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Title: Left toe numb and some of foot
Post by: Helenuk on March 10, 2012, 11:21:44 PM
My left toe and foot are numb
The toe always numb but radiates into other toes and foot
My nurologist thinks its from my back which impinges on a nerve and the knee guy thinks its from my knee surgery
Either way nurologist wants to monitor and knee surgeon won't operate on that knee despite daily dislocations and subluxing for fear of making me worse and lack of surgical options
So  stuck bet a rock and a hard place
My mobility is decreased and am generally fed up
Anyone had problems with toe and foot numbness relating to back or knee
I don't have much touch sensation over knees from nerve damage from surgery
Am in a mess and at a loss
My private health care won't let me have my steroid trigger point injections as I am now after 30 years with considered chronic
Well they took their time with that one
Not linked to recession then
And nhs pain clinic don't advocate trigger point injections

Back to gp nxt week in a hope that he can help
At least with drugs I hope
H x
Title: Re: Left toe numb and some of foot
Post by: LindaM on March 11, 2012, 12:28:20 AM

Just checking-have you had nerve conduction tests done or is everyone just guessing the cause?  Is it just surface numbness and pain, or are you losing the feeling completely like it fell asleep and it is just dead weight?  While it could be knee or back, it also could be ankle-tarsal tunnel.  Just guessing isn't going to get you anywhere.  Hopefully if you give people a little more detail there will be someone here who can help you more.
And if you haven't had any nerve conduction tests run ask your neurologist why not.

Best of luck.

Title: Re: Left toe numb and some of foot
Post by: Helenuk on March 11, 2012, 02:30:31 PM
The nurologist did tests and he thinks it's coming from a nerve impingement and and the knee guy says its from the knee
So I have given all the details I can or have
And as both think they're diagnosis is right am stuck in middle

Having said that the nurologist did the tests and the knee guy didn't so I tend to believe the back guy
Just having a really tough time day to day dealing with it all and living with it
But Thank u for ur reply
Title: Re: Left toe numb and some of foot
Post by: captainruss on May 31, 2012, 06:38:32 PM

I would say they are both right.  I have a bad right knee, but my left knee/lower leg/foot swell so much I can't fell my toes sometimes and don't wear shoes most days.  I have never had surgery on my left knee, but have had multiple right knee surgeries.

I have also had multiple lower back fusions with hardware and upper back fusions with hardware.  My back OS and my knee OS are the same guy and he says they both contribute.  He thinks because of the inflammation in my right knee, it is causing my left knee to swell.

He also says nerve impingement on my lower back is causing pain and numbness to radiate down my left leg and foot.

I say you go with who will treat you.  If your PM does not do nerve shots, get another one.  If they say it has been 30 years chronic, tell them you have aggravated it in the last month (i.e. new injury) and need the shots because your pain is not intractable (read "instractable pain patients guidebook") by dr. Forest on the Internet.

Don't let them tell you...they work for you.  If they don't do what you need, get a new one.