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Title: "Electric Shock" pain under Patella
Post by: Dewy on October 09, 2010, 02:39:40 PM

Am new to this site and was just wondering if there is anyone else suffering from the same type of pain as me.  I had surgery to my right knee in April 2010 arthroscopic surgery with scraping of the knee and clear out. Have also had a laterall release to this knee 16yrs ago. Have been diagnosed with patelloformal syndrome.  Just before surgery in April 2010 this year and up to now I have been developing a "stinging" pain "electric Shock" pain just under the patella towards the edge of my knee.  It can happen at any time doing any activity including resting. It can last for up to a minute or a few seconds at a time.  I have mentioned it to my Phsyio but they don't seem to know.  Also mentioned it to my surgeon just before surgery in April 2010 and they didn't seem to pay any interest.  Would be very gratefull if anyone had come across this.  Not sure wether to go back to my G.P, the consultants at the hospital didn't seem to know anything so feel a bit lost?  :-\

Many Thanks