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Title: Joining the RQT club
Post by: Hop a Long on May 18, 2011, 02:18:58 PM
Hi I'm Ed,
Had a slip and fall Wednesday May 5, 2011. I knew something was wrong before I hit the floor. Felt that pop and what felt like my left knee dislocate just as my knee gave out, had witnesses.  I had to straightened my leg out manually on the floor after the cramping stopped, and i must say was very painful.  I was helped up but could not put weight on the leg my leg.  Police officer offered to transport me to the Hospital but could not bend it to get it in the passager door. Went to hospital by ambulance, as usual they treated it like a knee sprain, screened my xray for obvious fx (none), gave me a knee immoblizer, crutches, and sent on my way with pain meds.  Was refered to Ortho. Surgeon could not go on Saturday or Sunday.  Went to Surgeon on Monday morning he requested MRI for conformation of which I and he already knew.  The buising was covering my knee by this time, and I could not extend my lower leg.  I will add at this time that my left knee was the good one, my right one was already a basket case with no cartilage and torm meniscus and painful to walk on as it was.  The Surgeon repaired my Left Rutured Quadricep Tendon on Thursday May 12, 2011.  Thanks to modern pain medicine I made it past the following three days which i will say was more painful then when I broke my right ankle and right collar bone in a motorcycle accident.  The original knee immobilizer was replaced with a more functional one after surgery. I go between the walker and crutches depending what I am doing.  I've started to back off the pain meds as much as I can, since my other knee hurts also. 
Title: Re: Joining the RQT club
Post by: Mikeydidit on May 18, 2011, 03:05:20 PM
Hang in there Hop a Long. The walker is a bit of a humbling device (dependent on age of course) but the bright side is you arms will be strong than they have been in a long time.. LOL I didn't think too highly of the one they handed me (thats putting it very nicely) but i did manage to get off it after a month.  (hint here) Tie a shopping bag on it and put what you need in it. Zip ties work. " to go" works trust me.. ;D Mine looked like i was running away from home. Lunches in zip lock bags help.

The crutches were like getting on rocket powered roller skates for me after being on the walker. Another two months on them (Man my arms were getting buffed by this time).

(Hint here) don't go out, have a few beers after being locked up at the house. Beers and crutches don't like each other. For me it was that second step on the stairs that got me..  ;D OUCH... Crash and burn

Anyway welcome to the club. Time to surf (laptop with leg propped up) plenty of movie time ( yep you will watch every DVD you own) and Ice at this point is your very best friend.. And don't do anything and give it time to heal...
Title: Re: Joining the RQT club
Post by: Hop a Long on May 18, 2011, 09:39:57 PM
 Hey, Mikeydidit,
Way ahead of you, this is the second time doing the crutches and walker, I got one of those string back packs i can hang it on chairs, my back, carry it in hand, LOL, looks look I'm going on a short trip.  You are right the cruthes are the best for covering a lot of ground at warp speed
Title: Re: Joining the RQT club
Post by: Mikeydidit on May 19, 2011, 01:53:50 PM
It never ceases to amaze me at the ingenuity people come up with when need be. The back pack would have been good. I'll keep that in mind next time Ed..   
Title: Re: Joining the RQT club
Post by: Hop a Long on June 04, 2011, 12:09:44 AM
Hi All,
this is Ed, 3 weeks post- op for Rutured Quadricep Repair, Had staples removed today. Funny thing is, i thought the staples coming out would be a good day, before my knee would not bother me that much, but it has started to ache a little more while sitting in chair. still using the crutches on long walks (over 3-4 strides) don't want to blow out my repair job, I kind of walk stiff legged, LOL I believe if I bend it too far I might rip something. Three more weeks before the immobilizer may come off. then I think I'll start PT. I heard that is painful.  Just a little bored right now, no cable TV! Well I'm catching up on all my reading. I did try backing off the pain meds but it just starts aching again. Well in my case I injuried the good knee, the other one was already bad, and it has had to step up, so to speak. Need to get the right knee replaced, but its too early (age wise I think) LOL turn 57 this month.  I've tried the pillow between the knees, that does help a little. I can make it all night now without waking to take pain meds. Maybe I'm walking too much during the day.  I do take off the bracewhile I sleep, and I can bend it a little, I hope i'm not messing my repair up.