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Title: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on November 29, 2011, 08:12:57 PM
Ok, I will start from the beginning.  I fell into a stairwell back in November 2009. I tore my shoulder, broke my hand, tore my lateral meniscus,and tore the cartilage off my medial femoral condyle. I have had microfracture with a partial minisectomy in April 2010. That failed and I had an osteocondular autograft in December 2010. That also failed. Turns out my OS was great in his day but retired after the autograft. I am thinking age may have been a factor in the poor outcomes. I have switched surgeons and feel very confident in my new guy. he did a scope in August to determin his course of action.

Yesterday afternoon I had an MCL reconstruction where he secured the cadaver ligament with screws. He implanted the cadaver plug of bone and cartilage in the injured site on the femur.   He also replaced the spot on the lateral femoral condyle where the other OS took the autograft from as it was killing me and catching tendons when it would bend or srtaighten.

The surgery was planned for 2 1/2 hours. It ended up taking nearly 4. Bcause I was under so long I was very nauseas until this morning. I even have a patch for nausea and was taking anti nausea medication.

I had a nerve block placed for pain. This creates the strangest feeling. My foot feels like it is partially asleep. When I touch it, it feels like it's someone else's foot I'm touching. I can deal with that though seeing as its keeping  most of the pain away. A bit nervous for tomorrow when the block will be gone.  :-[  I can already feel it a little and I have the block as well as oxycontin and oxycodone.

I will post how recovery goes along the way. I know it helped me to read stories.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on December 01, 2011, 01:34:39 AM

Moving on to day three of recovery. Holy cow, I have never had this much pain after a surgery before. They gave me a nerve block and as that wore off I swear I thought I was gonna die it hurt so bad. I am taking both oxycontin and oxycodone for pain and it still hurts. My OS changed how much I can take and it seems to be improving but man this hurts.

On top of all the pain, the nerve block has worn off enough to feel the pain yet my foot is completely numb. They said it would be gone by now but that sometimes it can last longer. Lucky me, worn off enough to feel the pain but not enough to be rid off the side effects.  >:(.

I am non weight bearing for three weeks and in a locked brace. Well thats the update.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: KSTL on December 02, 2011, 04:08:37 AM

I feel your pain.  This surgery was the most pain I have every been through.  I am 3 1/2 months out.  I went to the surgeon today and was put on a cane to help with walking.  I know you feel you can't make it, I sometimes thought I was going to die.  The first month is the worst.  I know I could never sleep even on the drugs.  I just want to tell you it does get better.  I still have pain but nothing like the beginning.  I want you to know you have support because the mental part of the recovery is just as hard as the rehab.  I was in a locked brace for 4 weeks, mostly in bed on the CPM machine.  The CPM machine helped with moving a lot.  I was not aloud to weight bear for 8 weeks.  It took me almost 5 weeks to get my leg strength.  This was my 3rd surgery so I know what you are going through.  Keep us posted.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. :)
Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on December 02, 2011, 03:22:06 PM

OK so I get the pain under control but I get nauseas so I back off painkillers and no more nausea but pain again. I am working on finding that happy medium where I can deal with the pain but also not be sick. Hopefully I will get it figured out soon.

I did venture outside the house yesterday only because my son received a top honor in football for his season and wanted to see him receive his medal. I came straight home to the couch and iced. He has his first basketball game tonight and I am trying to figure out how I can go and prop my leg up lol. The things we do for our kids.  I know I shouldn't but we will see. I am sure I will pay for it pain wise if I go  :-[

The best thing I am doing for my knee is the icing. I love my game ready unit and how it circulates ice water around the leg and knee. It alleviates a great deal of pain.

I will continue to update throughout the recovery. Please feel free to add to it your stories. I know reading about others helped me to prepare.

KSTL- you are right in that the mental support of someone dealing with the same thing is huge. I would love to get updates on how you are doing and how the recovery goes.

Jenni :D
Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on December 05, 2011, 12:36:28 AM

Let me start off by saying, when the OS tells you to stay at home with the leg elevated and icing, you really should listen to him. I made the mistake of going to my son's season opener for basketball and have been paying for nit for two days. My mom asked me yesterday if the pain was worse than labor and I said YES. This is the absolute worst pain I have ever been in in my life. The funny thing is that this is the forth surgery so why didn't any of the others hurt this way?  I go in for my post op on Tuesday and will share how that goes.

