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Title: 1st consult with Dr. Teitge, need advice!
Post by: marcie_15 on August 02, 2011, 05:58:09 PM
Hi all,
I have been lurking around, posted once last year, but have finally taken the plunge and made an appointment to be evaluated by Dr. Teitge! I have been under the care of a terrific hip surgeon in Detroit and he is not as keen to look at my knees (I have lower limb malalignment as well as hip dysplasia). So I'd like to get a second opinion done with Dr. Teitge and see if my hip guy is right and I have no further issues ( tendinitis in his opinion) or if there is more that I can do for my twisted legs.
I guess I'd like to know what to expect for a first consult with Dr . T, do I need to bring previous xrays, surgical reports, etc? Will I have all the xrays, CT scans done that day seeing him? I live 4 hrs away and don't want to keep driving back down, although worth the drive I hear.

A little about me, I'm a 30 yr old RN, been twisted (left worse than right) since a baby, got worse as I grew. Pain in SI joints, hips, knees, shins, and ankles. I don't have flat feet, I do have femoral anteversion, squinting patellas, and external tibial torsion. I was told by my dysplasia surgeon I am not considered miserablly malaligned, but do have severe malalignment due to the hips. I have had hip osteotomies and scopes to correct the hip issues but the knees/ankles still cause me grief. I'm not necessarily looking for Dr. T to suggest surgery, but more just to get a better idea how to treat my malalignment so when I strengthen, I'm using my muscles correctly. Like many of you twistees, my knees don't face the same direction as my feet.
I'm also curious as to the degree of version in my femurs.

Any advice or tips would be greatly anticipated and welcome. Thanks so much!
Title: Re: 1st consult with Dr. Teitge, need advice!
Post by: Fathead D on August 02, 2011, 06:38:50 PM
Hi Marcie,

I had a consult with Dr T a few weeks ago so I can give you a complete rundown of what you can likely expect.  First piece of advice, be prepared to wait.  He was almost 2 hours late to see me.  I am told that is very normal.  The reason he is so late is that he takes a lot of time to talk to you and work you up.  He did a very comprehensive exam and then had me take a bunch of x-rays.  He then did another comprehensive exam after he reviewed the x-rays. 

I was sent for a CT Scan and couldn't get an appointment until 2 days later.  I had to drive back down (I am from Lansing) for the CT.  I am now waiting to go back at the end of the month for my follow-up.

He is very though and has a great bedside manner.  He walked me through everything and answered all my questions.  I would suggest bringing as many of your x-rays, CT scans, op notes, etc as you can.  The more info he has the better he can help you get better.
Title: Re: 1st consult with Dr. Teitge, need advice!
Post by: marcie_15 on August 02, 2011, 08:27:51 PM
Thank you so much! I'm really glad you took the time to reply. Do you have any idea if surgery is in the cards for you or do you think you can get away without it? I am used to very long wait times due to the popularity of my hip surgeon and the fact that he also spends a great deal of time with each patient. So I don't mind much:)
Another question, if anyone knows, why is there no information on medially tilted patellas? I have a medial tilt but no one can tell me anything about it.
Thanks again!
Title: Re: 1st consult with Dr. Teitge, need advice!
Post by: Fathead D on August 02, 2011, 08:44:12 PM
Your guess is as good as mine if I will need more surgery.  My guess is yes.  I have had 2 surgeries already and they were likely not needed.  Dr T said that I either have an excessively tight IT Band causing my knee to be thrown off or I have rotational issues due to a hip injury I had 20 years ago.  If it is the hip issues the surgery will be miserable.  If it is the IT Band, the surgery should be relatively easy.  I have to wait until the 30th to get the results of my rotational CT and the final diagnosis.  Either way, I feel like I am in good hands with Dr T.