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Title: Arnica gel/Arnica rub
Post by: solly on January 07, 2012, 02:28:30 AM
Well I live in Sweden so sorry for my bad english. I suffer from patellar tendonitis and has done for years and has tried both physical therapy and shock wave therapy. Both physical therapy and shockwave therapy has helped me a little but now I've found this amazing product that is called Arnica Gel (by A. Vogel ). I don't know if this product is available in other countries but to me it has been very helpful, it takes away the pain almost for a whole day and I didn't notice any side effects so far (I've used it a few months).
P.S. OK I checked it out now and in Sweden it's called Arnica gel but in other countries it seems to be called Arnica rub.
Title: Re: Arnica gel/Arnica rub
Post by: casual runner on February 06, 2012, 12:47:47 AM
I have used Arnica for almost a year for my knee pain. It does help with pain if I put a LOT on. I'll put a bunch on my finers, rub it on, then do it again once or twice with more Arnica. Its available at whole foods coop type stores in US.