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Title: A formal introduction...
Post by: dancinonwater on February 07, 2011, 05:00:26 AM
Hi kneegeeks! I am 13 and have had knee pain for a few years now, so i was overjoyed when i found this site! I have found so much information here, and i love that everyone is so kind and supportive with each other! My patellae don't track correctly and subluxate with great ease, so this has caused an array of problems! It seems my groove inwhich the patella sits must be very shallow, as i have never had an acute dislocation where the patella pops out of place, but rather my patellas just slide out of place. How fun! It is now at the point where i can push it around until i know it is in place, then i walk for a minute, or take a couple stairs, and i know it's out of place again. This has also caused patellar tendonitis and chondromalacia. I have an MRI scheduled for Thursday, so if the chondromalacia is severe we should be able to see what stage it is.

Bad knees really suck! hahahaha well, it's true... i can barely walk from class to class in school, and i think i'm going to get a doctor's note to take the elevator because stairs are unbearable! I also am a very committed dancer and actress, so my knee problems have really haulted my life. You never really appreciate your knees until you get to the point where you can't go shopping because it hurts to walk around the stores. But i'm still happy with life, and living it as much as i can!

So anyway, I love to dance. Modern is my favorite. I dance (or should i say dancED) 12 hours a week and never miss a class. Even with my bad knees, i still go and watch every single class. This year i am one of the "big girls". hahaha. What i mean is that i am at the top level at my school, and that's just what we used to call the older girls when i was young. I also was expecting the student of the year award this year, but now i worry that i won't be back on my feet in time to practice my dances and be in the show.  :'(   I also would like to try out for The Sound of Music at my local theater, but im not sure my knees will be up for it... Gosh my knees are really messing with my hobbies!

Other info about me: I live in New York state, have a twin brother and a younger sister, and two dogs. Gracie, a maltese, is my very own dog (i bought her with my own money last year) and she has been by my side all these winter days where i can't sled or ski or ice skate or even walk into town with my friends because of my knees. She is very important to me.

So now you know me! And i just want to say thanks to anyone who posts on any of my threads! you guys are all so sweet to be here for eachother through our annoying, life pausing knee problems!

Title: Re: A formal introduction...
Post by: sparrowhawk on February 18, 2012, 11:52:14 PM
Hi dancinonwater =)

I've only had my knee injury for a few months, but like you I was so glad to find this site. It's nice to know that there are such kind and considerate people about - and it's pretty cool to think that there's a whole community dedicated to knees! Sorry to hear that things are difficult and that your life has been so greatly impacted. You sound like a very positive person though, and that's great =)

I hope things pick up for you soon. Knee problems seem to be very annoying and life pausing (at least, mine have been). I'm glad my injury happened at a time when I didn't have commitments like university or sport, but now as I'm getting close to starting university again I'm hoping like crazy that things will get better so my life can go back to something more normal.

Best of luck! I hope you're back on your feet ASAP.