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Title: can u please help me....results....and what is wrong still....
Post by: MR on October 07, 2011, 11:21:01 PM
postoperative diagnosis:
anterior synovectomy, ressection of plica, and debridement of patellofemoral joint

operative notes:

after receiving local anesthetic in the areas of the incision and sedation,the usual scope ports were created. the suprapatellar pouch appeared to be normal. the medial and lateral gutters appeared to be normal. the medial joint had a stable-appearing meniscus with no chondral changes. there is a large ligamentum mucosum, and this appeared to impinge with extension.this was excised with a shaver. laterally, the structures appeared to be in pretty good shape, apart from some slight softening of the cartilage. looking into the patelofemoral joint, there was a lose flap on the apex of the patella, which was removed with a shaver.medially and laterally the facets appeared to track well. there was quite a large medial plica which was ressected with a shaver.

i went to the GP and had to ask for some inflammartory pills, something in there is still swelling up...i work from 4-10 by 7pm i just want to cry i am forced to take baby steps from swelling in there...i work at a very busy store and i am up and down the ailses to cash all night...i had the surgery sept 12....and still feel something is becoming very inflammed in there...can you shine some light on this for me of why its still doing that....and what this report means...if things don't improve i am going to be forced to have my work hours lower and i can't afford GP prescibed 375mg of naproxen to take for the next 2 weeks til i see the surgeon on the 19th for a follow up app...i am a healthy 46 female that does not wear heels
Title: Re: can u please help me....results....and what is wrong still....
Post by: dm on October 08, 2011, 06:49:53 AM
It's normal to take anywhere from a minimum of 2-4 weeks to recover from a basic arthroscopy, without much major having been done besides "trim a bit" or "clean up some rough bits" kind of stuff. You're only around 3 weeks out, so it's barely enough time for the scope holes to heal up, and you've been back to work walking on it for a full shift for some time evidently.

My initial impression - too much too soon for the joint to heal from the surgical intrusion. Based on my experiences, and knowing what cashiering /convenience store work is like, I'd say you shouldn't have gone back to work for at least 2 weeks after the surgery, minimum, but could understand if you had little option if you wanted to keep the roof over your head.

However, you need to stay off that knee, elevate it, and ice it as much as possible, to work on getting the swelling down. If you gotta work, try to not stand with full weight on the leg when standing still, use a stool behind the register if at all possible, and pre-think your movements to minimize trips back and forth, if you have to walk somewhere, be efficient and take things with you both ways so you don't waste effort and can minimize the number of trips.

Speak to your boss about some ways you can take some stress off for a bit as your knee tries to heal, because it's not gonna if you can't cut it some slack.

Do things like keep some doubled zipper bags of ice in the breakroom freezer, grab a bag of ice as often as you can, even 5-10 min here and there when you are sitting doing paperwork or something, or on a break or lunch, is a help. Doubling bags helps with stopping leaks. You can even wrap a bag on under your pants with an elastic bandage, if you use a small handful of ice,put a paper towel under the bag, and let it soothe some as you walk, and toss it later, and reuse the elastic wrap with the next one.

Title: Re: can u please help me....results....and what is wrong still....
Post by: MR on October 09, 2011, 12:00:29 AM
thank you dm...i did take a week off when i had the surgery and everything seemed to be on the right track....til about 1 1/2 weeks ago i started to feel the inflammation in something is up...the pills seem to be working as that also tells me that there is inflammation in there again....but where and what is the million dollar ??/

can someone explain to me what a anterior synovectomy,and  large ligamentum mucosum, and this appeared to impinge with extension..what these 2 things mean.....thanks oh and what  lose flap on the apex of the patella, means as well thanks