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Title: Pain returns after 5 years since total Knee replacement
Post by: Terryw on March 12, 2012, 02:27:39 PM
I had my TKR on my right knee in Sept 07 and I am now having pain in my knee when I do alot of walking on concrete or going up and down stairs. I now here poping sounds coming from my knee. I also have the shin pain sometime but I cannot not put weight on my leg until the pain stops. I also notice I get the pain if I go down on my knee then get up. I ride a bike at the gym 5 or 6 time a week for 1 hour and I have no pain but I do were a brace. I have lost over 160 lbs in the last year and I am not sure if that has something to do with. Need Help!!
Title: Re: Pain returns after 5 years since total Knee replacment
Post by: rob43 on March 12, 2012, 03:00:02 PM
not that ive had that op
but i might need one at some point as ive just had mtx operation
i did ask about having the knee replacment
i was told that if your active person it tends to only last roughly 5yrs
Title: Re: Pain returns after 5 years since total Knee replacment
Post by: captainruss on March 12, 2012, 03:45:57 PM

I can't comment on how long they last as I have had eight TKR's in the last 2 years and not one of them has worked.  To Rob I would say depending on your age and mobility, if you are active and have any way of handling the pain, DO NOT submit to a TKR until you absolutely have to.  I had my first one at 46.  I was STUPID!!  I was working everyday and could kneel on my right knee despite not having a knee cap.  I was active doing anything but running long distances.  I could not jog 2 miles with my kids anymore.  My knee did swell every night and was painful.  I thought that if I had the TKR, I could stop taking the pain medication.  Now, I have read the "Patients Handbook Guide to Intractable Pain" which is easily found if you google it.....but basically it tells me that taking the pills was no big deal and that pain was my enemy....

Now, I would give anything to turn the clock back 2 years and would live the next 10 years on my old knee.  I am not mobile, have AF and HO and just walked in the door from seeing my OS who again told me he could  take out the joint and fuse my knee straight to ease the pain or he could amputate it above the knee and I could try a prosthetic. need to see your TKR doctor or another TKR specialist......get X-RAYS and/or MRI to tell what is going on inside your knee.  The thing I also made a huge mistake was getting multiple opinions.......OS opinions are like buses....wait 10 minutes and another comes along.  I mean no disrespect to doctors, but opinions definitely vary and I should have sought a minimum of 3-5 opinions and educated myself on the KG forum like you are doing now.

It takes a little time for the right people on this forum to respond, but be patient as the people on this site including our wise and all knowing moderator, the Knee Guru, will point you in the right direction to educate yourself.  If you have the correct information you are much better prepared to ask the right questions and understand the responses from the multiple doctors that you see.  I really wish I would have found KG and educated myself prior to my first surgery.  First, I never would have had the surgery and if I did have the surgery, I would have understood the symptoms of the complications I am now suffering with.  AF and HO are very treatable if found early.  HO is crippling me and it could have been prevented with a simple anti inflammatory pill after my last surgery.  Instead, I am hobbling around with bone growing in my soft tissue.

Anywho......very knowledgeable people on this site if you are patient and they will definitely point you in the direction of learning about your condition and what option might be before you.  Obviously, you need to get some sort of film of your knee to tell you what is going on inside there.  Also, make sure your radiologist gives you a copy of the report he/she sends to the doctor.  You may not be able to read the films, but you should be able to make out the report information.  At the minimum, you can post what the radiologist writes on this site and one of these intelligent people will translate.

At the very least, we are all here for moral support which I have found to be a life saver!

Title: Re: Pain returns after 5 years since total Knee replacement
Post by: Terryw on March 12, 2012, 04:21:30 PM

Sorry to hear about all the trouble you have had with you many TKR's.

Mine as been doing fine until I lost the weight. I ride the bike in the gym and I do not have the pain.  This morning I completed 20 miles in an hour.  So I am stump with the pain I am having.

The Dr that replaced my knee is in Dallas and I moved to San Antonio a couple years ago.  I been looking for another Dr. to take over but they are hard to find. 

I think I may have found one and I am waiting to hear if he will see me.

