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Title: osteochondritis dissecans help please
Post by: bridaman51 on October 14, 2011, 02:37:26 PM
15 years ago I was diagnosed with OCD.  I had microfracture surgery at that point.  It was good for several years then the plug separated and I had a very large loose body in my knee.  I actually dealt with that for a few years before having surgery again when I was 25.  They removed the loose body and performed a second micro fracture.  Then when I was 28 (5 years ago) my knee gave out again and the pain came back.  I tried to deal with it but it got to bad and my knee started giving out all the time causing me often to fall down stairs and things like that.  I went in and the DR. told me that I had the knee of an 80 year old that it was in rough shape.  He actually brought up Total Knee Replacement as an option if I was much older but because I was still young that was not an option.  He then told me that he recommends doing the OATS procedure.  He said first he had to go in clean the knee up and see how big my lesion was.  When he got in there he found that my last micro fracture was pretty much still intact, but i had a very large cyst on my ACL which he said is what caused my instability and pain.  he removed the cyst and performed another micro fracture on the small area that was not healing as well as the rest.  He also told me that my lesion was 1.8 cm (I believe). 
Well here I am again 5 years later.  about a year (maybe a little longer) the knee started to ache again nothing to bad just annoying.  Well about 3 monthes ago I fell of a ladder and hurt the ankle on the other foot causing me to be completely non weight bearing on that foot and putting all the pressure on my bad knee.  Well needless to say my knee now is killing me.  It is very swollen and according to my family doctor a lot of soft tissue (which is what I thought was a deformity because it is hard and sticks way far out the side my knee).  There are times that I can barely walk.  I see the ortho on the 25.  I am just looking for advice, information of anyone with similar issues.  Is there any chance not to have surgery?  If I do have surgery is it possible to get another micro fracture or will they probably just recommend the OATS or something else? 
Title: Re: osteochondritis dissecans help please
Post by: bridaman51 on October 15, 2011, 08:04:34 PM
I am sorry I also meant to mention a new symptom I have been expierencing.  I have been having a really bad pain in the back of my knee when I straighten it out.  This did not happen before.  It is a pressure feeling like something is there not wanting me to straighten my leg.  Any ideas what this could be?