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Title: ACL and PLC reconstructed. Lots of rehab and still not being able to walk!
Post by: raul on March 25, 2011, 12:05:58 PM
Hy everyone! Prior to anything i should appologize for future mistakes i will probably be making in my spelling. i live in an east european country. i've been reading and doing research on this website for about half an year now, and tryied to take anything useful from it. i didn't got the guts to post anything or to start a new topic due to the fact i didn't knew quite well what exactly are my problems. but now i'm in a kind of a desperate situation and hope to get some help from ou guys. My history goes like this :

Dec 29th, 2009:  i powerfully twisted my right knee skiing, felt like something broke inside, and than fall. when i got up i had absolute no stability. my knee was simply shifting outwards with any amounty of weight i tryed to bear on it. got to the closest orthopaedic hospital and and at the manual handling of my knee, the doctor sayd my acl was completely torn and my mcl as well, which was very obvious because my joint was opening very much on valgus stress and the Lachman test was fully positive.  yet, he said nothing about the lateral side, he found it to be non afected. he put my leg in a cast at 10 degrees of flexion to facilitate the healing of my mcl, and told me to wear it for a month, and then reffer to a specialist to see if surgery is needed. he never said anything about using crutches or non weight bearing.

Jan, 18th, 2010: i took an MRI which pointed: ACL completely torn, MCL stretched, without total disruption of it's fibres, LCL completely torn, which associated desinsertions of the meniscus from the capsula. plus bony edema on the tibial plateau, tibial spine and medial femoral condyle. back then i knew absolutely nothing about knees and rehabs and surgeries. so i got (unfortunately) to an OS in one of the best hospitals in my country. he sid nothing needs to be done for my collateral ligaments, as they will heal for themselves. only thing needed was ACLr. trusted him (stupid thing to do) and got the surgery done.

Feb, 4th,2010. ACL reconstruciotn. (hamstring graft), the man had no idea on how to rehab a knee. before the surgery i had no ROM due to the 5 weeks of casting, the knee was swolen and i had lost a big part of my muscles. after the surgery  he told me not to bear any weight for 5 weeks! and any contraction of the quads was not allowed.. the only exercise i was allowed to do was passive flexions and extensions laid on my back, in bed.  u can imagine how my leg looked after 5 weeks of casting, surgery taken without any ROM or rehab and than 5 weeks of non weight bearing. after this period, when i got to control, the OS told me i could start walking without crutches and not to be affraid. as rehab, he told me to do knee extensions with 2-5 kg on my ankle.  after 2 weeks i got to a rehab center, but the PT i did there was not appropriate, as well, i know that now. i was having major pain, couldn't straighten the knee (about 15 degrees of extension lost) and was experiencing quite a big imnstability, both inwards and otwards.

july 2010
Title: Re: ACL and PLC reconstructed. Lots of rehab and still not being able to walk!
Post by: mountainknees on March 25, 2011, 01:16:01 PM
After eleven knee surgeries and waiting for a revision of a loose knee and acl allograft next month I have experienced a lot of setbacks in physical therapy.
Believe it or not a good portion of your recovery is how you approach your rehab.  When you do not use leg muscles or ankle muscles for months they become very very weak.  Muscle pain can be just as bad as post surgical pain and really slow you down.  I know what you mean, there are many physical therapists who really do not know there job.  Here in th United States, I have found that about half the physical therapists I have seen just give you a paper showing you what exercises to doi and that is all.  If you can you need to find a physical therapist that really knows and understands leg and knee rehab, and can SLOWLY, because it will take a lot of time, work with you to build up your leg muscles.  For the last nine months while I have been seeing a number of surgeons so I can decide on if I was going to have surgery number 12, a major knee and ligament reconstruction and revision, I have been in a straight leg brace and a wheelchair.  My right leg is about five inches smaller than my good left leg.  I know what I am in for after surgery, a lot of pain, a lot of ice and a long time to get the muscles strong once again.  Don't be afraid to speak ouit to your therapist or doctor if you are not making the progress you feel you need but remember if you push it too fast you can do more damage than good.
Title: Re: ACL and PLC reconstructed. Lots of rehab and still not being able to walk!
Post by: raul on March 25, 2011, 01:33:46 PM
thank you for the encouraging, mountainknees! and please reply to the other topic i started. that is the complete one. this one i posted by mistake and i don't know how to delete it ! i am trying to keep myself together even if it is hard! and i am taking it easy, but i tend to believe that my problems are no longer muscular now and they are because of the unhealthy joint. still, i know that big muscles help a lot no matter what !

With respect,
Title: Re: ACL and PLC reconstructed. Lots of rehab and still not being able to walk!
Post by: likewoa2007 on May 04, 2011, 10:15:54 PM
I had ACL reconstruction May 25 2010.  The doctor wrote up a script to do Pre-Physical Therapy prior to having surgery.  The only thing we did was ROM.  No strengthening going into the surgery and now almost a year later I still can not do a leg extension, leg press, or  squats because of my sharp shooting stabbing knee pain.  The doctors all all scratching there heads as to why I have this, My muscle is 3 cm smaller than my good leg and my muscle looks sickening.  Iím not sure if this is whats causing my pain or not.  Another doctor told me to go to a Pain Management Specialist because they thought I had RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). I have poor quality of life and I cant do a lot of functions.  Sad