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Title: Hot knee
Post by: MUMofpain on April 15, 2011, 11:37:36 PM
I don't want to get myself worried but do want to ask have any of you had a warm knee during your recovery post acl reconstruction?  My son's knee is sometimes warm but not all the time, just on and off.  It is still a bit swollen at week 13 and he still needs to ice each day.

I am pretty certain he doesn't have an infection as he is generally well, apart from the still sore knee, and doesn't have a temperature.

If you did have an infection can you remember what were the signs.  Many thanks  :)
Title: Re: Hot knee
Post by: Rknees4 on April 16, 2011, 12:00:06 AM
He would probably have a fever, feel fluish where he would have a headache body aches and an overall feeling of unwellness.  There would probably be a red ozzy area at one of the entrance areas of surgery. My knee gets hot from the inflammation of healing just keep an eye on him and if you are that concerned get him checked listen to your gut.  mum intuitions is usually right.
Take care,
Title: Re: Hot knee
Post by: MUMofpain on April 16, 2011, 12:11:39 AM
Hi, yes we were thinking that it could be due to a bit more working out and doing some fast walking as it continues to heal.  He doesn't have any signs of 'ozzy' areas as the wounds have healed up nicely but it is all still very sore and on occassion painful. 

Thanks for that.  :)
Title: Re: Hot knee
Post by: Rknees4 on April 16, 2011, 12:20:37 AM
That pain is all part and parcel of knee surgery it does take a long time to heal from most of those bigger surgeries.  Tell your young man to keep working it will get better.  It just takes time. ;)
Title: Re: Hot knee
Post by: emergRN on April 16, 2011, 12:27:57 AM
I am going to quote my OS on this one.  If he had a joint infection, he would probably find it very painful, or near impossible to walk.  Keep watching it to be sure.  If the swelling and redness becomes constant, and his pain level increases, it wouldn't hurt to get it checked out.
Title: Re: Hot knee
Post by: MUMofpain on April 16, 2011, 12:12:31 PM
I shall continue to monitor it.  Many thanks
Title: Re: Hot knee
Post by: Snowy on April 16, 2011, 06:29:04 PM
Mine still gets warm (and sometimes swells a little) after strenuous exercise, though not as much as it used to earlier in recovery. When this happens I take it as a cue to ice it, which settles things down.

I also got an infection at about 10 weeks post-surgery. There were some fairly obvious signs - my incision became slightly inflamed and the areas that were red were hot and sore - and it felt very different to the more general warmth that happened after exercising. If in any doubt, I would get it checked out - it does sound as though it's more likely to be from his workouts, but always better safe than sorry. (My infection turned out to be MRSA; fortunately we caught it early so it didn't progress into the joint, but I went through two pointless rounds of antibiotics before tests revealed it to be a resistant strain and my GP got me onto the right meds to treat it.)
Title: Re: Hot knee
Post by: MUMofpain on April 16, 2011, 11:31:47 PM
This seems to be another one of those 'good to know' things about knee surgery.

This warm knee feeling seems to effect many people post exercise, or when stepping up their routine.  I wonder when it goes? 

Thanks everyone for your reassurance.  :)

Title: Re: Hot knee
Post by: Snowy on April 17, 2011, 05:44:07 AM
I wonder when it goes?

Hard to say. At 9 months out I would have hoped that my knee wouldn't do it anymore, but I've also heard plenty of people say that it takes at least a full year for the knee to feel normal again and it does make sense that it reacts a bit when I stress it particularly hard. At the same time, I've gotten used to it and because it doesn't stop me doing anything, it really doesn't bother me; icing has become so second nature that I barely even notice wrapping an ice pack around my knee for 20 minutes after a hard workout. If your son is very athletic, regular icing after exercise is probably a good habit for him to have anyway. :)