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Title: A wee bit scared...any advice for a "knee newbie"?
Post by: aingeal on August 02, 2011, 02:52:33 AM
Hello:  I'll try to be brief and outline what's occurred so far.  Thanks for any input you'd have to whether I should "rush" insurance referral to Orthopaedist. Tripped & fell very hard on L knee about 5 weeks ago on barely covered concrete.  Knee swelled and took on a bruised color (more yellow and pink than typical bruising) almost immediately.  RICE applied about 30 minutes later {as soon as I closed the sliding glass door (had to keep indoor kitties in) and then repositioned the screen that I pushed out in the fall (S. CA & no A/C...had to get air flow again :))}.  Pain, well initially after the fall was ZOWWWIIIEEEE 10 and that's coming from someone who has an extremely high pain threshold....later very minimal, i.e. maybe 4 on my pain meter.  Did I rush to the, Did I go to an Urgent  Did I wait until Monday to call for an emergency appt with a local GP?  Yes.  Smart, probably not so brilliant at the time and especially now.  X-ray - abnormal.  MRI showed a chip out (from previous injury I was told).  Did I know about the previous "injury" - pesky pain threshold!  RICE, off work for about a wk or two until we could get MRI done, results, etc.  Then back to work with an ace bandage and crutches and driving - luckily an automatic.  Grocery shopping...yes, carrying groceries into house...yes...comes with the single classification. Got off crutches and out of ace bandage after about 2 weeks more and was resting in recliner.  I moved the left leg from a semi-bent position to stretched out.  Not good...felt a "pop" then heard a "snap" like a rubberband. Back to RICE then noticed a "ridge" coming from upper left outside knee and over the kneecap...hmmmm.  Tender to touch, still swelling, burning numbness at times under kneecap.  Back to GP after waiting for a week to get an appt.  He has referred me to an Orthopaedist which may take up to 10 days for insurance to clear.  Pain is there..dull, achy at times although can walk okay. Scared that I have partially torn a tendon.  Ideas folks?
Title: Re: A wee bit scared...any advice for a "knee newbie"?
Post by: dm on August 19, 2011, 02:08:01 AM
I'd say you need to have the ortho see the knee. Suspicious for torn meniscus and a few wrenched tendons/ligaments if you ask this non medical critter with a trashed knee of her own. Stay off it as much as you can in the meantime, and avoid anything strenuous with it, and loads of ice.
Title: UPDATE: A wee bit scared...any advice for a "knee newbie"?
Post by: aingeal on August 19, 2011, 05:01:46 AM

Okay...Ortho said he thought it was a blood vessel after he looked at a new set of x-rays then referred me to physical therapist.  After doing the evaluation, looking at the knee then feeling the "ridge" across the knee then looking at where the swelling was and looking at the anatomy book, the PT stated that she thought it was a split/torn LCL possibly.  We are going to do the icing and such pending her "figuring out" how to state back in notes that a MRI needs to be done without offending the Ortho.  You see, they both work for the same company  :( .  Pain today is at a 7 for me  :'( ..who has the high pain threshold.  Good thing that tomorrow is a "telework day".  I can prop it up in the recliner while working on the laptop. 
Title: Re: A wee bit scared...any advice for a "knee newbie"?
Post by: kittent1211 on October 08, 2011, 06:05:08 PM
Don't be afraid of offending the OS...we're talking about your knee and your quality of life.  You are the customer..remember that.  Go back to you OS and tell him with the PT said and ask for the MRI.  This thing is not going to just go away if you ignore it and may actually get a lot worse.  You need to put you in the #1 spot and not worry about hurting your OS's feelings.