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Title: Number 2- Left ACL Reconstruction
Post by: version2.0 on February 06, 2011, 06:18:02 AM
Got the news  last Friday that I've destroyed the ACL in my left knee once again.
 Oddly enough I have minimal pain, no swelling and great range of motion, just my femur slides out the sides when I cut or pivot, just doesnt feel quite right regularly though of course.
First time was a hamstring graft which I recovered well from and took my time to return to sport post 9-12 months.
The report form the MRI this time- "graft is ill defined...almost complete loss of fibrillary architecture...recurrent high grade tear". In short it looks liek a bomb has exploded my ACL.

Now that little vent is over.

SO...for anyone who has gone back in for number two:
 Did you get the same graft?
If you got a different graft, what were the differences, therapy and healing wise?
How was the healing/rehab process?
Physcologically once return to sport, was it harder to trust than first time?

So many questions, have my surgeons appointment tomorrow so guess I will know more then.
Thanks for any feedback.
Title: Re: Number 2- Left ACL Reconstruction
Post by: Kaputt_Knee on February 06, 2011, 09:23:33 AM
The most important thing for you to do is to find out why the graft has failed. If you have had no particular incident that you can pin its failure down to, then making sure it doesn't happen has to be your highest priority.

I've had 3 recons on my right leg and 2 on my left. Each time we knew exactly why the failure occurred. For the right knee it was the use of artificial ACLs in the late 80s, and we finally solved the problem with a patella tendon graft. The left knee was due to a misplaced initial graft and this was replaced by another surgeon.

As for the rehabs - each one was slightly different but basically followed the same pattern. My earliest reconstructions were all via open knee surgery and the later two were arthroscopic. Sometimes we used braces, sometimes not. I let the surgeon and therapists make the decisions and just did what I was told.

The interesting thing with my left knee recon, the misplaced graft was a huge patella tendon one. The surgeon wanted to go with my hamstring tendons and he did harvest from the hamstrings in the initial operation, but for some unknown reason rejected the harvested grafts. When another surgeon carried out the revision 2.5 years later, he was able to harvest hamstring tendons from the same leg that had previously been used. I have some residual weakness in that leg's hammies but I do not have any other problems. The weakness is due to my laziness to be honest.

I was back skiing at 5.5 months and have returned to all my sports although I no longer compete or teach skiing any more.

Push for a reason for the failure before everything else. You want to avoid that happening again at all costs.

Sue  ;)
Title: Re: Number 2- Left ACL Reconstruction
Post by: version2.0 on February 06, 2011, 11:20:26 PM
kaputt- You're awesome, thanks for the reassurance and some direction too. Def have questions to ask now and a little more focussed. It's really important for me to return to "normal" as best as possible as I work in the fitness industry, play decent level softball and have a 2 year old to run after.
I've actually reposted this in the Cruciate thread, but cant delete this one for some reason. Will keep everything posted via there.

Thanks again!