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Title: Help Please!
Post by: missspanias on August 28, 2010, 09:15:22 AM
Hi users. I've been suffering from a knee kind of injury for about 3 weeks now, and seeing as there are a lot of experts on this forum I think I may have come to the right place! I bascially did something to my knee SOMEHOW by the way I stood up. I was sitting down cross legged and kind of got up awkwardly and felt like something click, instantly I was limping very badly and couldn't put any weight on my leg or else it would start shaking. I carried on limping for about a week and then once the limping had gone my knee is basically not the same. I find it hard to do simple things such as, if I walk too fast my knee starts aching and I have to stop, I can't run for long either. I have also noticed when I stand up straight and kind of suck my legs in my left is evidently popping out. When I sit on the floor on an upright position my left leg cannot go straight and my knee aches if I try to force it, it almost feels LOCKED. I also can't do simple leg llifts as my leg does not go straight and I feel like I walk weird now. I have done my research and the closest thing I've come up with is a meniscus tear. If there's anyone that can shed more light or has any other ideas what it may be judging by what I cannot do please let me know. And thank you for your time!
Title: Re: Help Please!
Post by: crankerchick on August 28, 2010, 03:29:09 PM
Hi and welcome. I think you need to go to the doctor. Could be a meniscus tear, could be nothing. Start with a doctor. In the meantime ice and elevation for the swelling, stretch, and do simple gentle exercises like quad sets and leg lifts if you can.