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Title: Anyone with similar issues?
Post by: Kwal57 on April 26, 2012, 03:34:09 PM
So I had my follow up appointment after the MRI. I was told I have Cartilage missing in my knee. I got my first cortisone injection, and was prescribed more PT. How long will the cortisone injection hurt? It kept me up all night. I am wondering if I can get some incite, if I am looking at another night like last night or not. What has worked for you guys? What hasn't? Any ideas?

I'm just trying to wrap my head around this whole thing.
Title: Re: Anyone with similar issues?
Post by: kneepaincure on April 27, 2012, 01:49:26 AM
I'm guessing it will hurt for a while. Some people don't have much pain with it but some do.

What was the reasoning behind the injection? Was it something the doctors want to try before doing more surgery or do they not want to do any more? Also, where is the loss of cartilage present?

Knee injuries can turn your life upside down as you have already observed. Be patient with your body and if you need support from people who know what it's all about, just come back here. :)
Title: Re: Anyone with similar issues?
Post by: LindaM on April 27, 2012, 02:13:50 AM
I've had several cortisone shots but only one flared.  It was better in a day and the flare was over by day three, but the relief that followed made it worth it.  If it is still bad tonight, ice before you go to bed and if the pain wakes you grab a gel ice pack and hold it on you knee with an ace bandage and go back to sleep that way.  It worked for my knees post-surgery, it will work for you too.

Hope you are feeling better tomorrow. :)

Title: Re: Anyone with similar issues?
Post by: Kwal57 on April 27, 2012, 04:01:45 PM
I was totally off guard to ask so many questions about where the cartilage is missing from. I was unfortunately unable to have my support there with me for this day, he had to work. From the pain, I know it is on the right side, the outside part of the right knee. He wanted to try the injection before any surgery to see how the improvement is. I am not supposed to go back to work, unless I feel better within 2-3 weeks. They way I've dealt with it is, if it has hurt, I've iced it (allergic to all anti-inflammatories). I knew one a side effect is swelling. I have a bruise at the injection site. I've been asked to go back to physical therapy for a bit too. So my evaluation is today.

The other sucky part is I also just got diagnosed with COPD (chronic asthma) and anxiety within the last couple months. I don't know if I've been getting anxious, or if my asthma is acting up again. I just got over a flare up in January, I really hope that it doesn't come back.

One day at a time. I'm just dying to have a good night sleep. I am exhausted from trying to sleep. I slept for an hour then got up, then another hour then got up, then another hour. I was awoken from my knee. :/

@ Linda, was it your most recent cortisone shot? just curious. You can develop an allergy at any time. like I developed my allergy to aspirin, ib prufen, and substitutes out of the blue after taking it on and off for about 10 years.

@ kneepaincure Thanks for the support. :)

Title: Re: Anyone with similar issues?
Post by: LindaM on April 27, 2012, 10:19:42 PM
Hi again,

I had one in October and another last December in my knee before going for my PKR, but it was one several years ago that flared.  My rheumatologist told me it is pretty random.  Thank you for your concern about me developing an allergy.  As someone who has some food allergies and drug allergies I carry an epi-pen when I am away from home.  Your allergy to aspirin is very common in asthmatics.  Really stinks when you have pain.  Are you allergic to ginger or to tumeric?  I have taken ginger capsules in the past-3/day with meals and they worked as well as motrin.  Tumeric is also anti-inflammatory. 

Hope you have a better night tonight.