I hope I am not scaring anyone that is waiting for this procedure. I have heard of some who have relatively little pain.  That is usually me. I never use all my pain killers but this time I am going to run out prior to my post op.

Prayingnthe pain meansnthat it actually worked this time.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: KSTL on December 07, 2011, 04:06:47 AM

I am so surprised you did both.  After the surgery my OS told me I pretty much had to stay in bed with my leg on ice or in the CPM above my heart for swelling.  After the second surgery, I was in the same situation of my son graduating so I went.  I paid for days with pain.  You are right about this surgery pain being worse than labor.  That was a piece of cake. 

Are you still have nausea?  Call the doctor to get pills for that.  It will help.  Take the pain pills. 

Last Thursday I went to the OS.  He took X-rays and the graph looks great.  I am down to one crutch outside and learning to walk with a cane.  It does hurt but it is getting better.  I have a limp but hope it will get better.  My leg buckles and the knee pops when it is bent.  I hope it gets better because it hurts.  I am at week 14. 

Please keep updating.  Talking about it really really helps.  Even family members do not understand what we are going through, it is not a normal surgery.  People look at me funny when I say knee surgery so instead I say fracture in the femur.  They seem to understand more.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on December 07, 2011, 06:54:55 AM

So I went to my post-op appointment today.  I was anxious to get the gauze removed. I have been wondering what the incisions look like. Well now I know. I have a total of five new incisions. Yes I said five. Two are from the MCL reconstruction. They are each aprox. 2 inches long and are located medially of course. Then I have a 2 inch incision just medial to my knee cap. This one was for the MFC Allograft. I also have two smaller incisions on the lateral side of my meniscus where the new OS fixed the old OS's poor autograft donor site.

The OS was pleases with the look of the incisions and said the swelling didn't look too bad. I don't want to know what bad swelling looks like than because you can't even see my knee cap lol.   I feel like I have cankles.

I am not using a CPM because of the MCL reconstruction. I have to keep it locked in extension and slowly start adding ROM back. They are planning to start opening up the brace in two weeks. They will add 20-60 degrees at a time. My OS also wants me to start putting very light body weight at 4 weeks out. He would like me off crutches by 8 weeks. We will see.  I was on crutches for quite a bit longer than that after the autograft.

I paid the price for going to the basketball games last weekend. WAY too soon. I went to another of my son's games tonight and it was not as bad. Still paying though  :(.

The pain meds are making me shaky. I hate taking them. I hate the pain worse though so I continue.

Karen, I am taking an anti nausea med but sometimes just the lack of sleep, lack of food and pain make me I'll anyway.  The frustrating thing is that the anti nausea meds blur my vision. I can't win.

Oh, also the x-rays he took today looked good as well.
Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on December 22, 2011, 06:04:20 AM
Well I am three weeks post-op. Let me say that this has been the hardest three weeks of my life as far as pain goes. I know I said this before but I really was not prepared for the pain to be so intense. If I am up for too long or if I have the ace wrap off for too long the swelling is bad and the leg just aches!!

I went to my OS today and he said that everything looks great. The x-rays show that the screws from the MCL reconstruction look good. The ligament is tight and holding steady. My OS said that the majority of the pain is coming from MCL and that is normal. Made me feel better knowing that nothing is wrong but sucks that I have to deal with it.

The grafts look to be holding steady but of course they don't really show up on x-ray so we won't know until we get farther out and do the MRI. I am hopefull that this surgery worked as I really don't want a knee replacement at the age of 40.

I am very happy as the OS unlocked my brace a little bit today. I can now bend my knee to 60 degrees. It's the little things that make me happy  ;D  I am not allowed to walk on it or put pressure other than the weight of the leg meaning I can touch my toe down and that is it.  Baby steps is a major thing to remember when it comes to allografts.  I get excited for the small steps because you never really see a huge jump.  Its such a long rehab that you must celebrate the little successes or you can get very depressed.  My OS also wants me to start Physical Therapy next week. It's only ROM to 60 degrees and light quad strength. He says that PT should help with the knee pain. Not so sure about that as I think it could create greater pain but we will see.

