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Title: My Son's knees
Post by: azzagirt on February 04, 2011, 03:44:24 PM
Hi ,I am azzagirt.
my son had left knee surgery 3 weeks and 1 day ago after 14 months of final injury. Aaron has had several knee dislocations in the last 7 yrs on both knees, his right being the first and his left being the one first to have surgery 3 weeks ago. Despite what you may believe about the Australian public hospital opinion you may have sets in. Just need to let you know it's all that good here..For the last 7 years Aaron has had doctor reported knee dislocations on almost all of them he has been prescribed voltaran, ibroprofain, panadein forte, braces,pressure bandages and physio work..All recovery each time has been slow and long. It was 14 months ago when  Oct 2009 when az was on his last day of school was celebrating down on the sand when he dislocated and immediatly had 120 kilos of mate fall on the dislocation...He drank more beer and didnt text me for 3 hrs after. Local hospital sent him home with Panedein Forte and Voltaren..The next day I couldn't get an appointment with any GP so waited till the 2nd day..Photos...Gp advised we go straight to the Regional hospital now thru emergency and gave a forwarding GP letter.. We arrived at 5pm..As the night progressed Aaron was assesed and made to wait like everyone else. Next follow up after scans and pysio reports and alike he was put on the public hospital wait list and waited 14 months for his operation that's not guarenteed to fix the prob left knee first. It is a complicated surgery and may not work. The last option is to saw thru his fima and twist it ,simple really. After already 3 and more weeks on continuous pain killers he is now on panedein forte in place of the endone.. still on tremadol and oxycodone (slow) twice a day. No light at the end of the tunnel so far...What should he expect. The public surgeon has only seen him 3 times and  myself twice. I feel a little uninformed to a degree. My 19 yo is still learning and is not very forth coming with details on call. I try to record every injury. cheers azzagirt   
Title: Re: My Son's knees
Post by: MUMofpain on February 04, 2011, 04:04:02 PM
Phew...what a history.  i know absolutely nothing about knee dislocations but am sure someone with loads of great info will respond and give great advice. I can only sympathise with you as I also have a son, he is 16, who had a knee op 3 weeks 2 days ago (acl reconstruction) so I know a little about the pain meds and other things that go with being a mum of a son in pain.  Wishing you all the best.