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Title: newbie further info required
Post by: Miss Beams on October 30, 2010, 07:56:34 AM
I did leave a post yesterday, but would like some further advice re my injuries.  As surgery has not been offered to me (NHS) a further appt has been made for me to see another OS re my nee options and a TKR eventually!  My knee aches hithrough the middle of the knee the circumference, I regularly feel a twang feeling at the back of the knee when I stretch it  I cannot fully flex the leg and if i walk slowly because of this and then limp.  Also when standing, I tend to rest the knee if i try and stand with all my weight on it, it feels heavy and uncomfortable.  I also cant lift the lower part of my leg from calf down as i can with my other leg.  Apart from the leg giving way when i least expect it, i am functioning okay with sedentary daily life.  I have quote gross abnormality possible rupture of ACL, MCL grade 2 and OS  in the patella grade 4.  Is this all normal for the injuries sustained and the fact that I am 4mths from initial injury with no surgical intervention only PT and full leg brace for the first 2mths.  Loads of replies please!
Title: Re: newbie further info required
Post by: dm on October 31, 2010, 03:23:54 PM
From your description, sounds like you've got arthritis to the back of the kneecap- it's worn to raw bone so they want to consider doing something with that, and that you've damaged some ligaments - the acl completely, and the others partly. the completely torn acl is evidently keeping you from completely bending the leg, because the ends of the torn ligament are hanging up in stuff in there.

You should be keeping up with the physio to keep the muscles strong etc, while awaiting a surgical decision. try not to limp if you can help it. Make sure you follow up with your doctor regularly if you're continuing to have problems with being able to move the leg on your own, so it's documented, so they can try and move you up the queue as a more urgent case.
Title: Re: newbie further info required
Post by: Miss Beams on October 31, 2010, 05:48:58 PM
thank you so much, for your advice, will do