I am having good and bad days mentally lol. The pain combined with being laid up can cause some depression but nothing over the top. Just some days I feel down. I want to be out enjoying the holidays and the traditions with the family. I can't even do the baking as I cannot stand for at long. I am thankful for my boys and all the help they have given me. Going to try to go see the lights tomorrow.

I will update how the PT goes. Can't wait until I can walk again.
Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on December 29, 2011, 01:42:11 AM
Well things seem to be progressing. They are just progressing VERY slowly. One setback is a suture abscess. Apparently this is what happens when a dissolvable suture does not dissolve.  Because of this I was blessed by being able to spend Christmas eve morning in the ER getting the abscess lanced. I am now on pain killers and antibiotics that kill my stomach. The pain is still pretty intense. The worst part is that it is constant. It is very wearing.

Well that's it for now.
Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on January 09, 2012, 02:32:52 AM

well I've made it through six weeks of recovery. Holy cow I didn't think it was going to be this hard. I finally am over the hump of non stop pain in just the past couple days. Don't get me wrong, I still have bad days but at least I am not on pain meds around the clock. I am only taking 3-5 pain oils a day. Seems like sleeping is actually the worst. I wake up in pain most every day. Some days I wake up crying the pain is sooooo bad. Other days it's just a massive ache. The Drs and physical therapists all say the pain is normal based on everything that they did. If they say so lol.  ::)  The OS says it is mainly coming from the MCL Reconstruction.

I am still NWB.  I will be up until I see OS next week. I am still in the leg brace with ROM to 60 degrees. I believe they will unlock the brace completely and I will get to start putting pressure on my leg. I am able to touch down my leg just no additional weight.

I am getting anxious to find out if this surgery worked. I know I will not know for sure for at least three more months. After four failures I think I am at a point of being unable to believe it could work. I trust this OS but when you haven't had any success, even though it was a different OS before, it makes it difficult to believe I could have a positive outcome.

My PT got me a TENS machine to use on my own. It has been a life saver for the pain. It is a great way to help manage the pain. If you are having pain issues I would highly recommend getting a prescription for one of these. It works by basically masking the pain receptors with the electrical impulses. I have it one about 16-20 hours a day. When I started using this I decreased my pain meds from 8+ a day down to 3 a day.

Feel free to contact me anytime with questions about the process and or the recovery. I am still pleased I went through with the surgery. I just need to continue to stay positive. That's the hard part. It's been over two years of sitting on the couch with my leg iced and elevated so sometimes that frustration and a little depression are hard to hold off but a wonderful husband makes a big difference. Without him I would be lost. Just make sure you have a support system in place.
Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on January 10, 2012, 05:32:14 PM
Oh, I forgot to share that my abscess should finally heal. As I was cleaning it, it popped like a pimple lol. :P I posted a link to where you can see a picture of what came out. The stitch finally was "spit out". I am hoping that the incision will now heal. I have had it cut open two times while the ER doc and my OS dug through it looking for the stitch. Both Drs said they were not sure there was a stitch still there even though I pointed it out. They thought it might just be skin. Yeah right, I am pretty sure this proves them wrong and me right lol. ;D Always trust your instincts people.

Those of you who have had a stitch abscess know the pain that these can be. This was my first and hope it is my last!
Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: KSTL on January 14, 2012, 04:26:31 AM
I am glad the abscess finally healed.  I know what you are going through.  Some days I did not know if I could make it through the pain.  I am 4 1/2 months out and still have pain.  I am walking around with no help but it still hurts.  I have not slept through the night yet.  I went back to work last week for 2 days and was in so much pain and swollen I could not work the rest of the week.  I did not work this week either.  I have been so lucky my husband and family have been so supportive.  This was my third surgery because the other 2 failed.  I just hope this is not as good as it gets.  When I was NWB, I did something to my shoulder.  I guess with pulling myself up and using the crutches.  It is still hurting.  I am turning 40 in a few months and feel like I am falling apart.  The surgeon is going to take a look at the shoulder on the next visit in a couple of weeks. 

Using stem for pain does help.  I also have a machine for home.  Having someone to talk to about this does really help.  My family is supportive but really does not understand what I am going through.  I feel so helpless.  I really want to work.

