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Title: What are the signs of a TKR failure
Post by: LongJohnSilver on October 12, 2010, 03:04:41 PM
I had a TKR 5 years ago and it has been a real success, but just of recent I am experiencing pain and stiffness in the knee. Now I know I do treat the knee as a normal knee and it has not stopped me from doing many activities although I would not Ski, play football, squash etc.
I am obviously concerned that I may have accidentally caused failure of the TKR but do not know what the signs would be, I have tried searching the net but without any joy.
Is it possible I have just strained the joint/tendons or should I be seeking professional advice?
Can anyone please give some indications as to what would happen if the TKR has failed or been damaged.
Title: Re: What are the signs of a TKR failure
Post by: Lottiefox on October 12, 2010, 07:32:12 PM
I'm no expert but members on here with early failure talk about instability of the knee, giving way, severe pain, looseness and laxity...not sure what a 5 years + "wearing out" might feel like.....I guess it is very possible you have another issue going that could just be muscle related but I think I'd probably be getting it checked out. It may be something like a spacer wearing out and if you identify an issue sooner rather than later your TKR could last you another good many years.....simple X-rays should show any loosening issues or shifting of the parts I would imagine. Do you have a doctor you can go back and see for advice?

And good news that you treat the TKR like a normal knee. Thats a positive experience!

Good luck

Title: Re: What are the signs of a TKR failure
Post by: LongJohnSilver on October 13, 2010, 10:13:36 AM
Hi Lottie
Thanks for the reply.
The signs I have at the moment are mainly what feels like bruising/tenderness on the outside so that when I put weight on the knee, as in going down/upstairs it is quite painful.
No problems with back and forth movement, or normal walking and no feeling of looseness.
I have to be honest I am just coming up for 70 and as well as leading a very normal life I go jiving each week and recently taken up ballroom dancing.
This has meant spinning on my right leg (the TKR), this I feel has placed a quite heavy twisting strain on my knee and it may be that is the issue. I sincerely hope that is all it is.
The knee is also a little swollen which makes it slightly stiff. Again the joint feels as if the bone is bruised.
If I have done too much on the knee then thats to be expected.
I would have thought that if the TKR was failing then I would not be as mobile as I am.
In fairness the TKR has been a massive success and I have no hesitation in recommending having it done it the situation requires it.
I have been resting it for a week now and will give it some more time and if it does not improve then I will go and see my doctor.
Kind regards.
Title: Re: What are the signs of a TKR failure
Post by: andyek on October 19, 2010, 02:22:47 AM
I had 2 TKR's, one in 06 and one in 07.  The 06 is perfect, no pain, great mobility.  It was done with a computer.  The 07 done W/O a computer, I experienced severe edema, blisters and final healing which delayed PT.  In 08 I developed the gout which went to the knee.  I had arthoscopic surgery in 08 and continued PT.  I was still getting pain and in 10 told the Dr the knee didn't look right, pain on the lateral hamstring with a "bulge" which PT told me it was a weak muscle.  I complained so much in a recent check up that the Dr seemed to believe me and thought I had a cyst.  Sonar test indicated a mass of something, it would not drain.  Scheduled for day surgery soon.  The pain on the outside of the knee was caused by something after all, found only by a sonar gram.  Some surgeons, no matter how good a surgeon, often do not like the after care/followup, they would rather do surgery.