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Title: Grade 3 or torn CML?..Newby without insurance..
Post by: showumsuccess on December 21, 2010, 07:32:05 PM
 I am looking for advice and some confidence really on what I should and shouldn't be doing now from peeps who have had the same kind of injury. Maybe share what you have done that may help me.
 I was kicked on the outside of the leg, just above the knee, by a large older horse.
 From what the injury feels like, and what a nurse friend has said and what I've been able to determine from online info. is that I either severely sprained, grade 3, or tore my collateral medial ligament.
 I do not have insurance...I train horses for a living and can not work now and my husband is facing unemployment again. I've already sold my best horses to put a roof over our heads so please don't tell me I need to see a Dr. I know I do but it's just not possible so I am gonna have to rely on others that have gone through something similar and time.
 My questions are...what should I be doing?
It's been 4 weeks today..I iced the knee every 2 hours for 2 days and took anti-inflammatory for two weeks.. The swelling is down.
 I can walk without crutches now and even walk up steps with minimal pain. It hurts unbearably though to move the knee at all side to side. I wear a hinged knee brace constantly when outside and most of the time when inside to prevent this from happening.
 I can bend the knee now getting my heal almost to my butt but the first 2 or 3 times it hurts like heck just to bend it past the 45 degree angle...after then it's still tight but bearable.
 I am riding a stationary bike daily and feel it helps with my mobility. I tried to ride a horse last week thinking it would be good therapy also, just at a walk but had to dismount quickly because just sitting with my foot in the stirrup torqued the knee badly and I still feel the results so I wont try that again any time soon.
 Thanks so much...if there are other threads that can help me please post the links...I am surfing them now in hopes of some suggestions and encouragement.