I was nwb except for toe touch for 12 weeks.  Keep me updated.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on January 14, 2012, 05:50:14 AM

Wow we are so similar in our "issues" lol. I will be having surgery in my right shoulder for a SLAP tear caused from being on crutches for the majority of the past two years.  I too have an amazing support system in my husband and teenage boys. My husband has become quite adept at cooking and cleaning  ;D. I also have my parents close by and my my is my acting chauffeur while my husband is at work. I will have to do something very special for her when this is all said and done.

My greatest fear is a fourth failed surgery. I have been in pain since the original injury over 2 years ago. I want so badly to return to work and get my life back. I am here to talk anytime. You can always email me anytime.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: KSTL on January 15, 2012, 04:26:39 AM
I wish I could have talked with you during all of these surgeries.  I felt so alone, like I was the only one in the world going through this.  My friends are not understanding the more surgeries I have.  I did not ask for all of this.  I am with you.  I was injured dec 2009.  I just want my life back.  How long has your shoulder hurt.  My started to hurt in Oct.  The doc said give it time.  I really do not feel much of a difference since the last surgery.  I just trying to be hopeful.  What is a SLAP tear.  I just do not want to go through another surgery.  Email me any time.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: dm on January 16, 2012, 05:21:09 AM
I feel for y'all - walking around on failed mfx... and I think I blew my acl repair a few weeks ago. refuse to have oats allograft done, seems pointless with the level of damage my knee has - to make more holes in it to fix the one on the weight bearing surface... and I've no meniscus on that side anyway... so I'd just be beating on the repair from the get-go... so no, I don't think so.

I'm getting another opinion... if my acl repair did go... and with the failed mfx, and with grade 4 damage to the patellofemoral compartment.... I'm thinking tkr is my better option... and a shorter recovery... doesn't matter that I'm only 40... there's too much wreckage here IMO....

I have been living in chronic pain the last several years, and falling and wrecking my knee real good a year and a half ago (july '10) didn't help. I've been walking on a hole in my femur for almost a year - my pain levels are not nice... and they get worse when I try heavy activities like yardwork.  At least my OS has been decent enough to give me a reasonable enough supply of decent painkillers so that I don't suffer. He knows I hate taking them and don't take advantage of having them, so he gives me enough to get by with. I'd just like to get the dang thing fixed so I don't need any pills!
Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on January 16, 2012, 06:41:26 AM
I love that there are people to talk and share and vent that get it. I love my family but they don't get it. I try not to even bring it up with friends, though I have some who are supportive too.

I know exactly what you are talking about regarding pain meds. I think I am in more pain than I should be because I try not to take the pain meds. I hate how they make me feel. I tried vicoden the other day and it just made me so sick. I had to go back to the oxycodone.

I had a pretty good week for the most part last week but then I had a user malfunction with my crutches lol  :-\ and I stepped on my leg twice yesterday. So now I am dealing with some sharp pains in the joint line. It makes me a little nervous. I am hoping it is just healing pains. I think I just made that up to make myself feel better when I get pains.  ???

If this doesn't work than it goes to PKR or TKR. I need to avoid that for as long as possible as I am in law enforcement and will lose my job as I will no longer be able to meet the job requirements due to the restrictions. Fingers crossed that this works.

DM-when do you think he will do the TKR. Is he trying to hold off as long as possible because you are only 40?  What else are you trying besides pain meds(tens unit, physical therapy etc).

Love talking to you all. Helps lifts my spirits that I'm not alone. Sometimes I get so angry and feel like no one else can understand my frustration. It helps to have others.  ;D

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: KSTL on January 18, 2012, 03:18:20 AM
I really need to here from both of you.  I am trying to be more public since I am walking without the crutches.  I still have the big brace.  I lost it emotionally last night after a couple of bad therapy sessions.  I have tendinitis in the leg which is causing more pain.  I almost think my therapist thinks I am a big baby and can't take the pain.  I just sat in bed and cried.  Tonight I went to a school meeting with many other moms at the school.  I feel people do not even want to talk with me because they think I will only talk about the leg.  I feel they almost avoided me.  It was really hard.  This can all be in my own head, I really do not know.  They make comments how good I am walking but it is really hard.  Pain really gets me down. 

