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Title: possible surgery again- advice needed
Post by: sarahgraham1990 on October 14, 2011, 08:53:36 AM
Hi all,

earlier this year i had surgery to remove the anterior horn of my lateral meniscus. Since then i have been having significant battles with stairs and bending for a long period of time. So went to see the orthopedic surgeon again he sent me off for another MRI... it found

- within the medial meniscus there is an ill defined signal change involving the superior aspect of the body. This is suspicious for a degenerative tear
- there is a minor surface fibrillation involving the lateral compartment cartilage
- within the patello femoral compartment there is cartilage narrowing medially, with associated marrow signal change in the medial patella, in keeping with localized chondromalacia
- there is a midline low signal structure which extends inferiorly from the Hoffa's fat pad region, in close proximity to the anterior inter-meniscal ligament. Its appearance is suggestive of a ligamentum muscosum which is thickened.

1. focal chondromalacia medially in the patello-femoral compartment
2. features of a small area of degeneration involving the superior aspect of the medial meniscus body.

My question is (as my surgeon is currently overseas) what does this mean.. is any of this really bad or is it all minor
And would surgery again be something i would be looking at, or is this all relatively minor?

Your help would be greatly appreciated