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Title: Diagnosis - complete overhaul required?!!
Post by: fattusp on October 03, 2011, 09:25:31 PM
Hi all,

Ive been a member of this site for over 5 years since I ruptured my ACL on my right knee playing rugby in 2007.

Since then Ive had the following in summary:

Late 2007 ACL repair using patellar tendon
2008 ACL fail and cyclops legion
Mid 2008 cyst removed in knee
Late 2008 ACL repair using hamstring
mid 2009 pain on the inside of the knee
2 further operations and pain remains
June 2010 MACI graft on both sides of the joint
Returned to basic activity December 2010
January 2011 pain on inside of knee returns
February 2011 operation shows graft was fine,source of pain unknown

So.... My issue is that the pain is back with a vegence. Ive seen my surgeon once a month for the last 3 months because of what can only be described as a stabbing on the inside of the knee down the joint line. Had an x-ray and MRI last week, surgeon said there is only a slight growth of bone on the inside that “might” be causing the pain. Im now at the stage where I cant walk to work and the shooting pain is nearly constant on walking. It seems to be only on full extension  which makes sense as the pain is focused at the top inside of the joint.

So here is where I need help! Im out of ideas!

Does anyone know a good knee clinic in the Uk can can perform a detailed analysis of my knee or something? I feel so lost after so long. The knee is in good condition but this has stopped me going further than basic exercise for 5 years.

If anyone has had similar problems or even better if anyone can suggest where I can turn to next id be really grateful!!
My surgeon wants to operate again but ive had so many ops. I don’t mind another op but I want to make sure the problem is being tackled, not just hit and miss!

Thanks everyone!


Title: Re: Diagnosis - complete overhaul required?!!
Post by: Kaputt_Knee on October 03, 2011, 09:47:49 PM
Hi Tom,

Sorry to see you have not got this sorted out yet! Have you tried at the London Knee Clinic or Droitwich Knee Clinic yet? They led the field in specialist knee clinics.

Another thought is that the pain could be referred, I.e. The source is elsewhere. I had problems with pain which was ignored or I was told it was muscle imbalance or I was too sensitive! Turned out I had a postereo-lateral corner injury that had been completely overseen in the original diagnosis and ignored by all except my current surgeon. He found that the LCL was completely torn off and that a fracture of the fibula head had been missed, it healed badly and trapped the nerves in the process. The inflammation triggered scar tissue that squeezed the nerves causing me to have ever increasing pain. It was a shooting pain that increased in intensity as the time went on. It bought tears to my eyes when it triggered. Luckily for me during my first examination by the current surgeon, something triggered it and he was able to see and feel the effect.

Good luck with your search, I hope you get some answers soon.


PS where you at the Wies'n again this year? Been fantastic weather this year and a record amount of beer drunk, over 7.5 million Litres!
Title: Re: Diagnosis - complete overhaul required?!!
Post by: fattusp on October 04, 2011, 09:58:37 PM
Thanks Sue.

I actually spoke to my surgeon again today. He wants to operate asap. Like you im concerned somethings being overlooked. Hes a very good surgeon but I just need this diagnosed!

Maybe I should consider seeing your surgeon?!!

Didnt make it this year, maybe next tho!