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Title: Old severed cruciate ligament - new surgery advisable?
Post by: Oddbob on May 31, 2011, 10:25:32 PM
Hello good people, firstly im really sorry as im sure this is answered somewhere on the site but i havent being able to locate the information i need, however i hope this thread can be of some interest to others as well.

I had my left knee cap badly smashed and my cruciate/anterior ligaments (the lot i think )severed in an assault some 17 years ago. Took me about two years to get up and mobile again, very slow recovery. They did what they could with the ligaments but there was alot of damage to them.

Currently injured leg left is thinner and in my opinion slightly? weaker than right which wasnt broken. I wonder if by having ligaments rebuilt it will increase the size of my leg again, as i never had quads on my left leg now, only the right and outer sweep of my left thigh is clearly thinner than my right legs.

My knees are also rather fragile, i havent ever really being able to run on them for any distance without discomfort starting in them and I have to keep gym stuff low impact on them or i have alot of discomfort in them both the next day. Occasional discomfort in them during the day, espeically if im sitting down/driving/sedimentary for a prolonged period.

I lost some six stones weight last year Spinning - i cant recommend this enough for you guys but ensure your tutor knows about your injury as some circuits they do on the bikes such as jumps wont be for you.

And because of the above im wanting to be the best me I can be, is it worth having new surgery on my knee or should I count my lucky blessings that I dont have any significant problems with it after all this time?

Many thanks if you can give me your thoughts and opinions on this.

Title: Re: Old severed cruciate ligament - new surgery advisable?
Post by: Oddbob on June 02, 2011, 04:49:20 PM
Umm anybody......or re these sort of injuries am I just better off getting on with it?