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Title: Are my symptoms consistent with "normal" partial acl/meniscus damage
Post by: Honeybunch on October 17, 2011, 09:36:07 PM
Hi guys. I am so down my knee is only getting worse. Booked an apointment with my doctor to get MRI results a week ago and still have a week to go. Also scheduled PRP consult next week and injections for 2 weeks from now. Been taking glucosamine and fast joint care+ for 18 days now. I can make my knee click and it's clicking less now, its only ever clicked about 10 times audibly

11 weeks ago I initially bashed my knee sideways. There was a tiny bruise which went away soon but my knee hurt at rest but not in the morning. I limp-walked and was able to work a bit with a little pain afterwards (bartender on my feet). 3 weeks into the injury I saw my sports inj specialist who made me do squats because it didnt hurt.
After i left my knee throbbed/tightened up in intense pain every few seconds for half hour. I waited 10 days to see him again and this time did hamstring excersizes - FULL BODY weight bearing on both knees separately.

He diagnosed me with minor meniscus sprain yet worked me out harder than ever. It didnt hurt at the time but next day knee was raw. It gradually got worse until stiffness and crutches and wobblyness. I never got x ray or ultrasound results but the MRI guy was Russian so he showed me the imaging and said he's surprised I'm on crutches and it doesn't look like it warrants a surgery at all, but also to wait for the radiologists real reading. I saw partial acl/meniscus and potential pcl tear.

I'm at 11 weeks, I studied last night sitting for hours and this morning excruciating crying pain inside my knee in bed. Hot bath helped get rid of pain but it is back and SEVERE. All from sitting for 5 hours straight. I've been in pain on and off for almost 3 mnths now and it spreads all around my knee but the medial pain scares me.

I've done alot of research and haven't quite read that others are in this much pain all the time. I am limping so horribly around my apt and was wondering if I should stick to crutches if the limping is minimal. Can I further damage it by weight bearing? When I found out pt hurts and it needs to excersize to heal better I started on my stationary bike a week ago and leg lifts /hip and the like excersize. If I have pain I stop.. Should I keep excersizing if pain is manageable?

Also at first I couldn't straighten my leg, now I can hyperflex it w minimal pain and NEED to sleep on my right side with a pillow between legs. Injured my left knee, I am not an athlete, 23 y o, female, and I love to dance. I want stairs n dancing to my favorite beats not to hurt. Also NO surgery.

Please tell me if this is similar to your experiences with your ligaments/cartilage and if I'll ever be able to walk again. The prp injections in 2 weeks are the only thing keeping me going. I haven't worked in over 2 mnths and yeah... Fml. Which should I use for pain ice or heat lamp? Can I just keep it heated all the time ?

I'm also terrified to see another PT as it's $90 and I don't want them to break me again :'(. But if necessary I will spend all my money to fix it. NO surgery. Lastly, the crutches cause my other knee to really scare me because it's not feeling normal at times anymore =\

Thanks guys

Title: Re: Are my symptoms consistent with "normal" partial acl/meniscus damage
Post by: Audice on October 21, 2011, 12:26:39 PM
K ~ I'm sorry to hear you're having so much difficulty with your knee but what you ask is a tough one to answer. It appears all people have a different reaction to a knee injury of the sort.

I did extensive damage to my right knee in 2005 & a month after the accident I was back riding my horse. It was recommended that I have a knee brace made, which I did, & I found that to be very helpful that first year. Thereafter I rarely used it.

I couldn't straighten my leg completely for a number of years but I can now. I think we all handle that sort of injury differently but I do know that sitting still for long periods of time does result in a stiff knee. Often I'll start walking my dogs & be in some pain but the longer I walk the more fluid my knee becomes & to this day my knee is swollen at night.

I don't know what to tell you other than to keep pushing for answers & I wish you the best.
Title: Re: Are my symptoms consistent with "normal" partial acl/meniscus damage
Post by: Honeybunch on October 21, 2011, 08:17:55 PM
Ok sounds like you didn't opt for surgery that's good. Do braces provide more stability?

You think I can walk on it gently without causing further damage? Gently I mean no jerking or sudden movements. I'm accustomed to limping, it feels natural. Walking normal does not, not even sure if that causes pain.

Did your acl hurt all the time? My knee hurts 75% of the time I'm wondering if that's just torn ligament aches.
And my good knee is *#$&ED!!!! So scared.

Thanks for it reply
Title: Re: Are my symptoms consistent with "normal" partial acl/meniscus damage
Post by: Audice on October 22, 2011, 12:15:04 AM
You asked..."Do braces provide more stability?"

No brace will supply 100% support & certainly a custom brace is apt to be of more support than one that's OTC have to know what you're dealing with before you summarily buy a brace. If the tool doesn't fit the situation, it's not going to work. Your doctor will have to advise you about the type of brace he or she believes will be of benefit.

"You think I can walk on it gently without causing further damage?"

I may be a fatalist here but I'm of the opinion that once you've started breaking down parts of your knee, you're more apt to continue doing damage. That being said, I set about walking within days of my injury. I left the dogs at home - no walking them because I wanted to concentrate on getting myself back in shape. I walked slowly at first then started covering more varied terrain than a level surface & even went so far as to do hills both forward & backwards.

By the time I saw my OS two weeks post injury I was walking w/o a limp although my knee was still very swollen. I found after being on my feet all day & working with horses, that my knee was more apt to buckle. So the brace became important at that time. I really worked at not limping..

 "Did your acl hurt all the time?"

The ACL was gone so I don't believe the pain I was feeling was from it. I believe it was more local to the meniscal damage. The lack of ACL just caused the knee to be less stabile.

A partial ACL tear won't heal because the blood supply to it is so minimal & there's every possibility that over time a partial tear will become a complete tear. But lots of people, especially those who aren't involved in a sport that requires abrupt sideways movement, live active lives w/o an ACL. I was told, because of my age, that I would not be offered reconstruction but at any time the menisci damage got to be more than I could deal with, my OS would "scope & clean." So far I'm not at that point. I can deal with the pain I have.