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Title: Total knee replacement at 41 years.
Post by: mlbbarry on October 05, 2010, 05:33:36 AM
Hello, I am fairly new to this site.  Hope I can get some input from some fellow knee sufferers.

Had a second opinion appt. with a joint replacement specialist hoping to hear that I was a candidate for the bicompartmental resurfacing replacement.  Well according to him and my x-rays, a TKR is the only answer.  He seemed more concerned with the bone spurs all over the knee then the loss of cartilage in my medial and patellorfemoral compartment.  He said because of the ligament repair I had on three of the four ligaments 20 years ago, the bone spurs, plus inflammation, etc, I would not be a good candidate for the bicompartmental.  He wants to put in the Oxinium total knee, by Smith & Nephew, supposedly has a longer life, like 25+ years.  Has anyone here had or heard of that implant?  If so what can I expect for recovering? I feel like the appt went to fast.

I have three young kids 16, 12, and 11 years, that have college, soccer, hockey how long will it be before I can drive? Left knee so not really needed.

He talked about the possibility of infection later on, like if I get a sinus infection it can go to the knee, has anyone experienced something like this?

I have waited for the day to be able to walk my dog, or play with my kids on the beach, now I see the possibilities of having these simple things, and I am scared to death that I am too young and making a mistake.  Appreciate any thoughts you all may have.

Title: Re: Total knee replacement at 41 years.
Post by: dm on October 05, 2010, 09:54:02 AM
You can always get a second opinion. Nothing says you have to go with what one doctor says he thinks you ought to do.

Like me, having previous damage makes the situation unique, so another opinion may make you more comfortable with the choice being the right one for you. Researching implant types may make you feel more comfortable with the choice of type the doctor wants to use and why, as there are many varieties.

It's important to be confident that the doctor is doing what you feel is in your best interest long term. There have been others who've had implants at your age, if the damage warranted it.

Title: Re: Total knee replacement at 41 years.
Post by: mlbbarry on October 05, 2010, 05:28:37 PM
Going to try to get in with a guy in Vancouver Washington, for actually a third opinion, I guess as soon as I can get two that possibly agree with each other I will hopefully feel comfortable sticking with that outcome.  Thanks for the feedback.  Monica
Title: Re: Total knee replacement at 41 years.
Post by: mnanc on October 06, 2010, 11:12:43 AM
Hi Monica,
Don't let the part about infection scare you off a TKR. I think all he means is you need antibiotics if you experience an infection and you need to take them before any kind of surgery, including oral, like root canals. Recovery, as I'm sure you've heard, is long but it does happen. You'll begin to be functional at 6 weeks--that includes driving--and after that will start to feel better day by day and month by month. I'd say recovery goes on for 2 years or more as your body adjusts to the new knee. Know that if you need the procedure we will be here to help you get through it.
Title: Re: Total knee replacement at 41 years.
Post by: debbieo on October 06, 2010, 06:06:08 PM

Second and even third opinions are always a good thing if you have doubts. There are some OS that will say wait till you are older. But today you will see more and more surgeons saying yes.

 You are young--but quality of life is important!! Live now.

There are many strings in the tkr sections where many your age  or there about have had a tkr with no regrets. Look around --
 I put in young in the kneegeek search engine and came up with strings that talk about younger tkr's.

I have never come across anyone speaking of problems with infections of that sort  with knees. I guess it's possible. I don't think normal. No PHD here.  ;D

Implants--if you trust your doc enough to cut you open and put something in you--I suggest you might trust his choice of prosthesis. While saying that, I do applaud your effort in knowing whats going on - It is your body. There is a link that might be helpful

Hopefully some of the above will help you. If you read through several pages of the tkr strings you will find other youngsters  ;) asking the same questions.

If you do choose a tkr--let us know when--there are many  at kneegeeks that will support you on your journey through to a walk with the dog. It does take time and effort to getting better. But hey, most good things are worth the effort!! 8) ::) :)

Again--give the tkr board a look-see--it will probably answer a lot of your questions and make you think of more  :P :P

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Title: Re: Total knee replacement at 41 years.
Post by: mlbbarry on October 06, 2010, 06:13:37 PM
Thanks guys for the info, I will let you know what I decide after seeing this guy in Vancouver. 

Is it really six weeks before driving??  Even if it is your left leg?
Title: Re: Total knee replacement at 41 years.
Post by: LongJohnSilver on October 15, 2010, 11:52:48 AM
I subscribe to the same view that you want your quality of life now not when you are too old to still do the things you would like (with some exceptions, you have to be realistic) , I had my TKR at a late stage in life ( 5 years ago) and found it to be a real success as it allowed me for the first time in many years to go walking, dancing, riding a bike, even ride my motorbike, but I did eventually got rid of the motorbike after I fell off a couple of times and realised I could accidentally twist the knee and undo some of the good work, so I did act sensibly on that occasion.
As for driving a car soon after the procedure, mine was my right knee and within a week I was able to drive myself to Physio. I must add if I felt unsafe driving, I would never have done so.
A lot of the concerns I believe are in the mind and I worked very hard on my knee to get it mobile asap. It may be that I was fortunate, but I hope my story gives others some reassurance that having a TKR is not the end of the world.
Title: Re: Total knee replacement at 41 years.
Post by: mlbbarry on October 17, 2010, 06:16:01 PM
Thanks John for your info, forgot I had a post in this section.  I did see the specialist in Vancouver/Portland and he was great.  More then willing to put in the bicompartmental implant, and confident it will work and last me years.  One main concern I had was 3.5 hour drive and what could happen after surgery if I need to see my doctor before post op appt.  I couldn't endure the thought of repeating that drive to much.  So I am sticking close to home, hoping to convince my OS here to have bicompartmental implant in the OR ready just in case.  In the end he will most likely put in the total, oh well, I think I am sick of freaking out over it, and just wish it were done already so I can stay awake at night due to pain instead of obsessing about where I should go and who I should see.  Big day is getting closer Nov. 8th, also a post in the TKR where I should have posted this, but I am new to site and usually lost.  In the UK do you guys have to take a tkr class before surgery, in the states we do.