Again I am sorry you are having all the trouble.  I still think having a TKR was the best thing I did because the pain I had then was every time I took a step.
Title: Re: Pain returns after 5 years since total Knee replacement
Post by: captainruss on March 12, 2012, 04:47:57 PM

Happy it is going good....but losing weight is a good thing with the knee.  I have no idea what is wrong, but great job losing weight.

Title: Re: Pain returns after 5 years since total Knee replacement
Post by: rob43 on March 12, 2012, 06:44:50 PM
i,m only 43, i had my op 6months ago still hurts most the time, had another mri to find out if the micro fratcure has failed!
ive started jogging again now, it is far from pain free but its doing my head in not being able to exercise!
plus ive now got high blood pressure due to stress!
so ive said sod it i,m doing the exercise even if it hurts!
Title: Re: Pain returns after 5 years since total Knee replacement
Post by: captainruss on March 12, 2012, 07:30:45 PM

If you are running, despite the pain you must endure, you are where I would kill to be at.  I would definitely get a couple of opinions on what is causing the pain, but with your outstanding weight loss I would stay away from a TKR until you can no longer stand the pain with the assistance of medication.  You are young at 43 and only have some many shots at having a TKR.  The best time guess is 10 years for the life of a TKR.  The success rate drops 50% for the second TKR. actually be able to run again.  My OS says with the bone growing in my knee, I will not be able to stand weight bearing by the end of the Summer.

Title: Re: Pain returns after 5 years since total Knee replacement
Post by: shmily on March 29, 2012, 06:11:02 AM
I just want to say that I don't know if you guys helped settle my nerves a little or scared the begevies out of me... I had a tibial osteotomy because I was too young for a TKR. That surgery was a hard recovery for me but I finally got about 90% active.. in January of this year I had a partial knee replacement since I didn't need the Total... and I know it has only been 2 months... and at first things were going great... but for the 3 last weeks the pain has seemed to increase so much that getting out of a chair takes longer than ever before. If a spider or snake came upon me it would just have to bite me because I can't move fast enough... my knee just won't straighten up fast enough... I feel like I am 99 years old and I am only 48.. I am like the person in the upper post... sometimes I just wish I had my old knee back... at least I was used to that pain and knew how to deal with it.. now I can't stand... can't sit.. can't sleep.. and doctor tells me it is because I had surgery... which this was the 6th surgery on this knee.... but congrats on the weight loss... and that could be part of what is causeing the pain.. because I lost 46 pounds before this last surgery and my knee was hurting a lot more and that is why they suggested the partial replacement...
Title: Re: Pain returns after 5 years since total Knee replacement
Post by: captainruss on April 03, 2012, 07:03:42 PM

You have stated my point exactly.  I get beat up sometimes because my case scares some of the people reading my posts and that is not my intention.  The vast majority of TKR's are huge successes.  The few complications are actually on the extreme other end of the scale and are life disabling.  I would kill to go back to my old knee.  I was working every day...I could scuba dive and run except long distances.

Now, I am avoided by the three OS who sawed up my leg and will not treat me any more.  The very simple truth is they removed completely healthy joints seven (7) times because they were not aware or up on scar tissue and heterotropic ossification.  I have to get up in the middle of the night and I have all I can do not to scream when putting weight on my knee. 

The KG site is the only place i can vent and I am sure at some point I will wear out my welcome here.  I cannot get a lawyer to take my case....not that I care to sue anyone....I am just furious at their carving up my leg and now telling me there is nothing they can do for me.  How dare they???  If I wanted to be avoided...I would call my mother in law....these are my doctors...the people I t trusted were as sharp as they think they are...what a joke. 

I can't give you any advice as I have none for myself.  You are at 6 surgeries and are suffering worse than before.  I was the knee hurt and would swell...but I could do almost anything.  Now, I am miserable.

Title: Re: Pain returns after 5 years since total Knee replacement
Post by: Countygirlatheart on April 06, 2018, 08:14:21 PM
We're you able to find a good orthopedic surgeon there in San Antonio?  If so do you  mind sharing name and number?  How was your experience?  Thanks in advance! 
Title: Re: Pain returns after 5 years since total Knee replacement
Post by: Vickster on April 06, 2018, 09:34:57 PM
There are a couple here if you search on United States/Texas as province