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Title: Bakers Cyst
Post by: sumlvr on October 07, 2010, 02:27:41 PM
Hello , I have ostenecrosis of my femur,knee and tibia. I also had a bakers cyst on the back of my knee, well, my calf started hurting to the poing I could barely walk. I had another MRI and the bakers cyst is now called a popiteal cyst since it has ruptured. Has anyone ever had this or heard of this. It is really painful. When I wake up in the morning, it is so bad but after being up for awhile it gets alittle better. I have now been waking up about every 2 hours and I get up for about 10 mins, this makes the pain when I finally do get up alittle less. Any advice I would really appreciate, one point I was told that If I do not get the AVN taking care of my leg will have to be amputated and I am very scared. Any help would be much appreicated.

Thank You,
Lisa    emial [email protected]
Title: Re: Bakers Cyst
Post by: eaglemom on October 17, 2010, 09:55:25 PM
What?  Amputated? Let me start - I'm not a doc/nurse or anything.  However, I have a popiteal cyst (baker) in my knee.  3 yrs ago I had a huge ganglion cyst there & surgery.  I'm had lots of issues since then.  Fast forward to now - I'm 3 months post surgery and my surgeon did not remove the cyst. I was on the perneal nerve and would cause too many issues. I wake up with pain, move around and it gets better.

Forgive me but what is AVN? Have you had surgery or are awaiting surgery? Whom told you about any amputation?  I'm very confused.  Maybe I'm missing something here.  eagle
Title: Re: Bakers Cyst
Post by: annie5970 on October 22, 2010, 09:25:26 PM
AVN stands for avascular necrosis (bone death due to interruption of the blood supply to the bone), and I had a bone scan a couple months ago to rule this out. I asked my OS what would happen if I did have AVN, and he said that I would need a knee replacement. AVN runs in stages, and once it reaches a certain stage, a knee replacement is warranted.