You all help lift my spirits.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: KSTL on January 20, 2012, 02:29:37 AM

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.  It really meant a lot to me.  It really really helped.  I am feeling better.  I should be encouraging you.  I hope you are feeling better.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on January 20, 2012, 07:06:01 AM
Karen-I am glad my message helped ;D

Well I went to the OS Wed and he is happy with where I am at. I suppose if he is happy than I should be happy. The problem is however, that I want to be recovered by yesterday not months from now lol. Hmm maybe I need to exercise some patience. The pain levels are staying around a 6-7 with no meds and 2-4 on meds. Or if I use the TENS unit the pain levels stay lower.

I have run into an issue with my workers comp claim in that they will not let me keep the TENS unit. They approved it but then denied it. This sucks because with it I only take pain pills 1-2 times a day. Without it I need them 4-6 times a day.   Both my Dr and my attorney have tried to get it paid for but they have not had any luck. The adjuster isn't budging. So needless to say I am pretty bummed about this. I hate taking any type of medication and now I will have to take more when I have been trying to ween off of it. Stupid adjuster.

On the plus side, I am now starting to put some weight on my leg and the brace is no longer locked. I have to remember these baby steps are moving in the right direction even if it is slower than I would like. The down side to this is that it is causing more pain to put weight on it. I feel like it's two steps forward one step back or maybe five steps back.

Sunday I will be 8 weeks post op. Here's to hoping that my next apt with my OS will mean getting rid of the crutches. Fingers and toes are crossed.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: KSTL on January 24, 2012, 06:46:17 PM

Glad to hear the doctor is happy.  I always feel the same way when I go.  He is happy but I wish I was.  Don't you love work comp.  I still do not know who is going to cover my shoulder.  I go to the doctor next week.  I hope I can maybe start to work in another month to 6 weeks.  How you are feeling how I was at 8 weeks.  It will be better.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on January 30, 2012, 04:17:18 AM

Am I really only in week nine of recovery?  Man it feels like months. I am sooo over using my crutches. I hate them. I have fallen twice in the last week and a half. Thank goodness for the brace or I think I would have done some damage. Let's see what else?  Oh yeah, I have been having this burning sensation on the top of my foot. It starts at my knee on the outside and travels down the leg and across the top of my foot.  It makes putting additional pressure on my foot more difficult than it already is. After doing research on this and talking with my physical therapist I have discovered that they either damaged the perennial nerve during surgery or it has become compressed due to scar tissue. WOW, if something bad can happen to me it will. I have had every issue possible it seems since hurting myself 27 months ago. If it doesn't heal on is own that will be an additional surgery. This is getting rediculous. All this just to get some semblance of a life back and to be able to go back to my career.

On another note, I am continuing to walk with about 15-20% weight on my leg and I am still going to PT 2 x's a week. That is still very slow progress as well. They do not want to push me too much still due to the previous failed surgeries though I am chomping at the bit to get well.

I am also dealing with pain med issues. I want to stop them so I will go a day without taking any and end up in so much pain I give in and take them. Ten I do the same thing. I hate taking them and don't want to so I end up putting myself in more pain by not staying on top of it. I also then deal with withdrawal symptoms each time I stop taking the meds. It's a viscous cycle. I just wish my body could handle the lesser meds.

Today is one of those days I feel as if I will never be whole again.   :'(  I know there are many of you out there that feel just like me. Thank goodness were here for each other.
Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: KSTL on February 01, 2012, 03:20:32 AM
Dear Friend,

Thank you for your words of encouragement.  How do I send personal messages?  You do not know how much our posts mean to me.  I went to the surgeon today.  They finally approved through work comp to look at my shoulder.  He does not think it is a rotator cuff but a pinched nerve.  He gave me a cortisone shot in the shoulder.  I should feel better by Friday.  I really hope so.  I need some good news.  He is concerned with my knee. I am being scheduled for another MRI to see what is going on.  I am still having a lot of pain in the graft site.  I hope everything is ok.  I really do not think I can handle another surgery.  We will see.  I really do not feel much better before this last surgery.  I can bend and straighten, it is just the pain.  I told him I just want to be done.  I would love to talk to you on the phone, fb, or email.  Let me know.  You really have gotten me through all of this.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on February 06, 2012, 08:16:59 AM

Not a whole lot to update in the recovery this week. I continue to try to add more weight to my right leg when walking, however, as I do it seems I am getting joint line pain again. This scares me to death. I cannot have another failed surgery.  I am also not seeing any improvement with the perennial nerve issues. I see my OS in 2 1/2 more weeks. He is hoping the nerves are just firing up again giving me issues. I hope so but the fact that it isn't getting any better after a few weeks already doesn't have me holding my breath.

