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Title: Frustrated with Knee Surgery
Post by: kelkota on April 05, 2011, 09:27:37 PM
I had right knee arthroscopy performed 1/31/11 for medial meniscus tear.  I am now 9 weeks post op and am VERY frustrated with my outcome.
 My surgeon had a stroke the day after my surgery, and the covering OS has found NO operative report.  He looked at the pre-surgery MRI and told me that a menisectomy and possible chondroplasty had been performed.  I have seen him for 4 visits and once he actually looked at my knee to drain fluid/blood and to give me a cortisone injection.  He has not even offered to look at my knee since.  Last visit he ordered an unloader brace and keeps telling me that I need a cartilage transplant performed.  No other MRI's have been performed since surgery. 

I am a little worried about this, since I went into the surgery thinking that I was just having a menisectomy performed.  Now, I cannot bear weight on my right leg with my knee extended without pain, and it is now affecting my ability to sleep comfortably.  Granted, the unloader brace is helping a little, but at the end of the day, my medial tibia is very sore.  (At least I am able to go back to work now).  The thought of having another surgery really scares me.

I have attempted to get a second opinion and go to another OS, but am told by all that I have to wait until 3 months post op from the last surgery before I can be seen. 

I keep thinking about the possibility of having to have a cartilage transplant done.  For those that have had it done, what type of workup was performed to make that decision?  I have a hard time believing that a doctor would even suggest it witout any workup performed.
Thanks all for listening to me vent.  Any support/recommendations would be appreciated.