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Title: ACL pain
Post by: Gaz9977 on October 24, 2011, 09:34:18 PM
Hello everyone ;)...just wondering if anyone could give me some advice.
   Basically im 4 months post op(ruptured acl,hamstring graft),Knee itself feels fine,very little pain and feels strong.But im having constant pain in my tibia,i have 2 insertion points under my knee,one where the graft is attached and one in the center of my tibia(i was told my bone was too long ???).The pain can get quite bad depending on what im doing,which causes me to limp(knee gets stiff)...Has anyone had any experience with this problem?,ive read some people have there screws removed,but how long after the original op do you wait before they can be removed(if needed) chomping at the bit to get back playing rugby and i feel that this is really slowing my progress :(......Id appreciate any help on this matter,cheers

Title: Re: ACL pain
Post by: Gaz9977 on October 26, 2011, 07:23:18 AM
No one's had this problem? :'(...I'm know it's still early days,im just worried.