I want to start driving again. I need to get off the crutches and out of my house. Being on the crutches is making my slap tear in my shoulder worse.

Oh the joys of crappy knees.

On the bright side my ROM is now at 0-112. Not to shabby. Doc wants me to 120 by the time I see him again.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions. [email protected]   ;D
Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: KSTL on February 08, 2012, 02:12:30 AM
I hope your shoulder feels better.  Do not worry yet about your knee.  I totally understand why you would be scared to death.  I see my doc in about the same time as you.  I really do not know what he is going to say.  I received my MRI results today.  I think I have mixed review.  The graft is good but I have some other problems.  I do not know what will be done.  I will give an update later.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on February 13, 2012, 07:05:06 AM
Week 11

Two steps forward one step back, or maybe it's ten back. I can't seem to tell yet. I talked with my OS about the joint line pain and he said exactly what I expected (which is why I put off calling him). I am supposed to back off the weight on my leg.  He thinks I may be pushing too hard. I am not sure how trying to get to 50% weight bearing is pushing it as I am at 11 weeks post op but whatever. Still feeling discouraged like this surgery may have failed as well. I know it's too early. Won't even be three month out until the end of the month. I think that's what nearly two and a half years of this mess does to your head. You begin to think you will never be better.  :-\

I am going to attempt to drive with my left foot this week. Just short trips to my gym. It's all back roads and only two minutes away so hopefully it all works out. I need to get the endorphins flowing to get my head right lol. Not thrilled about riding the bike but it's something. Way better than nothing!!  Besides, I am thinking of getting into compettative biking when I get better. Since I am no longer going to be able to run it will give me something to train for.

I am still dealing with burning sensation down the outer part of my leg and across the top of my foot to the big toe and the second toe. I am also having the feeling that I am stepping on a marble when I put weight on my bad leg. PT thinks it's due to the perennial nerve issues as well. Great, just keep adding new issues to deal with as if the knee alone  isn't enough hahaha.

The shoulder continues to give me issues and will more than likely get worse until I am off the crutches. I am not worried about it though since I know I will have surgery as soon as the knee is as good as it's going to get and  we know there will be no more procedures in the near future.  :D What a happy day that will be!!!!!

One issue that I am having that scares me is that when I stand for short periods of time my knee turns purple and swells. If anyone has experienced that, HELP. It's freaking me out. OS thinks the lymph nodes are not draining when I stand but isn't sure. One time it was so dark it almost looked black.

I guess that's it for this week. As always feel free to ask questions or just vent to me. I know it has certainly helped me to have a person or people on here who get it.  [email protected]

Hope the green isn't annoying.  I needed a change of pace lol.

Jenni ;D
Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on February 16, 2012, 10:48:15 PM
I made it to the gym today for the first time ;D ;D. I was so happy. I drove with my left foot. It's only a couple miles and all back roads. I rode the bike for 25 min with no resistance and did some very light upper body lifting with the machines. I can't believe how exhausted I am lol. All this sitting around has made me out of shape hahahaha. I am feeling some pain in the knee but not joint line pain so that's good. The entire leg is achey but I expected that as 25 minutes on the bike is the most activity it's had in 2 1/2 months. I did split up the time though. I rode for 15 minutes. Then I lifted and went back to the bike for another 10. We will see how I feel tomorrow.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on February 21, 2012, 09:38:26 PM

Is it really week 12 and I am still on crutches?  This is so frustrating!  I need to get away someplace warm and sunny and rejuvenate lol. I see the OS tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what he has to say.

I have gone to the gym a few times in the last week to ride the recumbent bike. I have also done some very light upper body weight lifting with the machines. It has been good for my mind to get to the gym. Today was tough as someone from work was at the gym. They wouldn't even speak to me and looked at me with disgust. I know the look, the "why are you here if you can't come to work" look. What they don't get is that I am at the gym for an hour at most, and go home to take pain meds, elevate the leg and ice for the remainder of the day. I don't have a desk job, I'm in law enforcement. I beg the dr to let me go back each time I see him but if he says no its out of my hands. The judgement of others is very frustrating.

