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Title: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Jack32 on September 15, 2011, 01:51:34 PM
Hello everyone,

I was unfortunately assaulted a couple of weeks ago, which resulted in a partial tear of my ACL and damage to the meniscus of my left knee. I am yet to see an OS, but have had an MRI scan that has confirmed my injuries and have been referred onto an NHS OS.

I recently got promoted at work which included private medical insurance (BUPA) as part of my benefit package. Im wondering if anyone had any advice on which OS I should make an appointment with privately rather than play the waiting game on the NHS.

Sorry to create such a general thread, BUPA or my GP havenít been much help in offering much guidance on who I should see within the West Midlands.

Any help would be appreciated.

Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: WonkeyDonkey on September 15, 2011, 02:02:29 PM
Hi Jack32

Check to make sure your private insurance is in place and then decide who you want to see in your area. Search for a Knee specialist within the BUPA website, and on NHS hospital websites in your area, even try Dr Foster UK Medical website, you may be seen next week privately, or next year on the NHS. Sometimes it is the same OS either way, but privately you can make the choices and get appointments etc quicker. If you are in pain etc, be seen asap.

Sorry I don't know much about OS' in your area but other members of KG may be able to recommend some. Check out some of the other threads on here.

Good luck with your knee

Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Vickster on September 15, 2011, 02:12:38 PM
Lottiefox and Clarkey are in the Midlands, they will probably be along with some names
There is an orthopaedic specialist centre in Birmingham - I'd be looking at the CVs of their consultants, also look here - there are detailed profiles for more surgeons listed

I think Clarkey has seen Mr Green

If you have Bupa and any excess is affordable (and it doesn't count as a pre-existing condition etc), you may as well make use of the perk IMO (you'll be paying for it through taxation)

Good luck :)

Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Clarkey on September 15, 2011, 05:44:23 PM
Hi Jack,

As Vickster pointed out I live in Birmingham as well and had a problem with my right knee for some time and ended up having key hole surgery at the Birmingham Royal Orthpaedic Hospital on the Bristol Road near Northfield also is known as the Woodlands Hospital. They opened a brand new out patients Department in May and is very modern and up to date and better then some of ther private hospitals in Birmingham the consultation rooms & facilities.

I was under the care of Mr Marcus Green who one of the top knee surgeons in Birmingham and the UK and found it very easy to talk to him and takes his time to listen to your concerns and does have a funny side to him and has a dry sense of humour.

If your work covers your medical insurance then it would be best to see Mr Green Privately

The best Hospital to go and see Mr Green is at the Birmingham Knee & Shoulder Clinic based at the BMI The Priory Hospital in Edgbaston just up the road from Edgbaston Cricket Club who has treated some of the Warwickshire players and other professional sports men and women.

Mr Duncan Learmonth & Mr Samir Massoud also work at the Clinic and should be just as good just not as well known as Mr Green.

Another good OS you can see but never seen him myself and have been told he is very good and worth seeing him for knee surgery is Mr Martyn Snow who aslo works at the Birmingham Royal Orthpaedic Hospital and BMI The Edgbaston Hospital. He no longer works at The Priory as I was going to see him for a 2nd opinion but thankfully my knee got better and was told he no longer works at The Priory by his Secretary.

Also can look at the list of recommended OS's on KG on the link below!

Good luck in finding a suitable OS for your knee injury and keep us updated with your progress.

Nick :) {2011} :)
Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Lottiefox on September 15, 2011, 06:36:24 PM
Depends how far you want to travel but Tim Spalding at the BUPA Leamington Spa hospital has a good reputation in knees. He has treated some KG members.

Make sure your insurance covers you - sometimes they have links with certain hospitals so might need to send you to e.g. a BUPA or a BMI etc.

As Clarkey says, Mr Green also has a good reputation with all things knee and going privately should secure that you actually see him not a registrar.

Good luck,

Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Jack32 on September 15, 2011, 06:45:01 PM

Thanks all for your quick responses.

I have called BUPA today and they said that im covered although the excess on my policy is £200 (I feel itís a small price to pay to get my knee sorted sooner rather than later)

I just need to bite the bullet' and choose an OS - Mr Green and his colleagues at the BMI The Priory Hospital in Edgbaston and Martyn Snow are names that keep popping up in the small amount of research that ive done.

Got another appointment with a different GP on Monday, im going to run the names of the OS's past him and see if they have good reputations from their point of view.

Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Clarkey on September 16, 2011, 10:22:27 AM
Hi Jack,

Good idea to ask your GP about which OS to go and see and would recommend seeing either Mr Green or Mr Snow as they would by my 2 choices if I ever had to see an OS again in the future if my knee started playing up again.

Lottie is right that you will only get operated by Mr Green if you go private rather then NHS. I had my knee surgery done by one of Mr Green's Registrar's at the Birmingham Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and would have prefered that Mr Green did the surgery.

Arrange for a consultation at the Priory Hospital to see Mr Green when you see your GP on Monday as I was really impressed with the way he handled my right knee injury and can only praise the guy.

