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Title: Help! Can't tell if ACL is torn, stretched or something else.....
Post by: elou on October 08, 2011, 08:05:04 PM
Please help!  Any advice is welcome.

In 1993, I tore my right knee ACL playing soccer when another player ran through my outstretched leg.  The injury was painful and my knee often slipped or "gave way" after that.  I had reconstructive surgery in 1999.  The knee is fairly solid now.

In 2008, I was playing soccer (again) and felt a pop in my left knee as I simply pivoted with no one around me.  There was no collision involved like my earlier knee injury.  My knee hurt after this, but it did not swell as much as the earlier knee injury.  An orthopedic doctor did a physical test (i.e., pulled and bent the knee) and diagnosed it as another torn ACL.  I did not do an MRI.

So here's the thing, the symptoms of this most recent knee injury (left knee) seem a lot different than the first knee injury (right knee), so I'm not sure if the ACL is actually torn in my left knee.  My left knee hasn't slipped or given way.  I can run, exercise, and dance.  I started playing soccer again (I know not smart) and my left knee feels loose in that it can stretch back further than the other knee.  In addition, I feel some pain behind the knee towards the outside.  I try not to put a lot of weight on it.  I'm wondering what is hurting in my knee if the ACL is fully torn?  And, why it feels stretched if it's completely torn?  Can someone help me with figure out what's going on?  My first torn ACL felt alot different than what's going on now.
Title: Re: Help! Can't tell if ACL is torn, stretched or something else.....
Post by: kneepaincure on October 10, 2011, 02:13:39 AM
Playing soccer with a bad knee is really a recipe for disaster. You may have torn your meniscus which also sometimes make a 'popping' sound. It's not possible to tell from your description what is going on as only a doctor will be skilled enough to do that.