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Title: I skneeling bad for your knees
Post by: kscope09 on October 05, 2010, 04:47:09 PM
I can kneel on a cushion but I dare not knee on the ground and I can't hold it for long.  If I practice kneeling more and more often I might get better at it but I'd be worried about the damged that it could be doing if all my body weight is on my knees.

The physio keeps saying it is something the knees are made for and I should do it but I'm uneasy about it.  I just wanted to know what other people think aobut kneeling and if it should be avoided or not.  I used to kneel a lot before sugery but not for long, but since my surgery last year I've had so many ups and downs and little things seem to aggrivate the knees.

What I really want to know is, can kneeling cause damage to the knees?
Title: Re: I skneeling bad for your knees
Post by: knee always hurts on October 05, 2010, 05:04:27 PM
I think it's contingent on the current condition of your knees. What the physio is saying is illogical. The whole point is not whether that is something the knees are made for (Such is true!), but whether your knees are presently capable of doing it! And if, as you say, little things are aggravating your knees, then I would submit that doing the very thing which maximally loads the knees, perhaps more than just about anything else, is probably not the best idea, unless you can do lesser things without aggravation. Save the kneeling for last!
Title: Re: I skneeling bad for your knees
Post by: kscope09 on October 05, 2010, 05:27:13 PM
Well I walked for nearly two miles on Saturday and my legs were a little tired but Knees not too bad and walked the same on Sunday and the knees ssemed fine.  On Monday I did a little walking that would be about half a mile and involved some slopes which were steeper than I've been walking for for a while but everything seemed realy good while I was out I was doing great and then I did my usual squatts before going to bed and couldn't sleep for the soreness of my knees.  They weren't sore in the morning though, I jsut ahd the usual twinges.  Stairs sometimes aggrivate and sometimes don't.  In fact going up stairs rarely aggrivates now and is almost completely painles but sometimes I regret going down stairs.  I've been to a couple of parties revently and stood around for ages in my formal shoes which aren';t my most comfortable footwear and my knee hasn't suffered for it.

I'm still postive my chrondoplasty has failed becasue of the twinges I get in the region now that though I've had them for a while are worse and much more frequent now.  The pt say's she'd still give me these exercises if it had failed or not.