Nick :) {2011} :)
Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Jack32 on September 27, 2011, 11:28:55 AM
My GP highly recommended Mr Green, I've booked an consultation for this thursday..........things are moving at last!!
Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Clarkey on September 27, 2011, 05:28:39 PM
Hi Jack,

Good luck with your consultation with Mr Green you will not be disappointed as he is a really nice guy and easy to talk and have nothing negative to say againt him, only positive things. Are you are seeing him at his private clinic as if you see him on the NHS you may only see his Registers as I did which I was not happy about at the time and only saw him at The Priory for my 1st consultation then went to the Royal Orthpaedic for treatment and was not operated by him which I would have preferred, he got his Register to do it instead that often happens on the NHS so is best to go private if you want a top OS to do your surgery.

Nick :) {2011} :)

Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Jack32 on September 28, 2011, 10:39:11 AM

I have company medical insurance with BUPA so its going the be a private consultation, I would expect Mr Green to perform any surgery if necessary.

Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Jack32 on September 30, 2011, 01:42:46 PM
Update on my consultation yesterday.............

Mr Green confirmed what I knew already, I will have to have some sort of procedure to resolve the bucket handle tear of my medial meniscus. Although i only have a partial tear of my ACL, Mr Green said that MRI's are not always conclusive, I will have to 'trust him' to make a judgement call when his sorting out my meniscus tear if i need to have a ACL reconstruction using a hamstring graft.

Not looking forward to surgery, but its a 'needs must' scenario as my knee is locked due to the bucket handle tear. On a positive note, Mr Green made me feel very relaxed, listened to my concerns and explained the potential procedures that I'm going to face.

Thanks for the advise on the OS guys, surgery provisionally booked for the 7th October!† †


Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Clarkey on October 01, 2011, 03:16:15 PM
Hi Jack,

Really pleased for you that your consultation went well with Mr Green and are in the best hands under Mr Green one of the UKs best knee and shoulder surgeons. No one looks forward to surgery and bound to feel a little nervous and anxious and will be over before you know it. If you waited for surgery on he NHS would have to wait 18 weeks like I had too and lucky that you are able to go private as you know Mr Green will be doing the surgery.

Nick :) {2011} :)
Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: ravick on October 02, 2011, 05:28:07 AM
Hi Jack,

You might check out the Arp wave (, which would enable you to avoid surgery entirely.† It is approved by the FDA and is in use by many professional athletes for similar injuries.†

The short recovery time, and the fact that it repairs things without surgery will help get your life back on track without compromising your knee, which is unfortunately what surgery does.

Best wishes!

Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Kaputt_Knee on October 02, 2011, 08:00:49 AM

the original poster has a bucket-handle tear in the meniscus - it cannot be healed as there is no blood supply in the centre of the meniscus!

Before spamming like this at least learn a little more about the anatomy of the knee.  ::) Two posts, both in areas where ARP Wave would NOT benefit the patient.

Sue  ;)

Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Jack32 on October 09, 2011, 03:54:23 PM
Well, I've been discharged from hospital after undergoing an ACL replacement and meniscus repair. So far, so good, although the leg brace takes a little getting used to and remembering to take my pain relief on in time is something that i need to keep on top of (believe you and me, the pain if left unmanaged properly can be very uncomfortable) Overall, the stay in hospital, surgeon and nursing staff were excellent. They all made me feel very relaxed and made all effort to answer any question and remove any doubts i had about having the procedure. Im glad to say I'm past the surgery stage and its all about the rehab now. Its good to finally be able to straighten my leg for the first time in 6 weeks!!!
Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Clarkey on October 09, 2011, 04:23:12 PM
Hi jack,

That was very quick from seeing Mr Green to going under the knife and had to wait 18 weeks for my surgery on the NHS and may consider taking out private medical insurance in the future as there no long waits if you do need surgery like on the NHS. You had one of the best knee surgeon's in the UK doing the surgery rather then a registrar.

The surgery part is over that is not as bad as people make it out to be now the hard works starts keeping on top of your PT and recovering from the surgery. Its a slow and painful process and will get there in the end and will recover from it. Good luck with your rehab!

Nick :) {2011} :)
Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Jack32 on October 09, 2011, 04:44:38 PM
Thanks Clarkey,

I was surprised at the turn around from consultation to surgery also.

This is my first experience of the private route and I must admit I was impressed with the standard of care that I received by Mr Green and his team at the Priory in Birmingham. I don't envy your 18 week wait for surgery (6 weeks on crutches was long enough for me) so I would recommend private medical insurance if you can afford it especially where knees are involved (although pre-existing conditions are usually not covered on most policies)

I must admit, I was nervous about surgery, I just kept on telling myself that i must go through with it in order that I can walk properly again. This mindset plus (as stated previously) the excellent care that I received by the staff at the Priory helped to put my mind at rest. Before i knew it, the whole procedure was over, I was tucking into a rather nice fish dinner whilst watching the England football game on TV, shouting at Rooney for being sent off!

Title: Re: Which Orthopaedic Specialist?
Post by: Clarkey on October 11, 2011, 05:32:42 PM
Hi Jack,

I found the surgery was the easy part as you are asleep through out the surgery and when you wake up the pain starts to kick in. Keeping on top of your PT can be hard at times as it painful to go through it but is well worth going through as you will feel the benefits in the long run.

I also found Mr Green and his team excellent at the Birmingham Royal Orthpaedic Hospital and cannot fault the NHS except for the 18 weeks wait which you have to expect from a free health service.

Nick† :){2011} :)