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Title: Newbie need help - fractured patella
Post by: Redfifi68 on November 16, 2010, 09:01:28 AM
Hi everyone
I'm new to the group but wondered if someone could help me?
6 weeks ago I cracked my kneecap and as a result had a full leg cast on for the last 5 weeks (well it's been changed 4 times during that period!)
I had the cast off yesterday with no re-xray,no offer of physio and no advice on what is normal or not.
The knee is still quite swollen and when I try to bend the knee more than just a little the pain is excrutiating - all over the knee.
I just wondered if anyone could tell me whether this was normal?
Many thanks for listening! x
Title: Re: Newbie need help - fractured patella
Post by: coral 251 on November 16, 2010, 08:35:12 PM
Hi, When your leg has been immobolised for so long,it loses the ROM,and you also have muscle wastage, you should be given physio appointments, once you are fully weight bearing,both to gain ROM,and re-build your leg strength
I was in a cast from ankle to thigh for 7 weeks,and was non weight bearing during that time,the cast was then removed and i had 2 further weeks non weight bearing.
After this i had to return to see the OS,i then had an xray, and was referred to physio,at this point i only had 20 degrees ROM,(range of motion) trying to gain rom is very painful, as the leg has been out of action for so long.
My leg was very swollen, and quite bruised,although i did have surgery,as the fracture was displaced.
I havent heard of any-one not needing physio with a patella fracture,so you should contact your OS,and find out exactly what they propose to do,surely they cant be leaving you without any rehab.
I hope you can get it sorted,keep us posted as to what happens.
Wishing you all the best.
Title: Re: Newbie need help - fractured patella
Post by: lizt on December 21, 2010, 05:18:49 AM
Hi,I was just wondering how you were progressing?
Your fracture sounds very similar to mine.Ive been 7 weeks now and been in physio for the past 2 weeks.I have 70 rom and finding it difficult to get any further.I think you should of had pt,did you end up getting full rom back?
Hope your still making a good recovery.
Title: Re: Newbie need help - fractured patella
Post by: coral 251 on December 21, 2010, 09:30:56 AM
Hi Liz,
           You have to remember, this is a very serious injury, and re-hab is a very long slow process,so to say you have 70degs ROM, at the moment is really not bad at all.
I had full rom at around the 4 1/2 months mark,the PT dismissed me after having only 5 appointments, saying i was now ok, and just gave me a home programme of exercises.
I was far from ok, admittedley i had full rom, but very little else, and my leg strength was crap.
After much re-search on the internet, i gained lots of info, and exercises,i have worked very very hard with these exercises,also been to water aerobics/swimming,and finally i am now over the worst.
It will be 9 months,on the 26th of December, since i had the op,and things are looking good.
My leg has regained quite a lot of strength, i can climb stairs both up and down, almost normally, and without pain.
I still have one or two issues, which i am sure are HW related, so i am hopeful these will go when the HW is removed March/April time next year.
So be patient, and work hard(without over doing it),and try to remain positive throughout,and you will get there in the end,like we all say on this site, it's a marathon not a sprint.
Be thankful, for every little bit of progress you make,if you can do something today, that you couldn't do yesterday,its an achievement.
I wish you all the best in your recovery,and do keep us posted, as you will find this site to be a great help, and even a saviour at times,when every-one around you thinks your "broken leg" should be better by now,but we know different, as we all know and understand what a long and frustrating journey it is.
            All the best.