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Title: Meniscus Pre-Operation Requirements?
Post by: DelijeSydney on August 25, 2010, 12:53:59 AM
Hello guys,

I currently waiting for meniscus operation. I have a torn meniscus and it's been 2 months since the injury and I have to wait a further 2 months before I have the surgery.

Is there anything in particular that I have to do in terms of protecting my knee as much as possible, such as applaying ice, etc. I'm not sure if R-I-C-E will do much know since all the swelling is gone and it's been a while since the injury.

Maybe buy a good knee brace and wear that to minimise any further impact/damage on the knee?

Anyways, any thoughts are welcome. Thanks guys! Awesome forum !!!  ;D
Title: Re: Meniscus Pre-Operation Requirements?
Post by: vickster on August 25, 2010, 08:13:08 AM
I didn't really do anything much - I did spend the month before in the gym on the static bike mainly to strengthen my legs.  I didn't bother with a brace (I wore a neoprene sports support after injury but nothing post op), nor did I have one after the op.  Losing weight if you need to and can is always a good thing for knees.

Meniscus surgery is pretty straightforward as knee ops go - day surgery (I was 'done' at 2.30 and back home 7 hours later), maybe a week pwb on crutches and use as required for a couple more weeks. I had 3 weeks off work and no driving. That said, a colleague of mine had a meniscus op recently and didn't even have crutches and was back in work 3 days later.  Very much depends on what else is going on in the knee if anything and the individual OS protocol.  I had exercises for post op (3-5 times a day) and iced after.  Stitches out after a week, physio session on day 7 and 14, OS follow up after 3 weeks and discharged.   I also had to wear horrid compression stockings for 2 weeks but again, not every OS/hospital demands that.

Don't worry too much about it :)  Lots of people wander around with a torn meniscus and don't even know it
Title: Re: Meniscus Pre-Operation Requirements?
Post by: weirdknees on August 25, 2010, 07:17:23 PM
Just make sure that you do as many muscle strengthening exercises before the surgery, as this will help a LOT when you're rehabbing.  Maybe try and use the stationary bike as this won't put impact on your knee.  Are you getting you're meniscus repaired or removed?  Getting it repaired requires a bit longer rehab and time on crutches, however, getting it removed is a slightly easier surgery. 

Getting a knee brace might not be the best idea because it won't help your muscles get stronger.

Just before your operation, make sure you have ice packs and most of the things you need in easy reach as you probably won't want to move around much.  I slept quite a lot for a couple of days after my operation because of the general anesthetic, so if you're having GA you might feel a bit tired for a day or two.   
Title: Re: Meniscus Pre-Operation Requirements?
Post by: DelijeSydney on August 26, 2010, 05:32:06 AM
Thanks for your response guys.
I am getting it removed. I am still to book the operation but it will occur actually 2 months to the day.

I actually do have a static bike in the house, so I might use that. I'm guessing I can quite easily find strengthening exercises on the internet and combine this with the biking?
Won't the biking make the pain/swelling worse?

What do you guys recommend, 10-20 minutes each day?
Thanks for the advice again guys, I'm allowing 2 weeks off work and I'm trying to prepare for the rehab already, buying the ice packs, reading up on these forums to see what people have gone through. I really want this bloody thing to heal well !  :)

I'm becoming paranoid  ;D, just today I was walking around at work and I slipped a little and felt I slight pain in my left knee (the good one) and straight away thought the worst, not another torn meniscus haha, hopefully it's nothing!
Title: Re: Meniscus Pre-Operation Requirements?
Post by: k66yla on August 26, 2010, 08:46:04 AM

I've just recently bought a static bike as I wanted to build the strength up in my leg. At the moment I'm only doing 10 mins 2 or 3 times a day on it but hope to build up to 20 mins. My knee feels very tired after 10 mins so I'm not going to push it too much. I've had no pain as such only my knee clicking a lot on each turn.

I injured my knee back in Jan 2009, spent a year doing physio and have only recently had a possible diagnosis from the OC. Don't get MRI results until the 9th.  Before I got the 'diagnosis' I was walking up to 8 miles a day albeit in quite a bit of pain but I don't think I've made anything worse. So I think you will be ok trying to strengthen your knee up before the op.

I've also had some pain in my 'good' knee but that is probably down to over compensating for my 'bad' knee.

All the best.