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Title: Two Torn meniscus surgerys still in Pain anyone had denervation surgery
Post by: marco4432 on August 13, 2011, 07:27:03 PM

I have had two torn menesus surgeries still in pain Ortho Doc says menesiiscus is fixed, still in PAIN, going to have surgery on friday for Denervation basically Doc will try to find pinched nerves cut them and plant them in to muscle, this is a new procedure only a few Doctors in the US do this surgery , Last week Doc gave me nerve block injections and I was pain free for 12 hours felt like a miricale to be pain free anyone had this surgery done or has information on this topic currently taking Ms contin, norco Lyrica lidoderm patches Cymbalta nothing works

Title: Re: Two Torn meniscus surgerys still in Pain anyone had denervation surgery
Post by: subwayknees on August 13, 2011, 10:46:14 PM
Marco,  Could you do me a favor, either online or in a message I would like to know which doctor you used for the surgery.  I am in chronic pain and have few options, even considering amputation.  I have  looked into Denervation surgery six months ago, and then i could only find a handful of plastic surgeons who did this new surgery.  None  of the doctors I contacted then including the largest group, the dellion institute accepted any insurance and it was very expensive, over $25,000.  I actually posted in the winter about learning of it and thought it was worth looking into.  I did mention it to one doctor and he was not to up on the idea, he felt that if the nerves were cut or actually removed which is what the Dellon Group does, with no pain at all you would have no warning signs that anything was worse with the knee.  He also said that although it might help the pain it would do nothing to solve the problems, in my case a loose prothesis and major neve damage and unstable knee, and eventually th knee would simply get to the point where it would not support the leg.  I have no idea if the was correct because I never spoke to the doctors who did the actual surgery.  It would be great if I and maybe others would know whee you had this done especially if the doctor accepted insurance.  My insurance would not repay me at all for any doctor who did not accept insurance, so the entire surgery would be out of pocket.  For a while and thought about it anyway, but since it is so new I decided to holfd off  while.  I am going to New York to the Hospital For Special Surgery for a consult in October.  The only doctors I coul find who did the surgery were in Maryland, Los Angles, The Dellon Institute which has several locations, and another doctor in Boston.  I tried John Hopkins, Univ of Virginia Med Cnter, Georgetown Univ. etc and a number of centers on the east coast and could not find anyone.  Is the doctor you are using an orthopedic surgeon or a plastic surgeon, because last year I could only find Plastic Surgeons who did the procedure.  Thank you so much