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Title: Lateral Release Complications
Post by: jamesm11 on July 01, 2011, 01:47:51 PM
about 10 days ago i had a lateral release surgery at 21 years old.  I had tried rehab and everything else for about a year before i had the surgery.  Anyways, my surgery was incredibly painful.  After about a 5 days I was in such sever pain that I went to the ER.  The resident doctor aspirated my knee (released some blood) with a large needle and sent me home.  Four days later I was in such severe pain that I had to go back.  It turns out the resident forgot my name and didn't tell my surgeon that I had showed up to teh ER in pain.  They tried again to aspirate my knee but nothing came out.  Upon and X-Ray they found a blood clot the size of a baseball in my knee, causing pain and pressure.  I had to go into the OR immediately to get it removed.  This means that I had 2 knee surgeries in 8 days, not fun.

It turns out the doctor gave me the incorrect asiprin dosage, resulting in my blood clotting and the pain.  So I was wondering if anyone else had a similar complication?  If so, can you recommend any steps to improve the healing?  Two arthroscopic surgeries later and 6 incisions in my knee has left me in a lot of pain. 
Title: Re: Lateral Release Complications
Post by: Fathead D on July 01, 2011, 04:34:21 PM
Sorry you had to go through so much.  It sucks when doctors screw up.  I would be very carefull with your knee and ice the crap out of it and follow your doctor's instructions to the T.