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Title: 4 years afterwards and massive pain
Post by: lcompton28 on October 09, 2011, 08:26:58 PM
Iím ashamed to admit but I had a full knee replacement 4 years ago.† At that time I did therapy and exercise as one should but noticed the kneed was stiff and would not bend.† I mentioned it to my surgeon, but was told talk aleve and ice and like a dummy I believed him.† Well today, I am in constant pain, I can not ride a bike (my knee does not bend to stay on the pedal), I can not swim like I use, I can not walk down steps, must do the one foot method, walking any distance it just stiffens.† I walk with a limp and have seen numerous doctors about this and they all told me they can not see anything wrong.† So okay maybe Iím nuts, but if I could find one to cut this leg off it would be done!† †And just the past few months my right hip/lower back has been in pain and I was told this is do to my knee and not walking correctly, my gate is off.† The pain is sharp and center around the knee and in back of the knee.† When I first get up after sitting for a while I can put no pressure on it and sometimes use a cain.† After a few steps the pain does lessen, but is still painful. I can not even bend the knee to 90 degrees and it no longer straightens completely.† †Has anyone else experienced this?† Any suggestions?† I fell robbed of my life and I can see this is beginning to put me into a depressive state.† Iím only 54 years old, not that young, but still not old enough to give up on life because of this.
Title: Re: 4 years afterwards and massive pain
Post by: kneepaincure on October 10, 2011, 02:03:59 AM
It sounds like scar tissue if your knee cannot be moved through the full range of motion.. If doctors say they can't find anything wrong despite your symptoms then you need to find a better one who will be able to help you live pain free. Don't give up, and look for the right doctor.