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Title: Amy's hardware removal
Post by: Akntter on March 25, 2012, 05:43:29 PM
Been 13 mths since my patella was fractured and fixed with tension band wires. Surgery by dr Bruce French- super doc. But stairs, kneeling and a new bursa suggested it was time to remove wires. Did it on Friday- could have walked out of hospital. Felt good. Ate dinner. Took no pain med. 12 hrs later the pain hit when I got up- a real shock. Took a pill. Saturday morn hubby was worried. Had a fever101+. Doc said take Tylenol and get moving.  Took Tylenol plus 2 non- Tylenol based pain med. Rest of day decent but no appetite. Took more Tylenol in afternoon. It's Sunday now. Since sore took pain pill. Had mini breakfast though no appetite. Leg better. Think fever & occasional chills frm anesthesia. Glad wires out. If this is as bad as it gets, surgery was a snap compared to 1st one
Title: Re: Amy's hardware removal
Post by: Akntter on March 26, 2012, 08:57:43 PM
Postop day 3. Decided not to go to work since the preop antibiotic was affecting my gut. Bending knee 80 degrees and doing lots of straight leg raises. The nurse said that I can do light exercises since no splint was ordered. Tonight we are going to check out the wound. Yahoo, hyperextension of knee is painless. Perhaps there was something to the hardware. Have taken nothing today for pain.
Title: Re: Amy's hardware removal
Post by: yc_angel on March 26, 2012, 09:34:52 PM
Hope you feel better soon....i never knew they could fix a patella fracture with wires....mind me asking how it broke?...Sory just verry curious..
Do you have to follow a PT regimen to strengten your knee now that your wire free?


Title: Re: Amy's hardware removal
Post by: webster1661 on March 27, 2012, 02:53:31 AM
Hi, I'm recovering from fractured patella as well (actually, I'm the "repeat fracture" poster on the bulletin board here).  I first broke it last June, 2011 and then had the hardware removed in Dec. It felt SO GREAT to have it all out! My knee felt like my knee again! And my ROM got even better quickly after that.

I was almost at full degrees, just about getting my heel up to my butt! I was weaned off crutches and only used a cane when out in large crowds (ie. malls) more as a message to other people to look out and give me some space.

TAKE IT REALLY EASY!  Now you don't have the hardware in, your knee can be more vulnerable for a while. I was 2 months past my hardware removal surgery when I slipped on some ice and bent my knee too quickly and too far to stop myself from falling, only to refracture it!  Trust me, you don't want this to happen!

I've heard others say an important tip is to "keep ahead of the pain" and take something before you fell pain. Sorry you had such a reaction after the surgery. I don't react well with general anesthesia either and suffer nausea and loss of appetite for 2-3 days.

The main thing you need to recover from after a hw removal surgery is the incision! A couple weeks to get that healing, remove stitches, staples or whatever torture they used! and then you are back to being able to shower almost normal!  I'm still in the immobilizer for the second time round and having to shower sitting on a bath seat and use the handheld shower hose. At least now I don't have to put a plastic bag over the incision anymore.

So please, be careful. I don't want to read about anyone else suffering a repeat patellar fracture, ok?
Title: Re: Amy's hardware removal
Post by: Akntter on March 30, 2012, 03:44:07 AM
Thanks for the encouragement.  I broke my knee being careless at work.  I jumped up to get around my desk, forgetting there was a box of medical records next to me. Crashed down on my other knee breaking it in half top to bottom and also side to side. Doc put in 2 wires then figure 8d wire to compress the multiple pieces. There remains a divit on the underside.
The incision is a real bother. My endurance seems to have gone to mush.
Title: Re: Amy's hardware removal
Post by: yc_angel on March 30, 2012, 09:03:46 AM
How large is your insicion?....I suppose during everyone recovery everyone has some of those days that they think their endurance goes to mush....but it will all be alright it just takes some time....My advice is take it easy on some retail therapy if you can  and just hang in there.. ;)


Title: Re: Amy's hardware removal
Post by: Akntter on April 01, 2012, 02:15:20 AM
Thanks for the encouragement. The new incision is 4 in long. It looks as if it's healing. Still it's frustrating waiting for it to heal & being back to <74 deg flexion.
Thank you again
Title: Re: Amy's hardware removal
Post by: webster1661 on April 02, 2012, 06:10:13 PM
Be patient, once the incision heals you will rapidly gain back your flexion and endurance will improve. The hardest thing will be trusting your knee again, especially on stairs. People I've talked to have reported it takes a long time to trust your knee as you come down stairs.If you are not sure, ask about a locking brace that limits how far you can bend it.

Good luck and I hope you heal well. Keep us posted on here.

I'm now 5weeks post op. Still taking Tylenol, 50% weight bearing, using 1 crutch at home, 2 when I go out. My leg feels like a limp wet noodle so I know I have a long way to go again at physio.  Cathy