I was a little discouraged yesterday at PT. When she measured my ROM it had decreased 2 degrees. I know that isn't a biggie but I was hoping for a gain to 120. Instead I was at 110. I have been working so hard on that so I was bummed.

I will make a note tomorrow on how the OS says things are. I would like to get off the crutches and out of the brace. We will see.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on February 22, 2012, 09:22:35 PM
So I went to see my OS today. As I said last month, he was happy so I guess I should be. The problem with that is that I want to be better right now!  He will be monitoring the pain I am having under my knee cap a little more closely. A this point he thinks it is from scar tissue and swelling. He believes that the issues I am having with the peroneal nerve will heal on their own. I am supposed to continue to stimulate the nerves by rubbing something prickly on the leg. The joint line pain he says is just from the leg not being ready for the extra weight bearing so just keep backing off when I hit that point. So that means stay on the crutches  :'(.

He does want me out of my huge locking brace and has given me a prescription for a custom brace. I can't wait to say goodbye to this beast and get something new and lightweight.  ;D

He is also having me start on PT for my shoulder again as it has gotten so bad being on the crutches.

I am still out of work. My Sgt.s were not real pleased with this but it is out of my hands. I go back in five weeks so we will see if I can get back to work in April.

He also mentioned that he will be doing an MRI to check progress in a couple of months.

So no bad news just wish it was great news lol.

As always feel free to contact me. [email protected]

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on February 28, 2012, 04:04:48 AM

Not much change this week. I swear the recovery from allograft surgery on the femoral condyles of the knees is like watching grass grow. I am adding more weight to my knee when getting around but then have to back off to no weight. This is the regular routine every day. The more I stand during the day the worse my leg feels. If I am up for more than ten minutes it still turns purple.  I would really like that to go away. I can fell a change happen in my leg as soon as it starts turning color. Not sure why I feel it but it's a strange feeling.

I still have issues with the peroneal nerve but it may be slightly better. I am not sure because it is so slight I am not sure if it's in my head lol ???

I am still waiting for my new knee brace to come in. They said it should be here by this week. I am so excited to get out of this huge weight on my leg. You would think post op braces would be lighter.

I am continuing PT on my leg and have also started PT on my shoulder. I want them to add weight to my leg exercises but nope not yet. They say I am getting close though so that's good. Still only ROM exercises for now.

I spent all day Saturday out running errands with the family and by the end of the day the knee was swollen massively. I need to limit my activity still obviously.

That's it for this week.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on March 07, 2012, 01:02:18 AM

Well I've hit week 14 in recovery and I am still on these stupid crutches. I am pushing myself to get off of them in the next week or so. I am so sick of them. Besides that, because of my SLAP tear in my shoulder I am having a hard time with them. While on vacation last week my shoulder popped out partially twice making using crutches nearly impossible.

On a positive note, I received my new knee brace this week. I am so excited. It is way smaller and because it was custom made I got to pick the color. Of course I chose pink lol. I don't think I have ever seen anyone with a pink knee brace and I love that it's unique  ;D.

I have not been to PT since last Monday because we went out of town and then this week I have caught another cold. Hoping to be feeling better so that I can get to PT on friday.

I don't go back to OS for 4 more weeks so I am hoping for some serious improvement between now and then.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on March 20, 2012, 02:59:00 AM

Ooops. I missed a week. There wasn't much to report anyway. Still trucking along with physical therapy. They have added two pound weights to my leg for some of the activities but not many. I am still using two crutches in public but around the house I try to use only one. I think I am nervous to stop using them since I still get that darn joint line pain. Is this normal? For those of you who read this and have had the surgery is that normal?

One thing that worries me a little is that my tibia is still painful to the touch where they put the screw in on the MCL reconstruction. It's not as worrisome as the joint line pain but worrisome none the less.

I popped my shoulder out partway again last week. This last time has been the worst. I am wearing a brace to help give it some stability until I can have surgery.

I see the dr in two weeks. I hope I am off the crutches by then.

