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Title: arthroscopy recovery questions
Post by: clairem on October 02, 2010, 11:02:19 AM

Ive only found this site this mornng so havent had chance to read thro it all yet....

I had Right knee Arthroscoy + partial lateral meniscectomy + Microfracture media tibial condyle....

I wasnt given any advice on what to do or any physio..... i was told to take the bandage of after 48hours then have the stiches taken out after two weeks then go back to hospital for check up 6 weeks after op but wasnt told of any exercises or anythin...

I do BMX racin and am very keen to start training again so when the nurse told me i could go home i asked what i should do n the only thing she said was it was probably not a good idea to go to the gym or anythin til ive seen the doctor in 6 weeks so i went home with no crutches and told to weight bear straight away...

After readin some stories on different sites most have said they had crutches for weeks and physio straight away and return visit to hospital within 3 weeks i kinda feel left not knowin what i should be doin....

Its been 4 weeks since my op the selling has gone down lots and is only really swollen now where the two cuts are....still cant fully squat down very tempted to get back and ride my bike but am not sure wether ishould  ....
any advice from anyone would be great

Title: Re: arthroscopy recovery questions
Post by: Dad3 on October 02, 2010, 11:13:23 AM
Firstly - welcome to the site.
Secondly - you should of been given some exercises to do by the physio regardless if you were NHS or private - therefore you need to chase this up immediately.

If you haven't got full ROM (Range of motion) then these exercises would help in regaining that function. You might find that some of the exercises involve some gentle cycling anyway, however i would NOT go back to competition style racing/jumps etc until advised by your attending surgeon/consultant.

I had an arthroscopy just under 2 weeks ago, and I wouldn't attempt to climb a ladder at the moment - even though i really need to get up and clean my guttering out ready for winter.
Can't comment on the menisectomy, but the microfracture on the MTC would need some time to heal. I had an MFX (microfracture) on my medial femoral condyle and I knew from day one it hadn't worked, but i was told not to weight bear for about 6 weeks post op.

You really need to speak to your Dr/Surgeon/consultant/physio for there expert opinion - if needs be, right down a whole list of questions, get one of them on the phone and go through them and make sure you understand whats required of you. It's your body, YOU need to look after it.

Good luck