bit uncomfortable feeling like a needle is stuck in it.

I am walking around alot more now & getting alot of stares with it also while sometimes complete strangers asking me whats wrong with my leg.  My husband is constantly asking me to take the crutch so that people may not stare as much.  Although yesterday we took the lads to the park where there was a street arts performance festival on.  We got there at lunch time & by 4 p.m. my knee & ankle swelled up, I was also a bit sore, so then I took the crutch off my husband which I was glad he had carried it around with him for 3 hours prior.  It was a great day & when I came home & put my feet up the swelling came down very fast.  I hate this stiff feeling when I  am sitting for a while & my knee feeling so strange.  I love riding the bike, coz my knee feels the most normal then.  I thought I should mention aswell that my scar is nearly 8 inches long over I failed to upload the photos.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on July 24, 2012, 08:27:36 PM
Been a while since I have been on.  Been out & about more now that I am back driving, only doing short journeys.  I am doing the excercises no problem now : ) except the bike the knee thats not operated feels like a needle is sticking in my knee lately which I am going to mention to the physio.  My operated knee is feeling alot better, its not swelling as badly as it was, only just a little bit.  Sometimes though my knee feels alittle weak in the evening & I feel like Im going to fall but don't.  I just looses my balance alittle.  I am also going to ask her is there a way I can overcome my fear of steps or maybe its too soon yet & my knee isn't strong enough.  I will soon find out anyway, not much more to report
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on September 29, 2012, 10:48:01 PM
25th July 2012 to 29th August 2012

I got aload of new excercies to do from physio.  Here is a list of them:

Mini Steps - using phone book, grand going up fear of going down.
Bike - Do pushes 12 reps build to 30.  At present I am doing 30 mins at 5 on the resistance scale.
Weights on bed.  only doing 20 1 1/2 lb weights now, I was doing more only I was on holidays there for a while.
Weights on table 1lb weights 10 reps can't seem to do anymore.

During the month of August, I visited Paris, which was brilliant & it helped me get over my fear of steps.  I can now no problem go up steps leading with my operated leg and going down steps while holding onto the railing can't seem to let go yet.  Little steps I can go down now no prob but the larger deeper steps I am a little fearful.  I am still getting a little weakness in my knee especially if I have been walking for a long time but the good news is my knee haven't dislocated or subluxed since being operated.  My knee does feel a little heavy sometimes & is still too sore to kneel down on.  Now that I am five months post op, it has improved an awful lot, thank god.  I have seen the physio again recently & I am to keep up with the steps, weight lifting and now I am to do wall squats. 
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Lorikeet on October 05, 2012, 05:57:47 PM
Sounds like you are going well, Fogie. I sympathise on the steps issues...I'm starting to improve going up but going down is a bit harder. I am still using my very tall son as a support to go down some steps when we leave a regular place he attends. There is no railing...a few weeks ago I thought I was doing well but got to the last couple of steps and stumbled badly so have to rebuild my confidence.

We will get there eventually but I think it's a matter of patience. My OS told me it could be up to 12-18 months more of working on my knee but I'm doing the right things...just have to be patient.

I don't envy you the weight lifting. I'm supposed to be doing sets of squats with weights but I'm finding it really hard and often painful after just a set or taking it slowly.

Anyway, hang in there and you'll be getting down stairs as well as up. :)
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on February 10, 2013, 07:54:26 PM
Thanks Lorikeet, I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply back. It has been months since I have checked in on Kneeguru.  I hope you have overcome the steps.  I can go upstairs no prob without any railing & going downstairs I am holding onto the railing at the start but by the time I'm near the bottom of the stair I am leaving go of the railing yeah !!!  Its just trying to build up my confidence, using the stairs whenever I can which is not that often, its just a pity I living in a bungalow.  My knee is still a bit sore to kneel down on & I am gone very lazy at doing any excercises since I have gone back to normal living & its so busy.  I excercise now once a week.  The good news my knee is really good & my other knee haven't gone out since either.  So I have told my OS that I didn't want to operate my other knee & I have been discharged yeah!  I have been getting a little needle pain in it alright which I never told him.  He told me that I could ring his secretary any time if I changed my mind. Next goal is to try & get fit & maybe start jogging before the summer, fingers crossed.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Lorikeet on March 07, 2013, 06:01:59 PM
Just in case you check in again, glad to hear everything is going so well for you, Fogie, and hope those pains you have don't cause enough problem that you need to change your mind and have surgery on the other knee.
Title: Re: New here & 2 weeks after TTO and don't know what I can or cant do
Post by: Fogie on May 05, 2013, 11:02:47 PM
Thanks Lorikeet, everything going well here.  Some days I wonder especially during the cold days but Im glad I made the decision not to.