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Title: 15 months after microfracture, I think I just tore my knee again. Advice?
Post by: dan3232 on October 13, 2010, 08:40:09 PM
I have an appointment to get checked out on Friday (today is Wednesday), and I might actually see my surgeon tonight at a football game, so I could get a chance to check in with him then.

Long story short: I had microfracture last July, about a decade after tearing the ACL in the same knee. Everything seemed to have gone smoothly. The segment on crutches totally sucked, and there were instances of soreness and swelling, but at every check up the doc was pleased with my progress.

I got to the point where, over the past couple of months I was able to hop on the elliptical multiple times per week, for an hour per session, at a pretty good clip, with zero pain.

Then came this week...

I can't even remember how it happened -- I have a habit of jogging up and down stairs, so maybe that was it -- but my knee swelled up a bit last week and was stiff. I didn't think anything of it as that has happened a couple of times before. Then on Monday, I was about 15 minutes in on the elliptical where my knee sort of locked or jostled or twisted -- I'm not sure quite how to describe it. The message was pretty clear, though -- stop doing this now.

Now it's really swelled up, and stiff/sore enough that I've got a semi-noticeable limp. I've got minor but persistent pain that isn't going away, very similar to last time, and I'm convinced in my gut that I've suffered Injury No. 3 to the same knee, despite not even being what I would consider an athlete.

I should probably just relax and wait until I get looked at by the pro. But in the meantime, my questions to anyone:

1. Has anyone had a similar experience with their knees?
2. What are my options outside of microfracture, if in fact it's another tear?
3. Can this type of injury be simply lived with?

I just don't have the heart to spend another extended stint on crutches for a procedure that doesn't guarantee recovery. At the same time, I can't bear the thought of not being able to at least get a minor sweat. Thanks for any insight!