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Title: I had KNEE surgary but no good - 3 years of pain.
Post by: Clav on October 16, 2010, 11:20:02 AM
Good day

I hope i get some answers.

In December of 2007 I was playing cricket in the back yard with my brother .. I ran in to bowl, jumped and as i landed on my right foot, my knee just gave away and before i knew it i was lying on the ground.. after a minute or so i got up and walked but my knee felt very odd.. it started swelling a bit and got very sore .. I went to hospital and they did some tests and said nothing is wrong.. a few months went past and as i was just walking into a class room, the same thing happened.. knee just gave away and i was on the floor.. same feeling. This time around I went to see a Orthopedic Surgeon. we did sme X-rays and MRI scans.. I was booked for an op.

The doctor did an athroscopy and he was forced to cut in order to do a Lateral Release ... as I woke up the doc came to see me and i was told that i had lots of torn meniscus and he had to do a lateral relase.

about 7 months went past and in January 2009 for the first time I played some very light soft ball back yard cricket.. I was batting as I played a shot with my right leg straight - the same thing happened again. My knee gave away.. now note that this is way after i had my op.. eversince i just gave up but the last couple of days i have had discomfort in sleeping.. walking and moving around.. my knee has never felt right again...

PLEASE tell me what it sounds like ? what can it be and what has to be done to fix this ??

PS. Does it sound like a subluxate problem ... in my research on the net this is the thing that sounds the closest to what ive got ??

Title: Re: I had KNEE surgary but no good - 3 years of pain.
Post by: tenisfan on October 16, 2010, 06:39:18 PM
i am not a expert, but when the knee buckles like yours is doing you could be having some quad problems. You could really try strengthening them up. When i had my last surgery in december the same thing happened to me. My knee buckled and i ended up tearing my meniscus and also had a loose fragment. You might consider wearing a brace for some support, until you try really building up those quads. If your still having pain you may  have to go see if you did any damage when it buckled :)