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Title: How long does a torn ACL pain last?
Post by: KristinS on September 09, 2010, 06:05:12 PM
Im sure this topic has already been discussed, but I couldnt find anything in the first couple of pages.
Anyway, here is my story. I was grocery shopping on Saturday late afternoon. There was a puddle on the floor that I didnt see. I stepped in it and immediatly slipped. I did the funky chicken trying to stable myself, I dont think I actually hit the ground, but I twisted my knee. There was a very loud POP, and another quieter noise that happened while I was slipping. There was pain right away. With all the adrenaline moving through my body.. I limped over to the CSR desk to let them know of the puddle.
Anyway, I got in my van and quickly my knee started to swell. I waited until the next day when my knee was the size of a basketball. At the er they referred me to an orthapedic surgeon and told me my acl was most likely torn.
My question is.. im in pain. It aches and aches and aches and aches. It swells daily, I have done the R.I.C.E method. I cant put weight on it, because I cant extend my leg straight nor can I put it at a 90 degree angle. How long does it last? When can I start walking on it? I have 4 kids, and it completely sucks. Any advice on what the next few days, weeks will be like, would be very much appreciated!
Title: Re: How long does a torn ACL pain last?
Post by: roo222 on September 09, 2010, 07:03:34 PM
Hey there, sorry to hear about your injury.

Its very hard to determine how long before you can walk and how long the pain will last. I myself tore my ACL in March, but also tore my meniscus. It wasnt until i had my meniscus fixed in April that i could straighten my knee and walk on it, so spent a month on crutches. Pain wise, i dont remeber it being too painful after the first 48 hours unless i knocked it or accidentally put too much pressure on it or whatever. Since then I have been walking and doing day to day activities just fine (still without an ACL).

This however is by no means a definitive answer, as far as i know there is no black and white answer to your question. I kow some people who have really struggled with pain and walking post injury, while i have also known people who have played football/rugby/skiing without an ACL.

The best advice i can give you is go back and see a specialist who can determine the extent of the damage: whether your ACL is fully or partially torn, whether there is any damage to other parts of your knee as well and whether you need surgery or not. Then from there you can ask him/her, who will be much better informed than I am!!

Best of luck
Title: Re: How long does a torn ACL pain last?
Post by: KristinS on September 09, 2010, 09:46:26 PM
Thanks so much for your reply.

I do have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on September 20th. I was hoping that the pain would subside and I would be able to walk on my leg or straighten it out, or even bend it before that time. It seems that I have a long long long long road to recovery in front of me. I was hoping that things would heal and I would be good as new quick, but it seems thats not to be.

My knee aches a lot because I cant move it. It also hurts when I put too much weight on it, so crutches are a must, or if I bump it, it hurts quite a bit.
Again thanks so much for your reply.