Thats the update for know. As always feel free to contact me with any questions. I am always share.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on April 02, 2012, 09:15:36 PM

Well the updates are spreading out as there is not much change happening these days.  I have been able to add light weight (2-3 lbs) on some of my activities at PT. That makes me happy. I am also down to one crutch. I tried using my cane but I can't do stairs yet with it so just sticking to the crutch for now. I see my OS on Wed and I am going to ask him for a bone scan. I honestly believe that the surgery did not take. I hope I am wrong. I still have joint line pain with every step I take. The more weight I put on it the worse the pain. The same pain I have always had. Here's to hoping it's just still healing.

The shoulder has stabilized a bit with the brace. I am hoping to have the shoulder repaired in the next month or two. I think even if I am still using one crutch I could do that with the shoulder surgery. Hopefully I will be using the cane soon though.

I am still very concerned about the pain under the knee cap. Has anyone had that after this surgery and if so what caused it?

I also would like answers for why my tibia is hurting so much. I can only assume it is from the screw. Who knows.

I will update after I visit my OS.

As always feel free to ask any questions. I would love to help   

Jenni  ;D
Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on April 04, 2012, 09:28:04 PM
So I saw my OS today. He was pleased that I am still making progress but doesn't like that it is so slow. There is still a lot of inflammation within the joint. He is going to give it another month and if still inflamed he will inject knee with something.

He says x-rays show everything looks good. We will see in a few more months.

He won't fix my shoulder until I am no longer using a crutch. I am only using one but he wants the knee to be healed enough to not need it before working on my shoulder. I am bummed but I get it.

I should feel encouraged but I don't. I just want to be better now!

Jenni :P
Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on April 16, 2012, 10:14:35 PM

Major setback alert!!!!!   :'( So Easter weekend I was using one crutch walking around the grocery store and my knee popped. That caused intense pain and forced my hubby to carry me to the truck. My knee swelled up like a ballon.

So now I am back to using two crutches sitting on the coach and icing. I am sick to death of this. I can not believe that this is happening again. I am praying that it was no big deal and that the swelling and such will go down soon.

Because I am back on two crutches my shoulder is killing me. I need this mess to be over. My SGT at work is getting impatient I can tell. He was asking me if I have any idea when I will be back.

Someone tell me that this will get better some day. Please!!!!

As alway feel free to contact me at any time.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on April 19, 2012, 07:33:16 AM
Well the train keeps picking up speed as it roles backwards down the hill. My OS just told me to stop all PT until I see him next week. Continue no weight and sitting on my butt with ice on knee. As little activity as possible for another week. This just keeps getting worse.

It's always darkest before the dawn right. Isn't that how the saying goes lol. Trying to keep a positive outlook but it's getting more difficult with each setback.

I will post after I see my OS

Has anyone had experience with injections. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on April 30, 2012, 09:41:38 PM

I saw OS last week and had an MRI on Friday. I will find out the results on Wed. SInce my swelling has gone down the OS gave me permission to start trying to get off crutches again. I just have to be sure to ice and elevate when I'm not up. I have worked back to just using one crutch. I would like to be off the other ASAP. The problem with that is that it keeps catching and giving away and I don't want to fall on my face lol.

I am starting to drive again so I am thinking I may try going to the club to ride the bike. I just hate going and seeing people from work though because they judge me and don't get that I am doing PT things and that is it.

I want to take my dogs for a walk. We finally get some sun  8) and I want to go out and enjoy it. Does anyone else share the frustration of being unable to perform the little tasks that make life fun like walks.

I will update with MRI results on Wed.

Title: Re: MFC allograft & reconstruction of MCL finally had surgery
Post by: Sam451 on May 02, 2012, 08:30:10 PM
Well the MRI looked good apparently. ???  I am torn between being happy that it looks good and upset because I wanted it to show a reason for my pain. A little background, prior to any surgery I had two different MRI's that showed no damage in my knee and when the OS finally went in to see what was going on he found a mess that the MRI didn't show.  He believes that the pain could be coming from the bone grafts fusing. If there is still pain in three weeks when I go back we will talk about injections.

I really am happy for the positive results but at the same time I do not trust them. I guess I will just keep on doing what I am doing. He did tell me I could stop wearing my brace. He said that the MCL was strong so that was good news. I will try to stop using the one crutch this week. Hoping all that will help strengthen the leg again.

That's all for now. As always, feel free to ask me questions.  ;D