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Title: trochlear groove oats pain @ 3 weeks
Post by: j_escape21 on November 21, 2011, 10:58:08 PM

I had one 8mm plug taken from the upper lateral outside of the articular cartilage and placed in the trochlear groove.
About in the middle.  Besides having a lot of compensation pain, I've had very little pain in the area of extraction and placement.
This location was close to the area I had pain pre-surgery. I got to the point I could keep my foot down most of the day
without very much extra pain.

From the beginning I was aloud 50% partial weight bearing.  I did a new exercise 3 days ago and was on my feet a little more than normal.
From that night to today my knee has really been hurting in the location of extraction and placement.  I cut out exercises until today when I went to a therapist.  The therapist stretched my IT band and pushed on the incision which felt like a knife being placed in the knee. He thought it could have something to do with the scar adhesions but it was moving. Now I can't put the ace bandage on without my foot going numb and my knee really hurts at that location.  If I put my knee down, my foot starts hurting.  Anybody else? I was standing always with my knees slightly bent with 50% load because it hurt to completley straighten it. 
Thanks in advance....