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Title: MRIs and Piercings.
Post by: oohheykate on May 04, 2012, 12:54:58 AM
So I'm getting an MRI on Monday afternoon. It's the fifth one I'm getting on my knee so the procedure is nothing new. I know they always tell you to take off any metal you have on but the last time I had one, I had pants on with multiple zippers and they told me I could keep them on even though I said there were metal zippers on them.

So my question is, does anyone think there is harm in keeping my nose piercing in?

I've had it since early December so it's all healed but I've only taken it out once and I couldn't get it back in so I had to go to to the piercing parlor to get it replaced. I really don't want to go through that again.

Has anyone gone through an MRI with any piercings in (ear, bellybutton, etc.)?
Title: Re: MRIs and Piercings.
Post by: KinnaMarie on May 04, 2012, 01:49:12 AM
I've had a total of 7 MRI's in the past year and half and I have left my earrings in for all but 2 of them.  I have a total of 9 piercings in my ears and all they would say is you may feel a pulling but they should be fine. 

I almost cried at my last MRI because I just got my ears pierced 2 weeks before the MRI.  My OS sent me to his teacher at the medical college and he wanted a MRI with contrast so I had to have it done at his hospital.  They would not let me have the MRI unless I took all my earrings out.  I told them i've always left them in, but they said I had to take them out.  I was going to walk out, but I had to have it done so I took them out and the doctor ended up helping me get them back in.  I wanted to pass out!   
Title: Re: MRIs and Piercings.
Post by: emergRN on May 04, 2012, 01:56:56 AM
I have had three MRI's, and I had to take every thing off except for underwear.  I had to wear a gown.  ALL jewelery and body rings had to be removed!  I am really surprised that they let you keep your pants on.  

Both as a patient and a healthcare professional, I have never heard of that before!  Our policy is that it all has to be removed.  I guess different facilities might have different rules. 

Title: Re: MRIs and Piercings.
Post by: Snowy on May 04, 2012, 03:08:16 AM
I had to remove all of my earrings and my belly button piercing for all three of my MRIs, and for my ACL surgery. All three the hospitals had the same policy, which was no jewelry at all. It was so long since I'd taken out my belly button barbell prior to the first MRI that I was a bit concerned about getting it back in, but in the event it wasn't a problem. The one that bothered me most was having to remove my wedding ring for the surgery - it felt horrible going in without it!

I'd give the radiology department at the hospital a call and ask what their policy is. At least that way you'll know in advance, and could practice taking it in and out beforehand. I used to have my nose pierced, and it can be tricky getting the jewelry back in - especially if you use the studs with the little coil of wire at the back. Rings and straight studs are easier, so maybe have one of those on hand in case you do have to take it out and have trouble getting it back in.
Title: Re: MRIs and Piercings.
Post by: oohheykate on May 04, 2012, 03:13:40 AM
Thanks for all the replies!

Kinna, it's encouraging that your ears didn't get ripped off! I just didn't want anything to happen to me.

I'm just going to sneak in there with my nose piercing in. I've never had an MRI at the hospital I'm going to but at the two facilities I've gone to, I've never had to change into a gown or anything. My piercing is barely noticeable so my fingers are crossed that I won't have to take it out!
Title: Re: MRIs and Piercings.
Post by: Lottiefox on May 06, 2012, 10:33:50 PM
When I had my knee done initially I had to remove earrings and watch and stuff...but the jeans I was wearing (that I could leave on!) had little studs on the pockets and they said that was fine!! I think for the second one I did have to take jeans off, earrings out etc. I can't see that they will be funny about your nose piercing when you're having your knee done....but who knows.......good luck with it anyway...

Lottie xx
Title: Re: MRIs and Piercings.
Post by: TwoBadKneesUSA on May 07, 2012, 03:14:14 PM
If it is just the knee ask to be put in feet first and keep your head out of the machine.  That should help as the magnent would be far from the nose.  Also ask at the pierceing place if they have a nylon type you may use.  I had to wear earrings with a nylong post after keeping some cheapies in too long and got an infection.  Not sure if they make them like that or not  Then there would be no metal.

This is the idea. Not sure how big the hole is.  Is is an earring size or gague type you know. The pic above might give you and idea. Claires used to sell them long ago.  May have a funny nose pierceing for the scan, but....just a thought to be helpful.

Title: Re: MRIs and Piercings.
Post by: oohheykate on May 07, 2012, 11:59:40 PM
Thanks for the idea, Milly. Most piercing places sell retainers which are glass or acrylic. I'll be getting one for when I have my hip surgery since I definitely cannot have any metal on me.

In case anyone was wondering, I survived the MRI with my nose piercing in. I didn't feel any irritation whatsoever.