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Title: Non Displaced Patella Fracture - GOOD NEWS
Post by: roobz on January 06, 2011, 05:48:56 AM
After fracturing my patella, I spent many hours reading about recovery times and people's experiences both on this site and others. The vast majority of this information was so negative, it made me want to jump off a cliff! So now I'm writing to all those out there who have this type of injury, it's not as bad as all the pessimists make it - it can be overcome in a decent timeframe!

Background: I'm 27, male and extremely fit/active. I fractured my patella when a chin-up bar collapsed on me, sending my right knee crushing to the solid floor and absorbing the entire impact. The result was a single vertical non displaced patella fracture. This is the "best" type of break to have if you are going to break your patella!

I'm now 7 weeks post injury and have recovered almost entirely (excluding quad muscle buildup). The focus now is to build up the wasted muscles via PT comprising of pilates, running in a pool and static bike (been doing this since week 5). Next week I will be hitting the weights and going heavy to hit my target of full muscle recovery by week 12.

I have absolutely zero pain in my joint and can climb stairs/hills etc. easily. I do not plan on running until week 12 as I do not want to put too much pressure on the joint.


- Leg was immobilized  for 4 weeks post injury in a brace. Initially used crutches, but found I could full weight bear after 2 weeks. Brace was only removed to shower and sleep during this period. Every night I performed 4 sets of 25 reps of leg raises both morning and night.
- Continue to exercise! I continued my regular training program (obviously minus the leg exercises).
- Correct the diet! I cut out all alcohol, caffeine, sugar and salt for 4 weeks post injury. Only ate raw, natural and unprocessed products e.g. fish, natural yoghurt, fruit, vegetables, chicken, nuts.
- Adequate sleep! I slept for 8 hours per night (usually I average 5), to assist with recovery.   
Discount all the pessimism floating around the internet on this type of injury! Everyone is unique and no injury is the same!
Title: Re: Non Displaced Patella Fracture - GOOD NEWS
Post by: metalmaniac on January 06, 2011, 07:58:09 PM
Thanks for the encouragement. I am still in the first week post injury, and was NOT looking forward to 11 weeks of silling on my ... ! I have two middle school boys and usually 3 or 4 additional boys at my house and they even say they never see my sitting down. Mine was also a non displaced fracture which like you said is the best. I just finished my first term of Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Function so at least I understood what they were talking about when I went in. I am open to any suggestions on speeding up the recovery time.
Thanks, Lynne
Title: Re: Non Displaced Patella Fracture - GOOD NEWS
Post by: jasooon on March 28, 2011, 09:06:13 AM
Thanks so much roobz, like u I have been trying to find some fast recovery stories and u have cheered me up no end. I fractured my patella with a horizontal break about 3.5 weeks ago. Looks like a 3-4 mm separation which was borderline for surgery, but OS said let's see if it unites in a few wks. So keeping a positive mindset I convinced them to giv me a hinged brace (after 2.5 wks) so I can drive as am too isolated where i live. Am locked straight at all other times, just allowed 30' movement to drive.

I am 41, but very fit, playing tennis 3-4 times a week before accident, so hope this will bode well for faster recovery too, despite leg muscles fading fast.

I have no pain and have been full straight leg weight bearing without crutches around the house since 2 wks. Am going back to see OS next Monday at 4.5 wks, so hope xray shows good signs of calcification.

I am eating healthily and having Scenar therapy once a wk. I hav had scenar to fix golfers elbow and bad back before so know it works. I read scenar can accelerate bone growth/ uniting after fractures.

Am hoping to report astoundingly fast fix soon. I told physio who fited my new leg brace last wk, that she will b calling me bionic jase in a couple of weeks ;)
Title: Re: Non Displaced Patella Fracture - GOOD NEWS
Post by: jag218 on January 23, 2012, 12:47:50 AM
Thank you Roobz!!!  You just made my day!!!!  I have a similar story as yours.  I was rushing around before christmas and lost balance stepping down from a curb in a parking lot.  I fell with all my body weight on my left knee.  I didn't go to the dr right away, but used an old soft knee brace.  I went in after 1 week with no improvement.  At first it was thought that I tore cartiledge in my left knee.  The x-rays did not show any fracture at my first visit.  I was given range of motion excerises to do at home and recheck in 2 weeks.  After one week my pain increased despite the prescription anti-inflamatory/pain med.  They then scheduled me for an MRI.  The MRI showed the bottom half of the patella with a bone bruise and a horizontal fracture.  I was placed into an immobilizer and have a recheck on Feb 1.  I have not used cruthches through any part of the injury, so I am taking that as a good sign for healing.  I am starting to have fewer days with no swelling.  The having to rest more is hard.  I like working out (usually 3/week) and have an active 7yr old son.  I was feeling defeated when I came across websites stating to expect 6-8 months before a full recovery.  I have increased my calcium intake to include 1200mg calcium and 800 mg vitamin D daily to help increase calcification.  You have really lifted my spirts and given me a new hope for a quicker recovery!!  Thank you.

Title: Re: Non Displaced Patella Fracture - GOOD NEWS
Post by: jasooon on January 23, 2012, 11:46:39 AM

Just to update following by horizontal patella fracture.  Clean break seperation 3-4 mm.

I am pleased to report I am back playing tennis without issue.  The rest has eased my tendonitis too :)

After tennis incident and fracture diagnosed next day I was in a straight leg brace for 12 weeks, but allowed 30' flexion in brace for driving after only 4 weeks.  I had low driving seat position so it was possible.

Was a frustrating process, but I hit my first tennis ball after 14 weeks, albeit with a heavy duty knee brace.  I would say it took 6 months in total to feel pretty good again and have confidence to plant foot at pace and change direction, but 3 months to be mobile and full on physio and weight training.  Work on your quads as soon as allowed, take vitamin D, calcium and look at the variety of herbs.  I read Horny Goat Weed which has Icarin that will increase osteoblast used to knit broken bones.  Has other benefits too :)

I also recommend Scenar therapy as also suggested to aid bone knitting along with a myriad of other benefits.

I also used an EMS machine to help get quads started again as they waste to nothing in a couple of weeks.  Careful using this set too strong though and check with doc before using as may displace patella again if bone has not begun to calcify.

Hope you recover fast, stay strong as its all about acceptance for peace of mind and working to a positive outcome.  Alcohol also helps in moderation :)

Best wishes

Title: Re: Non Displaced Patella Fracture - GOOD NEWS
Post by: jag218 on January 31, 2012, 01:41:50 AM
Hi Jason,

Thank you for your advise and recommendations.  I agree a positive attitude is key.  I struggled with that in the beginning.  I had to really work hard to get my mindset back to "glass half full".  It is really hard when you have to sit back and watch life from the sideline, when you are usually the leader of the pack. I have been taking Vitamin D and Calcium since I was diagnosed with the fracture.  I see the dr Wed to check healing.  I am hoping for good news or even a better timeline for recovery. :) Until then, I am minding my P' & Q's with the doctor's recommendations.